The Definitive Guide To Stunning Auburn Hair Color

auburn hair color

Are you prepared to switch up your look and make heads turn? If so, look no further than auburn hair. One of the most timeless trends in hair color, auburn hair gives off an elegant, practically unrivaled air. Dramatically changing your appearance in the blink of an eye, this striking hue is made up of warm shades of red and brown that blend in pure brilliance. 

In our detailed guide to auburn hair, you'll discover everything you need to sport this wildly beautiful color. From a boldly bright red to a classically subtle brown-red, auburn hair guarantees that you will stand out. So, what are you waiting for? Let the stunning Auburn journey begin!

What Exactly Is Auburn Hair Color?

Auburn hair is a breathtaking variety of red hair. Most commonly described as reddish-brown, the magical mixture of warm guidance spans from medium to dark, giving it an individualistic flair that compliments all skin tones and eye colors.

what is auburn hair color

Its timeless beauty is age-old – that is, it can charm at any moment in history, from today to centuries past. Whether a loud and sparkling full head of auburn or something more muted in the shade, the possibilities with this remarkable hair color range from practically infinite.

What Are the Benefits of Auburn Hair Color?

Auburn hair has been a highly desired type of hair throughout many centuries due to its gorgeous tones. Furthermore, it has the power to flatter many skin tones and eye colors. Here are some of the many stunning advantages that come along with having auburn hair:

1. Complements Various Skin Tones

Auburn hair color is a timeless color that flatters many skin tones. No matter what kind of undertones you have-- warm or cool-- you can find an auburn shade that brings out the best in your complexion. 

Complements Various Skin Tones

Lighter auburn hues are perfect for those with porcelain or olive skin, while those with a tan or golden tone may prefer a darker auburn. Whatever your natural coloring is, you can play up your features with a cool auburn shade.

2. Enhances Eyes Color

Enhances Eyes Color

Eye colors commonly associated with auburn hair make for a beautiful contrast that can enhance any individual's look. Whether your eyes are dark or light, the intensity of the hue will be accented and further emphasized. If you'd like to flaunt your true colors and bring out the intensity and vibrancy of your eyes, then look no further than Auburn.

3. Low Maintenance Options

While some hair colors require frequent touch-ups, auburn hair can be relatively low maintenance, depending on the shade and your natural hair color. This makes it an appealing choice for those with busy lifestyles. 

Low Maintenance Options

The longevity of the color is also impressive, with some auburns being able to last up to eight weeks without any touch-ups. Those with dry hair may even be able to go longer before needing a professional coloring service.

4. Fashion Forward 

A versatile hair type, Auburn hair is unifying the worlds of fashion and everyday life. Rising in popularity, fashion enthusiasts and runway models are flocking to sport it, making it a go-to favorite. 

Fashion Forward

Whether you opt for the natural Skylar tones or choose to explore a bolder hue, the stylish appeal of auburn never fails to turn heads. From sleek, undulating strands to sumptuous and voluminous curls, auburn tresses seem to be the perfect companions for any outfit.

5. Highlight Your Features

Nothing beats the richness and warmth of glorious auburn hair. It can be used to naturally highlight your features for an eye-catching, dazzling look. Want to make those emerald-green eyes pop? Auburn tresses truly bring out the vibrancy of your eyes! 

Thus, it's an opportunity for you to let the delicacy of your skin tone shine. This will make you stand out from the rest, so aspiring women of beauty, be sure to opt for an Auburn-rewarding appearance!

Different Shades Of Auburn Hair Color

Different Shades Of Auburn Hair

  • Light Auburn
  • Rich Auburn
  • Auburn Orange
  • Natural Auburn
  • Red Auburn
  • Dark Auburn

How To Maintain Auburn Hair?

how to maintain auburn hair

  1. Use color protecting shampoo and conditioner
  2. Wash auburn color hair with cool water
  3. Use sulfate-free hair products
  4. Avoid over heat stylingstyling
  5. Refresh color with color-enhancing products

    8 Stunning Auburn Hair Color Ideas for Every Skin Tone

    If you're ready for a new hair makeover, you should give auburn hues a consider. Alluringly beautiful, captivatingly unique—it's time to revamp your locks! Rather than searching through dozens of options, we've compiled the eight best shades for you to browse. Need help narrowing it down further? Stick with us to decide on the perfect color for you:

    #1: Deep Auburn with Ginger Hues

    Creating a bold statement with color can be intimidating, but mergers of deep red and ginger hues provide the perfect balance for those with an olive skin tone. Experimenting with an auburn hue brings a smokiness to features without appearing overly made up. 

    Deep Auburn with Ginger Hues

    From relaxed events to heavy workloads, this deep shade of auburn combines functionality with a stunning feminine appeal. Ready for the red carpet? Let this transformation be your ultimate asset!

