Human Hair Wig VS Synthetic Wig

human hair wig vs synthetic wig

Buying a wig starts with deciding between the type you want (human or synthetic hair wigs). While human hair wigs appear more natural, synthetic wigs are more affordable and versatile.

Choosing between these two can be confusing, considering all the factors and things you must note and understand about synthetic and human hair wigs.

The human hair and synthetic wigs give the best in their possible ways. It's likely to be cut on what to go with.

Not to worry, here's an easy guide that will assist you in selecting a wig. The guide will help you narrow your options using their differences, advantages, and disadvantages. In return, you can choose conveniently and comfortably. It's a challenge then. Let's see which of the wigs will win!

What Is A Human Hair Wig?

What Is A Human Hair Wig
1b/30 Blonde Highlight Layered Cut Bob Human Hair With With Bang

Human hair wigs are wigs made of REAL human hair. These wigs are realistic and feel natural. But before they are made into wigs, the human hair fibers are sourced, manufactured, and packaged into bundles by length.

Since they are not processed with chemicals, the fibers are top-notch, and styling the sewn bundles (wigs) is not a problem as there are diverse ways to style them.

Where Does Human Hair Come From?

Where Does Human Hair Come From

The fibers for human hair wigs are mostly obtained from IndonesiaChinaIndiaEurope, and South America. These hairs vary in texture, making them in grades as well. But a uniform feature all have is that they are natural-lookingthey are just real human hair. They also don’t tangle easily. With the hair follicles running in the same direction, that’s hard. It's even easy to dye them.

There are a lot of characteristics and benefits to go on and on about. But we've summarized some advantages and disadvantages of human hair wigs below. Check them out.

Advantages of Human Hair Wigs

curly 360 lace frontal human hair wig
Curly 360 Lace Frontal Human Hair Wig

- Natural Look

Since human hair wigs are 100% human hair fibers, they look and feel natural. If you would love a wig that looks natural and is entirely Remy human hair, consider human hair wigs.

- Styling Versatility and Adaptability

Similar to natural hair, human hair wigs can be styled in multiple ways. You can have it curled or straightened. Plus, you can personalize it. So, if you wish to dye your wig, it's easy to do that with human hair wigs. Human hair wigs won't limit you in styling cause they adapt.

However, when it comes to dyeing, we advise you to take your unit to a professional so you get the job done. If you decide to dye your human hair wig by yourself, refer to this detailed guide: How to dye a human hair wig

- Various of Hair Textures

8x5 bye bye knots straight human hair glueless wig
8x5 Bye Bye Knots Human Hair Glueless Wig

Human hair wigs give a variety in terms of texture. You can get your wigs in real hair texture, ranging from curly, to straight, wavy, thin, and even fine. Going for human hair wigs in your hair texture is even possible. It will look natural and have the feel too.

- Longevity and Durability

Human hair wigs can last between one to three years if you use them daily and take care of them properly. They may cost more, but you'll surely get your money’s worth. This time frame is also very long compared to how long a synthetic wig can last.

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- Heat Resistant

ombre highlight wear and go pre cut lace wig
Ombre Highlight Wear And Go Pre Cut Lace Wig

As mentioned earlier, styling is versatile with human hair wigs. Unlike synthetic wigs, you can style it with your heat tools and make it adapt to look beautiful. Styling tools like the straightener and curling iron.

These tools are used in styling human hair wigs. But be sure to add heat protectant to your wigs. You don't want it getting damaged.

- High Quality

Natural wigs (human hair wigs) are of high quality. While they are also in different grades, (depending on where they are sourced from), each looks and feels luxurious. And these luxury wigs can last years because of that (quality).

Disadvantages of Human Hair Wigs

- Reaction to Weather

Weather easily influences the way our natural hair looks. So also, the weather impacts human hair wigs. It’s easy to have your style altered by the weather. Your wig can become frizzy, dry, or limp as well.

- Cost

It's no longer surprising or new that human hair wigs are costlier than synthetic wigs. Since they are made from human hair, it's understandable. Plus, the process of making the hair into wigs takes a lot.

