How To Keep Wig From Slipping On Bald Head?

How To Keep Wig From Slipping On Bald Head

Are you struggling to keep a wig on your bald head?

Putting on a wig can elevate your look in an instant. It's transformative and could be the right thing you need for a boost. If you're disturbed about your wigs falling off your bald head after wearing them, this article is for you.

We'll give you the steps to keep a wig on a bald head and a few helpful tips. Whether your reason for wearing a wig is hair loss, or you just love to rock your bald head sometimes - we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you will learn how to keep a wig on your bald head, plus other useful tips, so let's get started!

Steps on How to Keep a Wig on a Bald Head

Steps on How to Keep a Wig on a Bald Head

Step 1: Wear a wig cap on your head first. Make sure it covers every area of your head. Also, take note of the front areas and your hairline.

Step 2: Pull back the wig cap and apply styling gel to your hairline. This is because you don't want it moving. Applying gel can help with that. Remember the areas around your ears. You don't want those areas to lift off.

Step 3: Bring back the wig cap and place it on the gel. Use your fingers to make sure it sticks and stays correctly. Or you can use a comb to secure it firmly. Let the wig be glued to your sideburns as well. Once you've glued it, move to the next step.

Step 4: Now, apply some freeze spray to the front of your wig cap. That is where the wig will sit. So, be sure it's around the area of your hairline. You don't want it to be backward or forward. That way the wig will look natural.

Take a good look at the area you want your wig to start and apply the spray there. Let it cover your hairline before you place the wig on it.

Step 5: Before you place the wig, check if the spray is dry. If it is, wear your wig and gently press it to glue it to your head. You can do this step before or after cutting your lace. It's fine. Only be sure to follow the direction of your hairline while you cut.

After placing the wig, if it's not sticking down, apply more freeze spray to get those areas glued. Use your fingers so they stay in one place. You can use a blow dryer to dry it out as well.

Step 6: Add a little foundation to the area glued to make it look more natural. You'll be glad you did.

Step 7: If you have not cut the lace, now is the time to do so. Cut it to fit your hairline, then reapply some foundation sparingly.

Once you've done this last step, that's it. You can go ahead and style it the way you like. Use a hot comb and wax to keep you r wig flat and beautiful.

Other Methods You Can Follow To Secure Wig On Bald Head

Apart from using the gelling method mentioned above, here are other easy methods to keep your wig from slipping. 

1. Wear Wigs with the Silicone Grip

Wear Wigs with the Silicone Grip

Choosing to wear wigs with the wig grip can save you from the stress and thoughts of your wig shifting. Plus, it's convenient, comfortable, and requires no excess steps. You can simply wear it on your head and style. You are ready for the day!

These wigs are common these days and won’t be hard to find. But how does the grip technology work? The grip technology holds your bald head firmly with the help of the silicon placed in the wig cap. It's sustainable and should last a long time. If you can't find wigs with this technology, buy anti-slip wigs. You're getting the same results that way.

2. Choose a Silicone Headband

Choose a Silicone Headband

Silicone headbands are perfectly capable of keeping your wig in place. It features a hypoallergenic silicone material with velvet grips that hold the wig. So, in case you've already bought your wig without a grip, you can get a silicone headband for added security. This way, you have peace of mind, knowing that it will stay in place.

Moreover, it's easy to use and does not take time to wear or remove. Simply place the silicone headband slightly behind your hairline and wear your wig. Then, pull it down at the sides to make sure it stays over the silicone headband. Easy right?

3. Wear a Velvet Wig Grip Band

Velvet Wig Grip

Velvet wig grip bands are another option that should help you keep your wig when you wear them. They are velvet material and have adjustable straps that make it easy to do their job while fitting to your head size. You won’t need any other support when you use a wig grip band. That's because they are strong.

There are different types of wig grip bands. Some have mesh in the front, while others don't. You may have to get one that has a mesh if your wig has a lace top. That way, you won't have the grip showing.

To wear one, simply put the grip after your hairline before placing your wig on. Make sure the velvet is rough so it keeps it from sliding.

4. Attach Wig Tapes

attach a wig tape

To be honest, wig tapes work best in areas where there is no hair. That’s great. It means it's another option to opt for. Simply clean the areas where you'll place the tape and attach the tape beneath the sides of the wig. Then, peel the other area of the tape, and attach it to your head. Be sure it stays well and comfortably.

5. Apply a Wig Adhesive

different wig glues

We mentioned using a freeze spray in the steps to secure your wig. But are you aware that adhesive glue works as well? Oh yes, they work. While this could be stronger than the spray, wig adhesives might be much better for some.

There are many types of wig glues you can choose from, you can choose Waterproof or non-waterproof glues according to how long you want the wig to last.

You are to apply the wig adhesive to your hairline after you’ve cleaned the area with shampoo. Then, place your wig on your head and press the area where you've applied the adhesive to ensure it glues. This method should last for a long time.

Tips to Help You Keep Your Wig Securely on Your Head

Knowing a few pointers can be life-changing. We want to help make your process as stress-free as possible. So, while you wear your wig, remember these tips. They'll be of help.

1. Make use of the strap behind the wig

Make use of the strap behind the wig

The first way to keep your wig secure on your head is to use the straps that come with the wig. Most wigs come with adjustable straps; you can use them. Customize it to fit your head, making sure the wig is snug and unmoving. You'll notice that your wig will not move every time you do this. And you can stay all day with less worry.

2. Use the clips around the wig

Use the clips around the wig

You may be wondering if you can use the clips around your wig cap. Well, the clips are there for extra hold. You can clip them beneath the wig cap, making sure the sides are secured. They might poke your head and be uncomfortable. So, skip this if that ever occurs.

3. Use the right wig cap

Use the right wig cap

Well, you can skip this one if you plan to use the methods we listed in the last section. Using the right wig cap is important for a fitted wig. It helps you create a smooth area for your wig to rest on and may prevent discomfort from keeping the wig directly to your head.

But a wig cap should be a must if you'll have your wig on all day. Just be sure you are wearing a cap made from breathable and safe materials. That way, it won't be sensitive to your skin but make you comfortable. Plus, you don't want to experience breakage or itchiness.

4. Cleanse your scalp

Make sure you have your scalp cleaned before wearing a wig. You can use alcohol or simply wash with shampoo. It'll help keep the glue gripped to your head.

5 Allow the glue to dry

Before placing the wig on the glue, make sure the glue dries enough first. You do not want to place your wigs immediately after applying the glue.

If you do, it won't be strong and you may need to repeat the step. But, you can reapply on the areas that are not properly glued, to keep the wig in place.


It's alright to feel lost on how to keep a wig on for long without it slipping. That's why we are here: to answer questions you are concerned about.

But, we hope we've clarified the question with the steps and tips above. Those steps should be helpful, and the methods should be insightful. It's safe to try every method above to be sure of what you're most comfortable with. And when you find it, stick with it.

But do know that you are beautiful with or without a wig.

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