14 Quick & Easy Side Part Sew-In Hairstyles

side part sew in hairstyles

Are you wondering how you can look stunning without compromising your natural hair’s health? Then think of side part sew-in hairstyles. Side part sew in hairstyles are not only great protective hairstyles but also versatile ones too. These hairstyles suit almost any face shape (whether you have a round, oblong, square face, etc.) and work well with different hair extensions.

The cool thing about sew-in hairstyles is that they allow you to wear a protective hairstyle with finesse. This way, you can change your look without frequent hair manipulation. (Your natural hair can take its pretty time to rest and grow).

Sew-in hairstyles work for different hair textures, textured (curly) and straight hair, natural or relaxed hair. The sew-in hairstyle is versatile because it involves sewing the weft of a hair extension to cornrow weaves on your head. This can be done in various ways to suit your preference or compliment your hair texture.

In this article, you are going to see different sew-in side part hairstyles you can try immediately. These fifteen sew-in side-part hairstyles are sure to help you look stunning. The preferred hair extension, your hair texture, and your desired look will influence your choice of side part sew-in hairstyle.

While some styles give a more natural look when you leave out some amount of natural hair, others look better with a clean closure. Let’s take a look at some side  part sew in hairstyles.

1. Long side part straight hair sew-in

This hairstyle never goes out of fashion and it's still trendy today. It is also a very versatile hairstyle that’s a great choice for both formal and casual settings.

Long side part straight hair sew-in

You don’t have to worry about fitting into any occasion wearing this hairstyle. You can sleek it down to form a low bun or leave it out for a more friendly and casual atmosphere. This is an easy-pick hairstyle for any event.

2. Sleek down side part ponytail

A sleek-down ponytail with a side part is the perfect way to show up in style. It is simple yet classy and suits any occasion - whether it is a corporate or a sophisticated dinner event. 

sleek down side part ponytail

It takes your ponytail game to the next, in addition, It is a great hairstyle to conceal bald or thinning edges. The side part can also reduce the circumference of your face by sweeping parts of your hair to the side and leaving only a portion.

3. Layered body wave side part sew in

Layered body wave side part sew in is the perfect hairstyle if you want to add volume to your hair while avoiding the effects of traction damage to your hair follicles.

Layered body wave side part sew in

Wavy hair is always chic, and the fact that you can rock this hairstyle while giving your hair time to grow is a win-win. This hairstyle also works well to flatter different face shapes.

4. Swoop bangs highlights sew in weave

Swoop bangs highlights sew in weave

If you haven’t tried a different hairstyle in a while, this hairstyle is a must-try. It is great for concealing face width. If you have never tried bangs hairstyle, then it is safe to start with side swoop bangs. 

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5. Shoulder length flip up bob

If you want to wear a short and sassy hairstyle, then a shoulder-length flip up bob can never be wrong.

shoulder length flip up bob

The interesting thing about this hairstyle is that it gives you the boss lady classy feel without having to do too much. Plus it is a great way to conceal parts of your face if you want. 

6. Ombre brown side part sew in with leave out

If you are looking for a sew-in hairstyle that can blend well with your natural hair, you can't miss this ombre brown side part sew-in with leave-out. The ombre effect (dark color hair at the top and brown color at the tip) gives an illusion of volume.

Ombre brown side part sew in with leave out

If hair volume is a factor for you when choosing a hairstyle, then this hairstyle is a great option. It is also a great hairstyle for someone who wants to try playing with colors in their hair.

7. Side part sew-in with cornrows

Side part sew-in with cornrows

This sew-in side part hairstyle is great if you are a cornrow lover, but looking to add volume and length, and also experience a new style while still having the natural touch of cornrows.

8. C part bob sew in

c part bob sew in

Bob haircut is simple and class hairstyles that every girl love, the reason? Face framing, low maintenance, trendy...etc. It can create a unique and edgy look that make you stand out in crowd. The C part bob adds style and elevates the bob from the level of just being a regular bob hairstyle.

9. Half up-half down sew in weave with side swoop bangs

The half up-half down is one versatile sew-in hairstyle you should try today. If you are looking for a natural look hair extension hairstyle, then this is it. It gives you the feel of well-styled natural hair.

Long half up-half down sew in weave with side swoop bangs

Playing around with the styling of this hairstyle is a great way to adapt it for different occasions. You can sweep the side bangs to the side of your face by securing it with bobby pins, you can put the half part in a bun, etc.

10. Side part shoulder length tousled curls

This side part sew-in with tousled curls is absolutely pretty. It is easy to wear and manage as you don’t have too much hair falling over and hanging below your shoulders. Your hair extension choice will determine the appearance of the hairstyle.

Side part shoulder length tousled curls

Another good thing about this hairstyle is that you can completely conceal your natural hair. You don’t need to leave out your natural hair to enjoy this hairstyle.

There are other creative ways to close this hairstyle that still make it appear natural like the crochet closure method, invisible part closure, or using hair extensions with lace closures.

11. Retro curly bob with side part

Retro curly bob sew in with side part

Isn’t this gorgeous? If you are not a fan of the regular sleek down curved bob hairstyle, then this curly retro bob is a great option for you. This hairstyle adds some fun or twist to your everyday bob look. And work perfectly with curly neck-length hair extensions.

12. Deep side part sew in with rainbow frontal

Sew in wavy hair with rainbow frontal

This deep side part sew in with rainbow frontal is a great way to add fun and color to your hair without overly sticking out. This hair can also work for different events, you can leave it down like the way it appears in the picture or put it in a low bun.

13. Side part pixie cut sew in

Side part pixie cut sew in

Pixie cut has been around for ages and I think they are here to stay because they look pretty. They help you ooze strength, power, and confidence. A side-part pixie cut hairstyle takes the regular pixie cut to a whole new level. It gives you a strong yet chic stylish look.

14. HD lace frontal sew-in with side part

HD lace frontal sew-in with side part

Using the HD lace frontal in your sew-in is a great way to achieve natural-looking hair while keeping your natural hair out of the way. With this lace closure, you can style and part your hair to look like your natural scalp and hair. If you aim to get the most natural appearance from hair extensions, then you need to try out this hairstyle now. 

Final Thoughts

Sew-in hairstyles are beautiful and appear natural. It makes for a perfect blend between the natural hair and the hair extension. However, some factors can affect the appearance of your sew-in hairstyle, like the kind of sew-in weave used, the texture of the hair extension, and also the texture of your natural hair.

The preferred sew-in weave method depends on the desired result. For example, the leave-out method is a great option to achieve a natural feel with hair extensions. The Vixen method is a great option if you want flexibility while styling. Lastly, the lace closure method works well if you don’t wish to leave out your hair, yet look natural.

Your natural hair texture and hair extension are great factors because they greatly affect the general appearance of your sew-in hairstyle. For this reason, you should choose a hair extension that matches your natural hair texture for a cleaner and more natural appearance.

That’s it! What sew-in side part hairstyle are you trying today?

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