    #2: Auburn Hair with Cherry and Copper Tints

    If you're looking to make a statement with your style, choosing shades of Auburn can be the perfect way to do just that! Warmer skin tones, in particular, look marvelous with lighter hues of auburn like copper and cherry. 

    Auburn Hair with Cherry and Copper Tints

    These colors will make your long locks irresistible, giving your facial features a newfound brightness and aesthetically making your eyes appear larger and brighter. With the subtlety of this hue, you'll receive just the right amount of color to make your eyes look alive and alert. These shades can be manipulated for versatile styling, so you can always have a different look each day!

    #3: Reddish Brown Auburn Hair Color

    Wigs can maneuver a frenzied makeover in the blink of an eye. And the deep wave lace front variety takes this journey to fabulousness to the next level! Famed for their reddish brown ripples, these wigs will turn any outfit into showstopping couture. 

    reddish brown auburn hair color

    Hair dye is more of a permanent pledge that is almost impossible to fulfill, but deep wave lace front wigs get you chic results devoid of hassle or Hours of itching appointments. Are you rocking the waves of your hair but still aiming higher? 

    Look no further than this precious piece that virtually gratifies the final styling touches. Plus, the colors add such nuance to your complexion that you are ready to break tradition and belle away with artificial extravagance! Have no qualms about taking a little boo from permanency when you can rely on the alternate afterglow of deep wave lace front wigs.

    #4: Cinnamon Brown and Auburn Balayage

    Balayage is the dyeing process that's sure to bring your hair dreams to life! Achieve the natural-looking transition from dark brown roots to delightful cinnamon brown and auburn completely subtly with no appointments or extra effort required.

    Cinnamon Brown and Auburn Balayage

    It only calls for some balayage dye and basics in hairstyling tools, making the entire process stress-free and simple. Take your fashion statement to the next stage by meticulously playing both cinnamon brown and auburn hues in one balayage look! For a better finish, a good quality balayage dye is all it takes.

    #5: Rich Shiny Auburn Waves

    As soon as people visualize auburn hair, they see perfectly symmetrical and alluring waves. There's nothing more sophisticated and chicer than deep auburn locks waist length. 

    Rich Shiny Auburn Waves

    For a glamorous style with undeniable impact at any formal event, bleach up your wavy tresses with ravishing auburn tones. Bystanders can't look away with this luxuriant style. 

    Upgrade your hair with a ravishing dark auburn color and incorporate finer highlights for a sparkly effect. Best of all, your lustrous rounds will stay in place all night long so that you can party the night away with an exquisite hairdo.

    #6: Warm-Toned Auburn Sunset Hair

    Have you ever dreamed of having a real sunset in your hair? Unfortunately, this will never be possible, but that does not mean you cannot show off with a stunning auburn hairstyle. With this look, aim to have your colors blend subtly and naturally. 

    Warm-Toned Auburn Sunset Hair

    Try mixing shades ranging from chocolate brown to honey blonde and copper auburn to do this. The idea is that your hair should be transitioning hues like a beautiful sunset sky, creating a seamless flow. Help your outcome stay as envisioned by using a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. When touched, your locks will have a stunning glow, built by the beaming sunlight.

    #7: #30 Light Auburn Brown

    Wigs are an amazing way to experiment with different hair colors and transition from one style to another in no time. If you want a gorgeous auburn color, then this #30 light auburn brown wig is for you! 

    #30 Light Auburn Brown

    It has both straight and body wave textures for maximum versatility while staying within the same color shade. The best part about wearing wigs is that they don't always have to be the same. You can switch them up with different scrunchie styles, barrettes, and hair jewelry for added flair. 

    Plus, you don't have to worry about your auburn color fading in the sun since this wig is made of high-quality fibers that will keep its vibrant hue no matter what! Have fun playing around and creating different looks with this gorgeous auburn brown wig

    #8: Shiny Deep Auburn Tresses

    Navigating a full spectrum of hairstyles can help you express your style. No matter what look you're going for, something classic is always chic. Don't forget the deep auburn hair trend — this timeless look is always a classic! 

    Shiny Deep Auburn Tresses

    Celebrities and trendsetters alike adore this glossy style. Whether it's to liven up a night out on the town or just take a break from usual hairstyles, this style is eye-catching. Try highlighting your deep auburn locks for added vibrancy for increased dimension and movement. 

    No matter the color chosen, this style will leave you glowing with confidence and freshness. Finishing off with a volumizing spray or mousse will boost your body and bounce. Go fierce with classic auburn hair and have recalls of envy echoing through the room!

    In A Nutshell

    After reading through this article, it's clear that auburn hair is an eye-catching and unique way to completely transform your look. Whether you're looking for an intense red or a subtle brown, there's sure to be an auburn option perfect for your style.

    Don't forget to consider the skin tone of your complexion when selecting an at-home dye, or you can also visit a salon and opt for professionally bleached blonde highlights to add warm tones throughout. If you tried out any of the ideas discussed here, be sure to tag us on Instagram - we love seeing how our readers switch up their looks!

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