- Maintenance and Styling

Human hair wigs are high maintenance. It requires time to wash and style before it's ready to wear. That's unlike synthetic hair wigs.

What Is A Synthetic Hair Wig?

What Is A Synthetic Hair Wig

In recent years, synthetic hair wigs have come a long way. These wigs were generally low quality, and their texture told them apart from human hair wigs.

However, with the advancement of technology, synthetic wigs can be mistaken for its counterpart now. The wig technologies make it similar to real human hair, but it still falls when it is placed side by side with human hair wigs. Plus, give it a few weeks and months- the strands become tangled and matted.

With this fact, some think the synthetic wig has a slim chance of competing against the other. But it's not so. Though they are made from polymers, synthetic hair wigs offer quite several benefits. And one great benefit is their ability to retain their style. You can have your hair looking all chic if you're constantly on the go. This can be an advantage for you.

Let's see other benefits of synthetic hair wigs.

Advantages of Synthetic Wigs

- Easy to Style

You can wear your unit immediately after purchase. That's because synthetic hair wigs come pre-styled. And even after, synthetic hair wigs retain their styles. After washing, you'll be surprised at how much it stays intact. You can wear it without doing too much after the wash. That makes it so much different from the human hair wigs which require effort to style.

- Cost

Generally, synthetic wigs are relatively cheap compared to human hair wigs. While you might see some costlier ones, depending on the grade, it's still less expensive than its counterpart. You can consider investing in a heat-friendly and high-quality synthetic wig if you're considering the cost of a human hair wig.

- Natural looking

Unlike the traditional ones, synthetic wigs these days, are natural looking. Yet not up to human hair wigs, but they can be natural and realistic. It's easy to come across over-priced synthetic wigs, so make sure you check the quality and buy from a reputable store.

- Variety of Style

Synthetic wigs offer you a variety of styling options and colors. While you'll be needing more than one wig, the color varieties and styles are endless. You can get black, red and pink.

- Not Impacted by Weather

We've mentioned that the human hair wig is heavily impacted by the weather. The synthetic wig, on the other hand, is not. Whether it's raining or the sun is up and high, your wig will be fine. It will hold its style, and you won't have to deal with frizziness as human hair would. That's a great advantage!

- Low Maintenance

You won't have to deal with high-maintenance issues with synthetic wigs. They require less care than human hair wigs do. You can wash it after six to eight times of wearing it and that's it! But make sure to get a good hair care product for your synthetic wigs.

- Lightweight

Synthetic wigs are lightweight, making them comfortable. During summer, wearing a synthetic wig can make you feel comfortable since they are much lighter than human hair wigs. Plus, synthetic wigs won't react to the weather as human hair wigs will. That means you won’t feel any discomfort.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Wigs

- Shinier

Most synthetic wigs can appear very shiny. This shine isn't something people like since it does not look natural. You can remove it by washing your wig or by adding dry shampoo all over the wig. Make sure to use a shampoo formulated for synthetic hair.

- Less Versatile

The synthetic wig is not as versatile as a human hair wig. Since it comes pre-styled, there are limited ways you can wear it.

More so, most synthetic wigs can not be styled with heat or worn whenever you cook. That can be hard for anyone who likes to wear their wigs in different styles.

- Cannot be Colored

Changing the color of your synthetic wig is not possible. The traditional hair dyes do not stick to synthetic fibers, and they can melt the wig. That means trying it might lead to a disaster and damage your wig.

- Short Lifespan

Synthetic wigs can last between four to six months. If that's the case, you might find yourself replacing them frequently. That's a different case for human hair wigs. They can last up to a few years.

What's the Best Wig Option for You?

The advantages and disadvantages listed here are the foundation you need in selecting the best wig option for yourself. You can go ahead and make an informed decision based on these differences. So, which of them is right for you or wins in your book?

To make choosing much easier for yourself, ask yourself a couple of questions:

What's my budget?

- How often will I wear my wig?

- Why do I want to wear a wig?

- Do I prefer to style my wig regularly?

Once you're sure about your answers, you can make your purchase!

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