Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Do you want to change your hair color, but are worried it won't match your skin tone?

The right hair color should either perfectly complement or beautifully contrast your skin tone.

Once the hair color doesn't satisfy these two things, then it's not a good match for your skin.

So, how do you know "what hair color looks best on me?"

That's the essence of this article. In this post, you will learn everything you need to choose the best hair color for your skin tone.

Let's get started!

dark skin girl with burgundy hair

Indeed, your natural hair and skin naturally have the same tone. The first step to achieving a beautiful look is discovering and understanding this. Once you do, the rest becomes easy.

But getting to know what your skin tone is and more importantly, your undertone, is not quite easy. We know that. That's why the next section should help you find your skin tone and undertone.

How to Find Your Skin Tone and Undertone?

Before you begin, let's understand what skin tone and undertone mean.

Skin tone: The skin tone is the color on the surface of your skin. It is the layer determined by your genetic components and exposure to the sun. Summarily, your skin tone indicates the amount of melanin in your skin. 

Skin tones are mainly of three types: light, medium, and dark.

Undertone: Skin undertones are the layers beneath your skin's surface. It is ‘that’ shade that remains unchanged, unlike the skin tone that gets tanned.

While it’s possible to have the same skin tone as someone, it is also possible to have different skin undertones from the person.

There are three types of skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

Now, let’s find your skin tones with these ways: 

1 . Take a look at Your Veins

Take a look at Your Veins

Knowing your skin tone through your veins is one of the easiest ways. You want to be certain of what color you see because that helps to determine your undertone.

Blue and purple veins indicate that you are cool-toned. Green veins indicate that you are warm-toned. If you see both blue and green, that means you are neutral-toned.

It may be harder to know the color of your veins if you have pigmentation. So don’t stress about it. There are other ways to discover your skin tone. 

2. Stand by the Window

Stand by the window and check beneath your eyes with a mirror. You’ll want to note the color that appears just below them. Is it the color green? Or blue? Whatever color appears shows your undertone.

Green or yellow means a warm tone, while blue or purple means a cool tone. You should be able to detect this without any trouble. 

3. Wear Some Jewelry

Get some pieces of jewelry ready, your favorites to be precise.

women with gold jewelry

They should be both gold and silver. You can use some chains for this test. Those are better options.

women with silver jewelry

Wear the chains one after the other to see what jewelry looks best on you. Gold jewelry should look good if you are warm-toned while silver jewelry should fit more if you are cool-toned. If both look fantastic, you are neutral-toned.

4. Do the Paper Test

Get a white piece of paper and a mirror for this test. You'll look in the mirror while holding the paper to your face. Does the color orange or yellow reflect on the paper? That indicates warm undertones. Blue, red, or pink, indicates cool undertones.

You have neutral undertones if it falls somewhere between these colors. Another way is to drape a white sheet on your shoulders.

5. What Celebrities Do You Have the Same Skin Tone with

If you get any hair inspiration from a celebrity, look at their skin tone and eyes. It is to see if it matches yours. It'll save you the stress of choosing wrongly or doing a hairstyle that does not suit your skin.

You can search for celebrities that have the same skin tone as yours. Take inspiration from them and know the hue that goes well with you.

6. Apply Some Blush

Apply peach and pink blushes to your cheeks. Use the peach on one and the pink on the other cheek. You'll want to apply more than usual to get results. Go to the window side with a mirror to check.

If the pink blush brings up pink tones on your cheek, you're cool-toned. Contrarily, if the peach blush brings some yellow tones, you're most likely warm-toned. Finally, notice what color of blush looks best on you.

7. Do You Tan Easily

Answering this question correctly helps you identify your undertones. Do you tan easily? On days you forget to wear sunscreen, do you come home tanned? Those with warm or neutral undertones tan easily. Cool undertones seem very safe in this aspect. But do get sunburns.

What Hair Colors Suit Your Skin Undertone?

Identifying the undertones isn't enough. Next, what colors suit your skin undertones? Check them out below.

