16 Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles For Black Girls

Prom Hairstyles For Black Girls

Make beautiful memories with your prom hairstyle!

Prom is special for most girls and might be the same for you. You can make it memorable by wearing a beautiful dress, and a glamorous hairstyle. Oh yes, with the right hairstyle, you'll feel the best, look the best, and shine brightly. Plus, since you'll fawn over it for a long time, it's best to choose the occasion’s hairstyle carefully.

For you to start with, we've rounded up some pretty prom hairstyles for black girls that will make you unique and compliment your overall look. From buns to ponytails and braids, take a look at 16 prom hairstyles for black girls you can select from.

1. Ponytail Puff

Ponytail Puff

Let's start with a simple ponytail puff! This hairstyle never disappoints for occasions, and it won't for prom. Have your hair slicked, then make the ponytail puffy.

But there's a challenge to this hairstyle. It can only be styled if your hair isn't relaxed. Your natural curls can stand out that way, and the puff can look full. Either way, you can opt for extensions. Get your afro, puffy ponytail extension ready then tie your hair and attach the extension to your hair.

2. High Ponytail with Intricate Cornrow Braids

High Ponytail with Intricate Cornrow Braids

This intricate hairstyle tells it all. You won't need to do too much with accessories as it speaks a lot already. The adornment makes a bold statement, and the braiding pattern shows creativity and gorgeousness.

It's a hairstyle suitable for special occasions, and what other occasions would you like to wear it to than to your prom which is approaching? You can style this yourself. But it'll be best to visit a hairstylist due to the complicated nature of the braiding pattern.

3. Long Rapunzel Hair

Long Rapunzel Hair

This is a simple yet outstanding hairstyle for prom. Its long tresses mimic that of Rapunzel, making it regal. And the sleekness makes it modern. If you rock this at prom, no need to put the hair in a bun or ponytail, instead, let the hair flow.

The hair around your face will frame your face and compliment your features. It's a perfect hairstyle for anyone who wants something simple but inviting and attractive.

4. Natural Curly Hairstyle

Natural Curly Hairstyle

Are you looking for curly prom hairstyles? Why not wear the natural curly hairstyle? It's beautiful and natural and will elevate your look. The hairstyle praises your roots and embraces your curls and texture. Make sure you define your curls and let them flow freely, so they frame your face.

5. Gorgeous, Long Straight Back Cornrows

Gorgeous, Long Straight Back Cornrows

An edgy style that will make a difference to your look is this hairstyle- long, straight-back cornrows. It's a set of braids that's stylish, and long. The cornrows are neatly braided, making a bold statement. You can showcase your profile and enjoy prom night without worrying about your hair.

To style, use the rattial comb to create neat lines from the front to the back of your head. Then, pick your bulk human hair extensions and braid them into your cornrows. For the final touches, spray your hair and apply gel to slay your edges.

6. Strand Braid

Strand Braid

You never know how stylish you'll look with the strand braid until you take a try! Like the image above, the long tresses are braided to the side to give you a charming and sophisticated look.

You can try the fishtail braid. It always adds extra to the look. Or go for the usual braiding pattern. You'll love the intricate pattern as well. Now, complement your hair with a gorgeous dress, and your prom look will be exceptional.

7. Half-up, Half-down Twist Out

Half-up, Half-down Twist Out

A natural and stunning hairstyle for prom! The hairstyle is fantastic, adding volume to your hair and showing your natural curls. It is a super fun hairstyle you'll enjoy styling.

It's so easy to achieve this stunning hairstyle:

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Rinse out and apply a moisturizer. Before your hair dries properly, twist it, then let it dry. Now, lose it and slay your twist out.

While you can wear it freely, put the front part into a ponytail and keep the back flowing. It's a style you'll want to wear again.

8. High Puff with Headscarf

High Puff with Headscarf

You may want to protect your hair. Then wear a headscarf. While it's unlike the styles we've listed before, it's sophisticated and unique.

Go for a high puff and add a chic scarf on top. Make sure you choose a silk or satin scarf. Those will add beauty and class to your look and protect your hair. You can even go for a matching scarf with your dress. That makes it even spicier.

9. Long Layered Hairstyle with a Deep Side Part

Long Layered Hairstyle with a Deep Side Part

Stare at the gorgeousness of this hairstyle. Super full, fun, and eye-catching. With the layers adding beauty to the look and the deep side part giving you a distinct look, prom is set.

This is a cool choice for anyone who wants to rock a side-part hairstyle for prom. You can even add some colors to make your hair pop more. Vibrant colors should be fine. But make sure they match and complement your outfit. The colors will give you a cheerful and playful vibe.

10. Messy High Bun with Long Fringes

Messy High Bun with Long Fringes

Want an artistic hairstyle for prom? Style a high, messy bun with sleek edges. This hairstyle requires your creativity as you need to lay some baby hairs and sleek your ponytail. However, to achieve a perfect high, messy bun style, we recommend purchasing a 360 wig. You can easily install and trim your wig for the edges without damaging your natural hair through heat.

11. High Bun with Side-swept Bangs and Loose Curls

High Bun with Side-swept Bangs and Loose Curls

Let your hair do the talking with the high bun with side-swept bangs and loose curls. It's an unbelievably eye-catching and breathtaking hairstyle for prom. The curls will make you look alluring, and the bangs should frame your face perfectly. You can add highlights to the hair for extra charm.

If you are bored with the regular side swept bang, add one fishtail braid to show your personality!

12. Halo Braid

Halo Braid

Make everyone gasp in awe with your halo twist prom hairstyle. It's super easy but might look difficult.

Braid from the nape of your neck till you reach the other. You can add extensions to make it fuller and last longer. While braiding, ensure you get all your strands in the braid so it's neat. Gel your edges and add accessories to the braid. Don't settle for less when you can have the best. The halo twist offers you that.

13. Butterfly Crown Braid

Butterfly Crown Braid

Leave your friends speechless when they see you with this beautiful butterfly crown braid. The crown will give you an edgy look, creating an astounding crown on your head. It's classic and perfect for special occasions. So, look good with an intricate style like this and dance the night away.

14. Sleek Ponytail with a Side-swept Bang

Sleek Ponytail with a Side-swept Bang

Girls, you'll love this! The sleek ponytail with a side-swept bang is an amazing, classy style you'll remember forever. While the sleek ponytail might not do it all for you, the bang should elevate the style, adding class to your look. You can dye your hair other colors like blue, pink, or red for a more vibrant look. That'll make it stand out more and be unique.

15. Wrapped High Bun

You can go for a simple high bun. But make it much more appealing by wrapping it. This style takes your look to another level, and the accessories make it prom-worthy. It adds a special touch to your look and enhances it in its unique way. If you do not fancy using multiple colors, go for gold chains. They will look fascinating and sweep you off your feet.

16. Elegant Loose Waves

Elegant Loose Waves

Appear elegant and pretty with the loose waves hairstyle. It's so gorgeous that you should try at least once. So, get the wig ready and begin styling. Let the volume flow freely around you, and let the waves mesmerize you. It'll create a romantic look no one was expecting. You can rock a middle part (like in the image) or choose a side part. Whichever one should look great on this hairstyle.

The prom hairstyles listed above are adorable and well-suited for the event. After you've made your choice and finally selected, let us know which one you chose in the comment section below. We hope you have fun at prom!

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