27 VS 30 VS 33 Hair Color, What's The Exact Difference?

27 vs 30 vs 33 hair color

Due to the diverse array of hair colors, selecting the perfect shade you want can be challenging. The 27, 30, and 33 hair colors are astounding hair colors that get confused a lot. At first glance, they might look similar. But are they? Let’s discover that in this post.

Here’s your guide to differentiating between 27, 30, and 33 hair colors and choosing the best shade that suits your hair.

What Hair Color Is 27?

What Hair Color Is 27

The 27 hair color is sometimes called strawberry blonde or honey blonde since it belongs to the blonde family. However, it is a slightly darker shade similar to the mix of blonde and brown with a little bit of red. It is darker than blonde hair but lighter than brown.

Hair color #27 is a light Auburn color suitable for people with medium skin tones. But this doesn't mean it can work on anyone. It's a color that suits almost everyone.

What Hair Color Is 30?

What Hair Color Is 30

The 30 hair color belongs to the brown shade family. It is a medium auburn proving that it is slightly darker than the 27. This hair color is like a mixture of light brown and a little red with no blonde tone.

Since it's not too bright or dark, 30 hair color is perfect for anyone who wants something in between. It can add the right amount of red tones to your hair while complimenting your skin.

But who can wear this shade? Anyone can. It suits most skin tones. 

What Hair Color Is 33?

What Hair Color Is 33

The #33 hair color is very similar to the 30 hair color. It’s at times confused with it. However, 33 hair color is a little darker than 30. Called the dark auburn, 30 hair color is a mixture of brown and red. It has more cool tones than the #30 hair color. And its redness shines beautifully. Undoubtedly, the red tones of this hair color pop, making it a popular choice amongst ladies.

Since it suits most skin tones, anyone can rock this hair shade.

27 Hair Color vs 30 Hair Color vs 33 Hair Color, What's the Difference?

There are quite a few differences between these hair colors.

27 hair color vs 30 hair color vs 33 hair color

1. The 27 hair color is lighter than the 30 and 33 hair colors. While the #27 hair color falls under the blonde color system, 30 and 33 fall under the classification of the brown family. Still, hair color number 30 is lighter than 33. So, each has its distinctive shade.

2. Their colors are different. The 27 is a shade of blonde with light brown and warm red. Hair color 30 is slightly darker and has less blonde and more brown. 33, on the other hand, is more brown with cool red.

3. 27 hair color falls under the warm tone. It is suitable for people with medium skin tones. However, 30 and 33 are cool tones and are more suitable for dark skin tones.

Are there any Similarities?

It’s not surprising that these hair colors are close to each other or have similar features. Some similarities among them are:

The hair color 27 and 30 have red undertones. 33 has red tones.

30 and 33 are considered cool tones.

27, 30, and 33 work for most skin tones beautifully.

All have a shade of brown.

They are all classified as Auburn but in different shades.

30 and 33 hair color have prominent red hues in them.

27, 30, 33 Hair Colors: Which One is the Best for You?

These are factors you should consider when choosing hair color.

1. Take a look at your eyes and your hair shade

Your hair color naturally should match the hair extensions or wigs you want to use. So take a close look at your eyes and hair color to know what shade you should choose. While a 30 matches well with darker tones, a 27 should fit anyone with light eyes.

2. Decide on what shade you want

Dyeing your hair to fit the hair extensions you want is an option. You should pick what shade you want and rock it. You are either going lighter or darker than your hair color. You can figure it out by imagining the styles you want to wear. A 27 looks nice with highlights.

3. What matches your skin tone

Choosing what flatters your skin tone is a game changer. If you have light skin, a 27 is a great choice. 30 and 33 look good on people with darker tones. However, you can rock whatever hair color you want if you do it right.

4. Choose what suits your skin undertone

Undertones are the subtle color beneath your skin. They are either warm, cool, or neutral. A #27 hair color suits both warm and cool skin undertones. This means anyone can wear it. If you have a warm skin tone, you can wear a 30 or 33-hair color wig. Both will make your skin pop amazingly.

Trendy 27, 30, and 33 Hair Colors Hairstyle Ideas

1. 4/27 Ombre Bob Lace Wig

427 Ombre Bob Lace Wig

The 4/27 lace bob wig is a hair inspiration that should be on everyone's mind. It's cool and a nice choice for anyone who wants to slay a 27 but with darker hues.

2. #27 Honey Blonde Water Wave Wig

#27 Honey Blonde Water Wave Wig

This hair color and style blend well with anyone with fair skin. It elevates your look giving you the right vibe. If you are looking for a full and texturized hairstyle, this is for you.

3. #P4/27 Highlight Curly Wig With Bangs

#P4/27 Highlight Curly Wig With Bangs

The P4/27 highlight curly wig with bangs is a cool hairstyle anyone can wear. The ombre highlights give it a dramatic feel making you look gorgeous. You can pair it with your natural hair for a realistic blend.

4. 1B/30 Hair Color with Waves

1B/30 Hair Color with Waves

The #1B/30 hair color is the highlights you need if you do not want a full blonde. It compliments your skin naturally and flatters your style. Those waves elevate the hairstyle making it seem casual yet intense.

5. Hair Color 33 Reddish Brown Body Wave Wig

Hair Color 33 Reddish Brown Body Wave Wig

Going reddish brown can make you look mature and sultry. It gives you a cool vibe and compliments your hair and skin. It is a shade that works perfectly for those with warm skin tones.

6. #33 Deep Wave Lace Closure Wig

#33 Deep Wave Lace Closure Wig

Here's another style for you. The 33 reddish brown deep wave wig is an excellent way to wear this hair color. It will flatter your skin and give you an elegant look.

7. #33 Reddish Brown Color Layered Cut Wig

#33 Reddish Brown Color Layered Cut Wig

Do you want to keep things sleek? The reddish brown layered cut wig is for you. It is an easy hairstyle to rock anytime. The layers will elongate your face while framing them.

Tips for Maintaining Your 27, 30, and 33 Hair Colors Wigs

Caring for your hair extensions properly contributes to how well they last. You should pay attention to the details because you get a long-lasting wig that way. Here are some tips:

1. Detangle your hair extensions always

Detangling your wig saves you the stress of tangling and the continuous falling of strands. You can have a detangling routine to keep your wig fresh and healthy. It also makes it easy to wear whenever you are in a hurry.

When detangling, brush from the tip and work your way upwards. You get to loosen some lumps without pulling on the hair. A wide-tooth comb is perfect for this.

2. Wash with the right products

Using the right products helps your wig to last longer and reduce damage. We recommend that you use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. You should also opt for products specifically made for your wig type.

3. Rinse with cool water

It's wrong to use hot water on your hair extensions. While lukewarm water is permissible on some occasions (for cleansing), sometimes, using cool water to rinse your wig is better (for rinsing).

4. Use moisturizers

Getting your hair extensions moisturized is a must. So do not skip. You don't have to do it all the time cause you don't want your hair damp in oil. But moisturizing after a wash day should be compulsory.

5. Don't sleep with your wigs

Sleeping with your wig on can increase frizziness and tangles. If your wig is not installed, remove it and place it on a wig stand safely. If it is, detangling and wearing a silk bonnet before bed is essential. It is to keep your hair extension safe.

6. Never use heating tools at all times

Heating tools cause damage to the hair. Whenever you need to style your hair with a heating tool, use a heat protectant. Or opt for another styling option. For instance, styling with socks. 

Final Thoughts 

While we've mentioned what skin tone suits each hair color, choose what you love and are comfortable wearing.

We hope this article helps you in differentiating the 27, 30, and 33 hair colors. For further questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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