As we've said, your natural hair color and skin tone are naturally the same. This directly relates to your skin's undertone as well. The type of your skin undertones reflects what colors will look better on you.

1. Warm Undertones Suit Warm Colors

If you have warm undertones, go for warm colors. They should naturally suit you. Colors like yellow and orange. But notice your skin tone to choose correctly. If your skin appears more ruddy, choose cool colors that help tone it down.

2. Cool Undertones Suit Cool Colors

Likewise, cool colors naturally suit cool undertones. Blue, red, and pink are cool colors you should go for if you fall in this category. 

Make them work.

You could use a different shade of one of these colors since they indicate cool undertones.

3. Neutral Undertones Suit Both Colors

Here comes the tricky part. Neutral undertones are in between cool undertones and warm undertones.

They range from golden and yellow to peach. If you fall into this category, you can choose any colors from the other two types of undertones.

What Hair Color Should You Choose?

Now, what hair color should you choose?

If you know your skin tone (light, medium, and dark) and undertones (warm, cool, and neutral), it's time to choose what hair color you should go for considering these factors.

● Dark Skin Tone with Warm Undertones

Dark Skin Tone with Warm Undertones

Dark skin tones with warm undertones women have a lot of colors to play with. You can choose to rock honey blonde hues to warm reds even different shades of golden brunette. Whether you choose a colored wig or play color with your natural hair, they will look fantastic on your beautiful skin.

● Dark Skin Tone with Cool Undertones

Dark Skin Tone with Cool Undertones

If you have cool undertones, go for cool colors. A dark brown, or even fashionable black should look fascinating on you. It'll naturally complement your skin tone and keep things fresh.

● Dark Skin Tone with Neutral Undertones

Dark Skin Tone with Neutral Undertones

Neutral undertones are in between. You can try something natural that suits your skin tone. That will be fine. Or you can take things up by choosing ashy colors, golden hues, or fierce red. They'll blend with your skin and give you good outcomes.

● Medium Skin Tone with Warm Undertones

Medium Skin Tone with Warm Undertones

Warm medium skin tones shine the brightest with hair colors like brown hues, and caramel colors. While you should avoid something very bright, it's beautiful if you go for warm colors. Your hair should come out fine and you will love it.

● Medium Skin Tone with Cool Undertones

Medium Skin Tone with Cool Undertones

Fine brunettes and a darker shade of blonde will suit you if you have a cool medium tone. So go for them. That's because cool colors should match your skin tone. Again, choose these colors. They'll make your skin pop.

● Medium Skin Tone with Neutral Undertones

Medium Skin Tone with Neutral Undertones

Both cool and warm colors will complement you if you are in this category. Medium skin tone with neutral undertones can wear golden brown hues and deep red hair freely. Choose what you love and rock it wonderfully.

● Light Skin Tone with Warm Undertones

Light Skin Tone with Warm Undertones

Simply choose warm undertones if you're in this category. Go for warm blonde hair. For instance, golden or honey shades should match well. Although that’s different from your blonde hair, you'll be surprised how wonderful you look.

● Light Skin Tone with Cool Undertones

Light Skin Tone with Cool Undertones

We'll recommend platinum blonde, something icy, ashy shades, or even more cool colors like purple and red. You want to be careful when choosing colors and shades. Mainly because you don't want something that makes your skin look paler. So avoid yellow or brass hues. They won't look quite well.

● Light Skin Tone with Neutral Undertones

Light Skin Tone with Neutral Undertones

You will look equally good in both cool and warm colors. 

You're in luck! Warmer shades should help you look radiant while cool colors the other way.

Some colors you should choose are red blondes, light auburn (any hues should work), and caramel shades.


Understanding your skin tone and undertones won't only save you the stress of taking out your hair every time you do it, but it'll give you the liberty to explore your options.

We're glad you can do that now!

Discover your skin tone, choose some nice colors we've mentioned for your skin, and look flattery.

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