Can You Reuse A Lace Front Wig?

can you reuse a lace front wig

Yes, you can. Although, it depends on how well you care for the wig. One question that gets asked a lot by wig wearers is if they can reuse a lace front wig. Of course, it's okay to ask. That's why we're here.

The fact remains that while a lace front wig or wig, in general, won't last forever, you certainly can reuse them. Not once, not twice, but for some time. If you are looking to reuse your lace front wig for a long time, this article is for you.

Do you buy a wig to wear it once? No! You wouldn't buy a wig that you can wear once or twice but for a long time. But, although a lace front wig can last up to a year, depending on how much you wear it. It can also wear out after wearing it once or twice.

Whether or not you can reuse your lace front wig depends on factors like; 

a. How did you install the lace front wig? Cutting the lace front wig correctly largely determines if you can reuse them.

b. How you care for your lace front wig (daily/routine maintenance).

c. How do you take down or uninstall the lace front wig?

Let’s see how you can reuse a lace front wig following simple steps.

How To Cut a Lace Front Wig Correctly?

How To Cut a Lace Front Wig Correctly

The probability of reusing a lace front wig starts with how you cut the lace. If you cut it wrongly, you won't be able to wear it, talk more of using it again.

So, when you get a lace front wig, cut it to fit your face. Do not cut on someone else or even a wig stand. Cut the lace on yours. It'll be comfortable and look more natural if you abide by this.

Now, how do you cut the lace? Follow the steps below:

  • Place the wig on your head. Make sure you set it correctly and comfortably. You'll want to take note of your hairline as well. The wig shouldn't be too backward or forward.
  • Start by cutting off the area that makes your ears pinch or bend. Follow the shape of your ears so that it becomes soothing and convenient.
  • Next, pick up your scissors again and follow the hairline. Do not cut too close to the lace but don’t leave a lot. If you are unsure you can cut the whole section once, then cut the lace in small sections. It’ll be easier to follow the hairline that way.
  • Then, you are through. Go ahead and style.

How to Take Care of Your Lace Front Wig?

How to Take Care of Your Lace Front Wig

Caring for your lace wig is in two aspects; while you wear it and when you are not.

1. Avoid sleeping in your wig

Avoid sleeping in your wig

First, when wearing your wig, adequately care for your wig and take precautions. You can avoid sleeping in your wig to begin with. That will prevent tangling caused by pillowcases. If you can’t, it’s best to wrap your hair well and wear a satin bonnet to bed.

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2. Detangle the wig in the morning and at night

Detangle the wig in the morning and at night

But tangling isn’t just prevented by wearing a satin bonnet when you sleep. You should make it a routine to detangle your hair in the morning and at night. Wigs can get messy when we do not imagine. So, detangling when you feel like it or once in a while would cause quite a damage to your wig.

3. Opt for a wide tooth comb

Opt for a wide tooth comb

You should opt for a wide-tooth comb. It’s no longer news that a wide-tooth comb is perfect for wigs. That’s because it makes detangling easy without losing a few strands. So, get your lace wig this brush and it’ll thank you.

4. Comb the hair correctly

d. Another open secret is to comb your hair correctly. You are to brush from the tip and move up gradually. That will allow you to detangle smoothly without removing some hair from the wig. It’ll help with some knots as well.

5. Be gentle with your wig

But still, it’s not enough for you to comb your wig, you have to be gentle when you do. Remember that it’s a lace wig. You don’t want some pulling at the front lace. You can make use of your hands. Hold onto the hair with one hand and comb with the other. That should help with the tugging.

6. Store the wig correctly

What about storing? When you don’t have your wig on, store it properly. One way you can store your wig is to opt for a wig stand. The other is to keep it in a box. In the box, carefully place it in properly. Remember that appropriate storage helps a lot.

7. Wash the wig with the right products

Wash the wig with the right products

If you’ve worn it for long, you can wash and condition it before storing it. The products should be sulfate-free and suitable for your wig type (synthetic and human hair).

Tips and Tricks For a Long-Lasting Lace Front Wig

Reusing a lace front wig for a long time doesn’t only depend on the wig’s quality. You can buy a high-quality lace front wig that you won’t use for a long time.

So, what can you do?

These tips and tricks will ensure you reuse your lace front wig for a considerably long time. Let’s take a look at some of these tips and tricks.

1. Avoid too much Heat

Regular use of heating tools equals a short span for your wigs. They can cause damage to the wig and make them lose their shine in the long run. You can use a heat protectant when you have to style your wig. Also, make sure to reduce the temperature of your straightener or curling iron.

2. Use Quality Products

Regular shampoos and conditioners are not the best products for synthetic and human hair wigs. They contain harsh chemicals like sulfate that damage wigs. You can go for products that contain natural ingredients and are specifically designed for your wig type.

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3. Wash Gently

Washing your wig gently and correctly must be stressed always. When you wash, avoid shampooing and washing the scalp of your wig. If you do, your wigs won’t shed and you will like it. You can soak in water first to wash that’s also good.

After washing, use cool water to rinse. Hot water is bad and can cause your wig to lose its volume and shine.

4. Don’t Dry with Heat

It’s nice to dry properly after washing. Do not use heating tools. Just hang it somewhere and let it air dry. Air drying your hair keeps it safe and makes it last long.

5. Remove Properly

Properly removing your wig will keep the lace and prevent damage. You can use whatever adhesive remover you like but do it properly.

Do not be in haste and be mindful of tugging at it. You can look for any glue residue and remove them from the wig. That step will prevent frizziness and tangling caused by residues. A good adhesive removal will be vaseline oil or alcohol.

6. Wear a Wig Cap under Your Wig

Although wearing a wig cap does not necessarily help to make your wig last longer, it can help secure the wig. It will prevent the wig from moving and sliding. Also, it is a way to protect your natural hair.

7. Use Good Moisturizer

Moisturizing your wig is an important trick that helps your wig last long. While you don’t have to do too much, using oils is appropriate. You can get argan oil, coconut oil, or shea butter. They’ll help prevent frizziness and add shine.

8. Visit a Salon

Visit a salon once in a while. The stylists can help with caring for your wig and offer you tips. Only make sure that they are professional and know what should be done.

Checking their social media page for customer reviews before booking an appointment can help you assess their skills.

Final Words

It’s nice to know that you can reuse a lace front wig. But following the guidelines, tips & tricks, dos and don’ts will ensure you eventually reuse it. The truth is, your lace front wig will suffer damage and you won’t be able to wear it again if you treat it poorly.

As we’ve said, caring for your wig determines how long it will last. So, follow all we’ve said and you’ll see your lace front wigs flourishing. You won’t just wear it once, or twice, but for a very long time.

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