How To Dye A Human Hair Wig?

how to dye a human hair wig

Changing your wig color and length is exciting. Whether you want to create a new look that matches your skin or give your personality a flare by trying bright and trending hair colors.

As simple as dying your human hair wig sounds, a tiny mistake can ruin the entire process. That is why you should understand the dos and don’ts of human hair wig dying. Knowing what and what not to do while dying a human hair wig is crucial to achieving your desired result.

For example, if you want to dye a dark color wig into a lighter color, you may need to bleach the wig before dyeing, but we don't recommend doing it by yourself. It's best to hand it to a professional hairstyle or buy a pre-colored wig like a 613 wig that can take all hair colors well.

Are you confused about human hair wig dying dos and don’ts? Don’t worry, we will show you all that you need to know in a few steps.

Products and Tools You'll Need to Dye a Human Hair Wig

Products and Tools You'll Need to Dye a Human Hair Wig

1. Applicator Brush

2. Comb

3. Developer: This is to aid the penetration of the dye

4. Towel

5. Wig Stand

6. Gloves

7. Vaseline (Optional)

8. Got2b glued freeze spray (Optional)

9. Blow dryer

10. Watercolor

11. Human hair dye: This is the dye you'll love to use for your hair. There are two types of dye to use: permanent dyes or semi-permanent dyes.

12. A bowl

13. Hot water

14. Polythene sheets

15. Newspapers

16. A human hair wig (we will use a 613 wig as a example in this article)

You might not be able to reuse some of these tools. Choose carefully.

I know you may already read some articles that explain how to dye a human hair wig, but the whole process looks very complex even if they may just want to make you understand all the details.

Don't worry, we will use simple words to help you succeed, it won't take you much time, now, let's just jump into all the steps!

Steps in Dying a Human Hair Wig

There are different ways you can dye your human hair wig. We’ll reveal most in this section so follow closely.

The below steps should get your wig dyed beautifully:

Step 1: Get your wig Ready(Optional)

Are you using a new wig? This step won’t be necessary. If not, you should wash your wig and detangle it. Pick up your shampoo and wash it till it’s clean. Go in with the conditioner. After washing, let it air dry.

Then move out any tangles. You don’t want things tangled up by the time you are working. Brush from the tip up to the root. Once you have a clean, dry wig, keep it aside.

Step 2: Protect the lace from staining

Do you want your lace dyed? If you don't, pay attention to this part. To ensure dyeing your wig without staining the lace, the first option is to use Vaseline on the area you’d like to protect. Simply apply some Vaseline on the front lace and the inner part. Make sure it gets saturated well.

apply Got2b glued freeze spray on lace areas

Another option is to spray the inner lace with Got2b glued freeze spray and blow dry it. You can add gel to the mixture as well. Rub the gel on the inner lace, and blow dry it. Then, spray the glue and dry it again.

Step 3: Prepare Your Dye

In dyeing your wig to any color, you must prepare your products for the dying process. So get your dye and the developer and mix them. For this part, the wig’s density determines how many boxes of dye you’ll need. For instance, a box of dye is enough for a 150-density wig.

Prepare Your Dye

You can follow the instructions and directions on the dye box. That will give a good outcome and prevent damaging your wig entirely. Note the developer’s volume too (10, 20, 30). It’ll help with how well the dye penetrates the wig. Volume 20 should be okay for your human hair. But you can work with 30 too. It depends on you.

Step 4: Dye your Wig

As we said earlier, there are different ways to do this.

Method 1: Regular hair dye method 

This method is to apply the dye and developer mixture we prepared in Step Three.

place wig on wig stand and apply dye

  • You’ll place the wig on the wig stand or mannequin.
  • Put on your gloves, please.
  • Take the hair in small sections and apply the dye with a brush.
  • You can start from the root and move till you get to the tip.

You can place the wig on a surface as well. Spread some newspaper on the ground or a polythene sheet. Place your wig on it and apply the dye. Again, wear your gloves before you apply.

If you like to apply the dye on a flat surface, you can pour hair dye on the wig instead of using a brush. Here’s how:

  • Section the wig into parts.
  • Pour and spread the dye on a section.
  • Use a brush to saturate the dye in every part of the hair.
  • You can use your hands to get the dye into the hair. Simply get the dye well into the wig.
  • Go ahead and repeat for all the parts you sectioned.

