How To Do A Twist Out? 7 Steps Guide

how to do a twist out

Are you looking for a get-up-and-go low-maintenance hairstyle for your afro hair? Except a wig, you can also try wearing a twist-out.

The twist-out hairstyle is almost every natural hair girl's go-to hair. That is because it is easy to style, plus it is a two-in-one hairstyle. You can wear the twists for several days, then twist it out to achieve another hairstyle.

The twist-out looks like it's never leaving the top favorite low-manipulation hairstyle for many people. You can easily achieve this hairstyle in minutes.

If you have interest to try this style, we have arranged this simple step-by-step guide on how to do the twist-out. You can follow our steps to get your perfect twist out look. In addition, we also included other tips to achieve a flawless and beautiful twist-out hairstyle.

So, let's get started!

What Is A Twist Out?

What Is A Twist Out

The twist-out is an easy hairstyle anyone can try creating. Even a novice can perfect the style in a little period. It involves using a strand, two-strand, or flat twist to create a wavy pattern throughout your hair.

With the assistance of the right products and preparation, your twist-out will look shiny, gorgeous, and bouncy. The twist-out hairstyle is perfect for any hair texture, especially curly and coiled hair. That's the reason why most black girls love to rock this hairstyle.

So, how do you go about everything? Here is how to style the twist out on your hair.

How To Do A Perfect Twist Out?

1. Prepping Your Hair and Hydration is Key

  • Your hair will be happy you did if you start with a clean state. So, pick your sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and hydrate your hair.
  • The shampoo you use determines how your hair will be. We advise getting a shampoo without sulfate to avoid dry out your hair.
  • Focus on your strands first, then move to your roots. The root area may have more buildup. Put some effort into getting those out.
  • Rinse and follow up immediately with your conditioner. The conditioner will help hydrate your strands and make hair easier to manage.
  • You can use a product that contains oils for more benefits. There's nothing like using products filled with natural and good ingredients for your hair.

2. Use a Leave-in Conditioner and Detangle Properly

Use a Leave-in Conditioner and Detangle Properly

This step may vary from person to person. However, we recommend going in with your leave-in conditioner after rinsing your hair. Apply it evenly to your strands and detangle once again as you apply.

Some would still love to lock in a moisturizer after using their leave-in conditioner, especially those with dry hair. But it's not compulsory. It depends on you and what works best for your hair.

3. Section Your Hair into Four

Section Your Hair into Four

If your hair is dry at this point, you will need to get a spray bottle. It will come in handy when you begin to twist.

  • Now, part your hair into four sections. This parting makes it easy to twist.
  • But first, decide on what style you want because how you section your hair determines how the twists will fall and what style it will give.
  • You can go for a side part, a regular t part, or add bangs. Make sure you part your hair according to the style you want.
  • Then, clip three of the sections and leave the fourth one. You will be starting with that.

4. Go in with Your Combination Curling Products

Go in with Your Combination Curling Products

This is an important part you must take note of.

Most people end up with not-so-perfect twist-out because they do not use the products that will give them the best results. It means your twist-out can get the best shape, be soft, last longer, and be healthy if you use the correct product at this styling stage.

While we have a few in mind, before we mention products we think might help here, we have to say no one knows your hair like you do. So, consider the products that define your curls, make your hair look perfect, and use them now.

But without a doubt, you can use curl cream and a gel. Or get  two product combinations – a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and a curl defining cream or twisting cream.

5. Start the Twists

Start the Twists

Start twisting from the first section. Use your fingers or a comb to section a mini part neatly and spray with water (if your hair is dry).

Apply the curl cream and the gel afterward and start to twist.

There are different ways you can go about your twists. You can either choose to use the one-strand method, the two-strand, or the flat twist method.

Here, we will show you how to use the first two. Find the flat twist method in the following sections.

One-strand method: If you like the one strand, twist from your roots in an inward or outward direction. When you twist it, it should form a coil.

Two-strand method: The two-strand method involves using two strands to twist. It's a common method black girls will go for. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Firstly, divide your mini section into two even pieces, then twist them around each other from roots to ends.
  2. Your twists will end up being chunky and shrink. So, choose the size appropriately. Then, finger coil the end to avoid the twist ravel.
  3. Now, repeat the twisting process for each section. Remember to spray some water on your strands and apply your products before you twist.

6. Let it Dry

Let it Dry

It's time to let it dry now. If you don't let the hair dry before unraveling it, your twist-out won't set. So, let it sit for as long as you want and get completely dry.

You can even sleep with it overnight. Some wear the bouncy twist for some time before losing it. The truth is the longer it stays, the better the results.

So, do whatever pleases you. However, if you are ready to sleep with it, protect your hair with a satin bonnet.

7. Loosen the Twists

Loosen the Twists

After your hair is dry, loosen the twists. You can do this in the morning or whenever it's properly dry.

  1. First, apply oil to your palm and rub it.
  2. Then, pick each twist and unravel it gently. The oil will prevent frizziness and nourish your hair.
  3. Once you undo them, your twist-out should look alive and beautiful.
  4. You can further separate them with your fingers so they become fuller or use a comb to lift your roots gently.

The Flat Twist Method To Do Twist Out

This method is similar to the two-strand method. However, for this, you'll be twisting your hair to your scalp (like in cornrows).

Here is how you can flat-twist your hair.

  1. Start by sectioning your hair in straight lines. Begin from the front to the back of your head.
  2. Then, apply your twisting products to your hair and get ready to twist.
  3. Part the row at the front into two and start working. As you go, add hair from your scalp to the strands till you reach the ends of your hair.
  4. Keep your flat twists on till the hair is dry, and unravel them. You can spray later on to finish off your look.

How To Do A Twist Out On Relaxed Hair?

These are for our relaxed hair girls! You can also make twists out with your hair. While it may not give the same look, nothing can stop you from slaying beautiful, defined curls.

Step 1: Part your hair into different sections and moisturize them. The number of sections you have depends on how big you want your curls to be. After sectioning and applying a moisturizer, you can use a clip to pin each.

Step 2: Remove the clip from one section and divide it into two. Twist it tightly all the way so it gets very defined.

Step 3: Roll your hair on a perm rod till you reach the root.

Step 4: Twist the rest of your hair and roll with perm rods.

Step 5: Once all set, stay under a hood hat blow dryer for about 20 minutes. Then, remove and wear your satin bonnet to sleep.

Step 6: The next day, remove the rods from your twists first and undo your twists after. You can separate the curls as much as you want to make them fuller. And there you have your defined curls.

Tips to Maintain Your Twist Out for Longer

You won't be complaining about how bad your twist-out looks if you follow our steps in this article. They should last up to five days if not a little bit more! However, there's a part you need to play. That's the maintenance part.

  • Wear a satin bonnet or silk scarf to bed. Those materials help to keep the hair safe, preventing friction or losing moisture. You can also use a silk pillowcase for further protection.
  • Remember to apply oil to your palms while you loosen the twists. It will keep friziness as much as it can.
  • The size of your twists affects how defined your curls will be. If you have short hair, go for smaller sizes of twists. You should also twist tightly so your curl pattern stays longer.
  • Apply oil to your hair every few days. You'll see your curls get retained and last longer. You can also redo the areas that seem loose by spraying water, applying curl cream, and twisting them again. But before you unravel, make sure your hair dries.

Final Words

Now that you have a guide you can follow, when will you be styling your twist out? When you do, kindly inform us of how it turned out. Thanks!

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