14 Wig Color Ideas To Rock In 2024

wig color ideas

Do you want to try out a new wig color in 2024?

Trying out different colors for your wigs in 2024 can be exciting and fun! You can stand out, look trendy, and draw attention with your wig color alone. With a new mood in the air, let's go through some wig color ideas for 2024.

These colors could be warm or cool in tone. So, get ready to experiment with both vibrant and cold colors. Remember, you can adjust them to suit your skin tone or match your style.

On that note, let's get right in! 14 Wig Color Ideas to Rock in 2024

1. Chocolate Brown

chocolate brown hair color

The chocolate brown is a smooth, lovely brunette shade that gives you an effortless look. Though it's not a bright color, it can easily pop on your light or dark skin tone. It's a great place to start if you want a natural-looking wig color and hope for something glossy.

There are several chocolate brown shades to choose from. But be sure to go with what suits your undertone and watch it be the highlight of your year.

2. Caramel Balayage

Caramel Balayage

Are you hoping for a warm tone? That's where caramel balayage comes in. Celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion have rocked wigs in this color which left people in awe. It's a color that's perfect for any season and stands out on any occasion.

This color makes you feel golden even without doing too much with your styling. It's great for anyone and can warm up your look instantly.

3. Reddish Brown Hair Color

reddish brown hair color

The ideal option for spicing up your year is the #33 reddish brown hair color. It's a unique color that leaves you feeling good and creates an extravagant contrast with your skin tone. Since it is a perfect blend of red and brown tones, it's the right choice for anyone who wants a subtle red.

You can wear this wig color in a short, medium, or long length. With its perfect hue, you'll look stunning in all. A few reddish brown shades you might like are burgundy, copper, auburn, and chestnut.

4. Muted Blonde

Muted Blonde

Itching to try a blonde shade? Try muted blonde. This blonde shade is back in full with hairstyles flooding Tiktok. The color is neutral and softer than ashy or icy, giving you a cozy blonde.

You can add highlights to yours to make a statement or leave it as it is. While you'll find different wigs in lace front and closure wigs in this blonde shade, you can use some dye or shampoo to tone or dye a wig you already have.

5. Cherry Red Color

Cherry Red Color

Cheers to the cherry season! The cherry red color beautifies diverse hairstyles like wavy and straight hairstyles. It's a vibrant color suitable for anyone who loves to look fascinating in their hairstyle.

Although it could be daring and bold, it makes a statement without a doubt, turning heads around. If you think this shade is unsuitable for you, check for another shade of red that will go well with your skin tone.

6. Yellow Hair Color

yellow hair color

A wig color that can elevate your look and turn some heads around is yellow. It's like the sunnier hue of the blonde and a versatile color that works fine for summer. If you're hoping for a vibrant and bright color in 2024, this should be it.

A few shades you might want to try are cherry yellow, yellow ombre, and sunflower yellow. Start with the shade you like, what will fit you, and the style you want. A straight, long yellow wig should look fantastic. But short and curly yellow hair will be fabulous as well.

7. Honey Blonde Highlight

honey blonde highlight

The honey-blonde highlight never goes wrong on anyone. This variation is luxurious and makes you look radiant. The highlight adds a bit of richness to the wig, setting it apart from other shades out there. You can give off a stunning appearance with its dark and light contrasting strands.

In case you need styling inspiration, rocking a wavy hairstyle in this color is flattering and elegant. The waves can make it fun, more feminine, and sophisticated.

8. Ice Blue

ice blue

As a lover of blue wigs, it can be hard to fit into the trend sometimes. But guess what? Blue hair color is trending once more. In its wide variety, a shade you shouldn't let go of is ice-blue hair color. That's because there's nothing cooler and bolder than the icy finish it comes with.

Rocking this color on a short, long, or medium-length wig gives you a dreamy feeling. You are sure to turn heads along your way.

While dyeing a wig to this shade can be an easy process, make sure you know what icy blue color you want.

9. Blonde Brown Ombre Hair

blonde brown ombre hair wig

A classic and stylish wig color that everyone can't get enough of these days is the blonde-brown ombre hair color. The uniqueness of the ombre, the perfect blend of the colors, and the subtle volume it adds to the overall look make it possible.

It's no surprise that this color stands out beautifully, and is considered to be adventurous. You can level up your hair game and look refined in a crowd with this wig color.

But you want an ombre that looks seamless and perfect. So, if you want to achieve this color yourself, ensure you do it properly. It makes it eye-catching and appears natural.

10. Silver Gray Hair Color

silver gray hair color

Have you considered gray wigs boring? This will make you rethink if that's still true. The silver gray color is a versatile color that speaks coolness and gives a flawless look. You can rock different hues of gray color, each phenomenon on its own.

Surprisingly, this color can match most outfits and is suitable for any event. You can add an incredible ombre touch or have some highlights to the color. Finding several gray color wigs in stores shouldn't be a problem but you can get a gray shade out on one of your wigs.

11. Icy Platinum Hair Color

Icy Platinum Hair Color

A trendy wig color that will always leave you speechless is the icy platinum color. It's a gorgeous and sophisticated color choice you'll feel good in. While it can be a bold choice, it gives you a unique personality. You can take inspiration from Lady Gaga or Regina George in Mean Girls. They've had beautiful hues you'll be proud to rock.

12. Beachy Hazelnut Brunette

Beachy Hazelnut Brunette

Rocking a beachy hazelnut brunette brings out your beauty. It's a dream wig color you can achieve this year.

The color is a mixture of richness, coolness, and warmth. And the richness of the color allows you to have excellent styles, whether straight, wavy, curly, updos, or layers. While most people wear them in updos, other styling options are as gorgeous.

This wig color (dark chocolate brown) is perfect for different face shapes and suits most skin tones. So don't be afraid to purchase a beachy hazelnut brunette wig. You can consider available shades and select from them.

13. Orange Brown Highlight

orange brown highlight

You can blend orange and brown for a fashionable look in 2024. It gives you the option of not sticking to a particular color while playing around with the highlights. This combination can be charming, and playful, creating the right balance between the two.

A wavy wig should fit this color well, giving you something eye-catching. A straight wig should create a whole different vibe.

What's more? It suits most skin tones, making it the ideal choice for anyone who wants an attractive yet subtle wig color.

14. Bronde


Oh yes, you heard it right, "bronde." Bronde is a popular 2024 hair color you might love to try. It's a soft mixture of blonde and brunette and more natural than those in previous years.

The blend, the highlights, and its naturally sun-kissed look make it perfect for you if you want something between a blonde and a brunette. Plus, there are several shades of the bronde you can opt for. There's the high contrast bronde, honey bronde, cool-ash bronde, strawberry blonde, and so much more. Each gives you a blend of gorgeousness and brightness.

Many celebrities have worn this hair color. Khloé Kardashian once slayed while wearing an ashy bronde, and Mikey Cyrus looked chic in the high-contrast bronde.

Final Words

Your wig colors can change your appearance and speak loud about your personality this year. With these 14 wig colors, you have an array of options to choose from. Did you find our content useful? Let us know in the comment section.

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