How To Do A Crown Braid?

how to do a crown braid

Crown braid is one chic look you can quickly give a go for your events, casual day out, or even do on days when you are super busy. It's easy to pull off with any outfit and lasts up to a week, making sure you will not disturbed when preoccupied.

The hairstyle resembles a crown, as the Dutch braid is wrapped around your head (hence, the name). And while it looks simple to achieve, there are a few technicalities to styling the perfect crown braid.

But our guide here should assist you in creating a beautiful crown braid. If you love the half-crown braid or the twist ones, this article also has instructions on how to do them.

Before You Get Started, Gather These Tools:

  • Rattail comb
  • Hair extensions (for short hair)
  • Texturizing spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray
  • Clear hair elastics
  • Brush

Step-by-step Guide on How to Do a Crown Braid

Step 1: Brush Your Hair

Pick your comb and get your hair tangle-free. Once your fingers can run through your strands without pausing, proceed to the following steps.

Step 2: Divide Your Hair for the Crown Braid

Divide Your Hair for the Crown Braid

There are different ways you can achieve your crown braid.

  • You can part your hair in the center to create two equal parts.
  • Secondly, you could create a slight side part in the front.
  • You can divide your hair from one side at the nape of your neck. Whichever one you use, you will get the same result. And that's it - a beautiful crown braid.

    Step 3: Start Braiding

    start braiding

    After sectioning your hair, it's time to start braiding now.

    1. Firstly, split the hair near the part you sectioned into three.
    2. Then, cross the upper strands into the middle and do the same for the other side. Add hair from your head to the upper strands before crossing it. (The braid should follow either the French or Dutch braid method).
    3. Keep adding hair from your head to the three strands until you reach the other side and have braided all your hair.

    Pro Tips: While braiding, keep your strands neatly tucked and incorporate all your hair. If you want it messy, you can leave a few strands out around the sides of your ear.

    Add volume to it by tugging on the edges of the braid. But, in case you want it neat, make sure you catch every strand of your hair. You could use a comb to brush the edges as you braid to make it easier.

    Step 4: Secure the Ends of the Braid

    Once you reach the area with no hair to add from your scalp, braid the strands till you reach the ends. Then, get a clear hair elastic and secure it.

    Step 5: Pin the Loose End

    Pin the Loose End

    Now, lay the braid across your head. If you start braiding from the front of your head, your braid should end on the other side. So, pin it together with bobby pins. Once pinned, tuck the ends of the braid under the Dutch braid to make it perfect.

    Step 6: Spray Your Crown Braid

    Spray your hair with the texturizing spray to keep it in place and look perfect.

    Twisted Crown Braid

    The twisted crown braid is simply a twist wrapped around your head. In the same way as the French or Dutch crown braid, you can style the twisted crown braids in various ways.

    Follow these simple steps below to do a twisted crown braid on your hair. Now, let’s get started.

    How to do a Twisted Crown Braid

    Step 1: Comb Your Hair

    Start with brushing your hair thoroughly. Do not be harsh or tug at it, be gentle and ensure your hair is tangle-free.

    Step 2: Divide a Section

    Divide a Section

    Around the areas of your ear, take a section and divide it into two parts. The section should face the top of your head. So, take note of that.

    Step 3: Twist Your Hair

    Twist Your Hair
    1. First, twist both pieces you divided with your hands and cross them over each other. Add hair from your head over the hair strands from the right and twist it to go to the left.
    2. Again, add hair to the front strands and twist it to the left. Keep repeating the process till you complete your whole hair.
    3. While you twist, get all your hair strands into the twist. You can use your fingers to brush your hair so it's smooth and no strand escapes from the twist.
    4. When you get to the other side of your front hair, continue twisting till you get to the ends of your hair.

    Step 4: Use a Hair Elastic for the Ends

    Get a clear hair elastic and hold the ends of your hair with it. You can tie it repeatedly to ensure it is secured.

    Step 5: Pin Your Twist

    Pin Your Twist

    Take the twist up and pin it around where you started twisting. Then tuck the end under the crown so it won't show. Tucking it will make the crown look neat. Once you tuck it, pin it again with some bobby pins.

    Step 6: Finish Your Twist Crown Braid

    Finish Your Twist Crown Braid

    Pull your twist so it appears full and even. You can use a texturizing spray also for some volume and finish shine.

    Crown Braid with Hair Down

    A Crown braid with hair down is a gorgeous look. Many people love to wear their crown braids this way because it gives the illusion of wearing a hair accessory. It's also called the half-crown braid or the half-up crown braid.

    This hairstyle gives the feeling of actually wearing a crown on your head. You will look like a queen if you are wearing this hairstyle.

    The hairstyle has a crown at the front of your hair with the back area left down. So, how can you achieve this look? Check the sub-section below.

    How to Do a Crown Braid with Hair Down

    Step 1: Detangle Your Hair

    Use a comb to remove any tangles from your hair. You want to be able to braid easily without any trouble.

    Step 2: Section Your Crown Away from the Back

    Remember it's just the front. So, use a rattail comb to divide the crown from the back. You don't want to go in a straight line to create equal parts. Instead, from one part of your ear to the other, make a C-shaped sectionIf you have thicker hair, reduce that. But if your hair is thinner, increase it.

    Separate the front section from the back. Then pin the back section.

    Step 3: Braid Your Crown

    Brush the front section once more. This time, brush it to one side of your ear. You will be plaiting your braid in the direction you brushed your hair.

    So, from the side you'll be braiding from, divide a small section from your hair and part it into three. Pick the first one at the side and place it below the one at the middle. Do that for the other strand at the end and continue braiding. As you braid add hair from your head to form a nicely done French braid at the front of your head.

    Step 4: Tie Your Ends

    Once you reach the other end of your ear, braid the strands and secure them with a clear hair elastic. If you'd like the braids to be full, loosen the braid you plait a little. Just tug at each side.

    Step 5: Add Your Braid to the Back Section

    Remove the clip from the back section and brush through gently. Now, add that braid to the hair at the back. You want to pick a section from the nape of your neck and then add the braids to it. It's to make sure it's hidden. Pin it and run your fingers through it.

    Step 6: Add the Finishing Touches

    You can curl the ends of your hair to elevate your style. Also, make sure you use a hairspray for shine.

    How To Do Crown/Halo Braid With Braiding Hair?

    For women with short type 4 natural hair, adding braiding hair to help create a crown braid is the best bet, check the video below to see how:


    How do you do a crown braid with short hair?

    It might be hard to do a crown braid with only your hair. So, add hair extensions to your hair. After you've parted your hair, add the hair extensions and start braiding with it. The tucking should be easy as well. You should follow how we explained in the sections above.

    Can I sleep with a crown braid?

    You can. As long as your crown braid is not tight, you won't feel uncomfortable sleeping with it. Also, before you go to bed, wear a satin hair bonnet. You want to protect your tresses and hairstyle.

    How to do a crown braid with medium-length hair

    Divide your hair into two equal parts: one at the left and the other at the right. Pin a side down and start braiding the other part from the front. Include all your tresses on that side as you braid the crown. Once that's completed, move to the other part and braid. Remember to hold their ends with clear hair elastics. Tie the braids together and pin them. Tuck the both ends of your braids away. You're done!

    Final Words

    That's it guys- how to do a crown braid with different methods.

    As we've said doing the crown braid is technical but not to worry, our instructions should help with that.

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