How To Use Wig Tape?

When it comes to securing a wig, most wig wearers will come up with adhesives like glue gel, or spray, wig tape seems mentioned less. Why? Worried about falling off? Never tried before? Will this be suitable for my wig?

No worries, this blog will bring you into the wig tape world and answer your doubts!

In this blog, you will learn:

What Is Wig Tape?

what is a wig tape

Wig tape is a double-sided, medical-grade adhesive tape that is gentle for the skin and is ideal for both beginners and experts. It comes in a variety of shapes, strengths, and forms, ranging from strips to minuscule dots, in rolls or singles.

Why wig tape is a more popular choice? Here are the reasons.

Benefits Of Using Wig Tape To Secure A Lace Wig

Benefits Of Using Wig Tape To Secure A Wig

  • Wig tape can provide a secure hold, you don't need to worry about it falling off during the wearing period. 
  • The high-quality wig tape is thin and invisible, helping you create a natural and seamless look.
  • Unlike glue, wig tape is more gentle and friendly for sensitive scalps.
  • It's quite easy to use wig tapes, this will save you much time. As we all know, when working with glue, we need to evenly spread the glue and wait for it to become clear, then put on the wig, sometimes you may need to apply several layers for security. In this sense, wig tape is a better option.

There are two ways to use wig tape, you can place it on the wig inside or your scalp as you like.

A Guide on How to Use Wig Tape

What is the purpose of wig tape? Wig tape is useful for any unattached portions around the face that may slip back during heavy activities or when you move your face when talking or eating. As a result, wig tapes can be put underneath your wig to assist in locking it in place, giving the impression that your hair is natural.

Here is a quick guide:

Step 1: Gather Your Equipment

Gather Your Equipment

Begin by gathering all of the essential tools. Choose a high-quality wig tape that meets your needs - double-sided tapes provide a firm grip, medical-grade tapes are soft on the skin, and hypoallergenic tapes are perfect for delicate skin. Have a gentle alcohol-free cleaner in hand to provide a clean application surface; a soft towel for drying, and, optionally, a scalp protection or wig cap for more comfort.

Step 2: Prepping your hairline
Prepping your hairline

Cleanse your skin with an alcohol-free cleanser, paying special attention to the areas where the tape will be placed. It is critical to remove oils and residues for good adherence. After cleansing your skin, blot it dry with a soft cloth. Pay close attention to the regions along the hairline where the tape will be applied. Make sure your scalp protector or wig cap fits tightly.

Step 3: Measure and Cut the Tape

Measure and Cut the Tape

Precision is essential for a flawless wig installation. Measure the tape around the outside of your hairline, leaving a little extra for a flawless finish. Always cut more tape than you think you'll need; surplus tape can be trimmed later. The idea is to make tape strips that mimic the curves of your natural hairline, guaranteeing uniform distribution and a secure fit.

Step 4: Position the Tape

Position the Tape

It's time to arrange your tape now that it's ready. Follow the contours of your head and place the tape slightly behind your natural hairline. This careful positioning ensures that the tape is hidden while your wig is on, resulting in a natural and unnoticeable finish. Take your time achieving symmetry, use a mirror to help, and make any required corrections before continuing.

Step 5: Apply the Tape

Apply the Tape

The big moment has arrived: it's time to put the wig tape on. Peel off the protective backing from one side of the tape to begin. Press the exposed side gently against your clean, dry skin, following the stated perimeter. Apply mild pressure throughout the full length of the tape to ensure a firm adhesion. Repeat on the opposite side to create a strong base for your wig.

Step 6: Secure Your Wig

Secure Your Wig

It's time to position and fix your wig now that the wig tape is securely in place. Place the wig over the taped area, making sure it matches your natural hairline. Press down on the taped edge of the wig to ensure a solid binding. Adjust the wig to your liking for comfort and style. 

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How to Remove Wig Tape?

You should be able to remove wig tape now that you know how to apply it. Cynosure Wigs always recommends taking your wig off at the end of the day to keep it looking great for as long as possible.

Wearing a wig for a prolonged amount of time is very different from putting it on and taking it off at the beginning and end of the day, so seek guidance if you want to wear your wig for an extended period.

Consider employing a specialist adhesive remover for a smooth call. This heroic solution dissolves the adhesive characteristics of the tape, providing a painless and delicate removal.

It's the finishing touch to your wig tape performance, keeping your natural hair and skin untouched. Enjoy the freedom and knowing that you've perfected the art of wig tape application and removal as you peel away the final remains of tape.


Q: Can I swim or shower while wearing wig tape?

A: While wig tape is water-resistant, extended exposure to water is not recommended. Swimming or bathing may wreak havoc on the adhesive's characteristics. Consider wearing a wig-friendly sweatband or helmet while doing water-related activities to preserve the tape and guarantee a firm grip.

Q: How long does wig tape normally last, and can I use it for lengthy periods?

A: The duration of wig tape hold varies according to factors such as tape kind, skin type, and activity level. Wig tape may usually last a day or more. It can be used for a long period, but it is critical to check your skin and reapply or remove the tape as needed for comfort and safety.


In the end, wig tape is your backstage ticket to a world of more secure wig wear and confident style. You now have the information to up your wig game, from comprehending how to apply it easily to mastering the delicate art of removal. So, tape it up confidently and let your hair journey be a work of art!

If you prefer a more effortless wig install method, why not try Cynosure Hair glueless wigs that you can put on and go, no glue or tapes needed. Move step to another article to learn what is a glueless wig now!

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