After you’ve applied your dye to the wig, let it sit in for about 30 minutes to one hour. It’s best to follow what the dye box says.

Method 2: Water color method

The second method is using a watercolor to dye your human hair wig. This method requires a bowl, some hot water, and the color. Here are the steps:

  • Pour some hot water into a bowl. The amount of water does not have to be much if you don’t want it diluted.
  • Add in the watercolor you’d like to use. Lo’riel and Adore have some quality semi-permanent hair dye you can use.
  • After pouring it in, mix your dye thoroughly with the water.
  • Put your wig into the mixture you thoroughly mixed. While you can put it in, you can keep the lace part out. (Whatever you want).
  • You should run a comb through it several times to help with saturating the dye. You can scoop some dye on the wig while you do that.
  • Then keep it in for the appropriate minutes on the dye instructions before removing it. 20 to 45 minutes should be enough for this.
  • Next, protect the lace with some Vaseline or Got2b glued freeze spray.
  • Lastly, with an applicator brush, dye the lace area you did not dip into the mixture. You should let this sit for some time.

Step 5: Shampoo and Rinse with water

Take your hair and shampoo it. You are to use a color-safe shampoo. Some dyes have conditioners with them. You can use that instead of a shampoo. Rinse well with some water after washing. When you rinse, use running water that would be best.

Step 6: Dry your human hair wig

After rinsing it, you’ll want to air dry your hair. There’s no need to use tools on it immediately. Leave it to air dry for some time before blow drying it.

So here you have learned two methods to dye a human hair wig, you may want to ask "Which one should I choose?"

Here we can give you some suggestions. The watercolor method is the easiest way to handle, the perfect suit to dye pure color, and not easy to get messy results. The regular dyeing method is prone to be more flexible to playing color games, like doing money pieces, ombre or highlight effects, and even more complex color design.

It all depends on your desired look!

How To Dye Wig Jet Black?

Key Things to Know

gather products before dyeing

1. Type of dye and instructions

If you are using a semi-permanent hair dye, you don’t need to mix a developer with the dye. Use your dye on the hair or in the water. And that’s it.

2. Colors you can’t dye

It’ll be hard to dye a jet-black wig. But you can dye a wig to jet black. Check the upper video to see how to dye a wig color 1 jet black.

3. Consult a professional wig colorist

Consult a professional if you are not sure of how to go about it. He/she can do a perfect job and avoid damaging your human hair wig.

4. Harsh chemicals

Bleaching damages wigs. That's because it's harsh. So avoid doing that. You should avoid relaxing it or lightening it. Do not use any DIY products on the wig as well. Get products made for human hair wigs and use them.

5. Dying a dark human hair wig

Do you want to dye a dark wig? You can. But do not bleach. Instead, combine both methods in step four to dye.

6. Test with a few Strands

You can test your due with a few strands. That will tell if you can go ahead or not.

7. Time correctly

Timing correctly helps with how well it dyes. You can dye your wig for 30 minutes and it doesn’t give the results you want. That’s because the timing was wrong.

8. Prepare your product

Do not skip this part. Always prepare the products you would like to use before the dyeing process begins. It’ll keep you organized and ready when you start. Also, you will avoid damaging your wig.

Tips for Choosing What Color to Dye Your Human Hair Wig

● Before choosing a color, consider your skin tone and what will look best on you. You don't want what will look bad on you after the dyeing process. So not to create that contrast, deeply consider it.

● The wig's original color determines how well the dye you use will turn out. So choose the wig you want to dye after you've considered this.

The Don'ts

Avoid doing the following:

● Do not dye your hair with fabric dye. It will damage the hair. Use human hair dye. 

● Do not use a metal spoon to mix the dye and developer. A metal spoon can cause it to change color. Use a container to mix instead.

● Do not economize the dye. Get your hair density and equate that to the dye you need.

● Do not use the wrong type of dye. It will damage your human hair wig, and won’t give you the desired result.

Good luck!

Transforming your human hair wig to look completely different by dying is magical. However, you want to get your desired result - A good-looking human hair wig.

Getting your desired color of wig after dying is simple. Our easy easy steps will ensure you do just that.

That’s it! Let’s know how your human hair wig color transformation turned out in the comment section.

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