How To Remove A Lace Front Wig?

how to remove a lace front wig

It's nice to have a perfectly laid lace front wig. However, facing difficulties when it's time to remove is no longer fun or nice. The fact remains that it is easy to remove your lace front wig by following a few steps. Let's show you these few steps in this post.

Note: There are different possible ways you can remove your lace front wig. However, you have to consider the products and tools that you would need ( always look out for safe products and preferences). We’ll talk about the possible ways to remove a lace front wig.

First, let's see all the tools you would need.

General Tools You'll Need to Remove a Lace Front Wig

1. Lace Remover

2. Towel

3. Rattail Comb

4. Conditioner

5. Shampoo

6. Oil

7. Alcohol

8. Cotton Balls

9. Spray Bottle

10. Clips

11. A Hair Band

12. Cotton Swabs

13. Tooth Brush

Please note: You won't need all these tools to remove your lace front wig. These represent all the tools used in the three methods for taking down pace front wigs.

How to Remove Lace Front Wig with Alcohol?

After getting your rubbing alcohol and other products ready, follow the steps below to get a seamless experience when removing your wig.

How to Remove Lace Front Wig with Alcohol

Step 1: Get your wig out of the way

Before applying any products on your frontal, it’s best to put your wig in a ponytail (if it is long) with a hairband.

If it is a short wig, use some clips to pin them away from where you’ll be working. That is to prevent hair from getting in your way while you work on removing the wig.

Step 2: Spray a generous amount of water

Next, spray some water on your edges. Although it doesn’t do much, it will be helpful by the time you are to remove the wig. You can make use of a clean towel as well.

Spray water and use towel with warm water tap hairline

Pour some warm water on the towel, pick it up, and tap your hairline. You should do that for a few minutes as it can help to loosen it up a little bit.

Step 3: Spray the mixture of alcohol and water on the lace of the wig

Here is when you need the rubbing alcohol. Get a spray bottle and pour some alcohol into it. Spray some alcohol with that repeatedly on the lace of the wig.

Spray the mixture of alcohol and water on the lace of the wig

You want to be very careful when you spray. Things can get messy with a spray bottle. You can have it all over the place or even get alcohol into your eyes. Instead, you might love to use cotton balls or cotton swabs. (This will be whatever you find convenient).

With a cotton ball, you just need to dab on the lace with the alcohol in it. Get the lace saturated with the alcohol. After that, wait about a minute before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Make use of your rattail comb

Make use of your rattail comb

Your rattail comb has been sitting all this while, it’s time to pick it up. With your rattail comb, run through your edges from one side to the other.

If it goes through, then remove the wig gently. You don't have to tug at it if it doesn’t come off. Reapply the alcohol and try again.

Step 5: Remove your wig cap

This step is not necessary for those who do not have a wig cap on. Some just wear it, others have it glued. If yours is glued, get some alcohol again and dab on the glued area.

Remove your wig cap

Repeat this a few times so that it comes off easily. After waiting for a few minutes, pick up your rattail comb again and use the tip to run it through your hairline. It should come off without any pain.

Step 6: Clean and wash your hairline

There can be glue residues on your hairline or edges. It's necessary to clean them out after you’ve removed the wig. Here’s how to go about it:

- Use your rattail comb to comb a few of the residues gently.

- Pour some alcohol on a cotton ball and clean your edges with it.

- Lastly, wash your hairline with some shampoo. You can go in with some conditioner afterward. That will keep your hairline moisturized and safe.

There you have it- the steps to removing your lace front wig.

How to Remove Lace Front Wig with a Lace Remover?

It’s undeniably true that alcohol can be sensitive to the skin. If your skin is sensitive, then opting for another product is the right thing to do. While alcohol is a popular product used to remove a lace front wig, it is not the only way. Another way is to make use of a lace remover.

How to Remove Lace Front Wig with a Lace Remover

A lace remover is an adhesive remover formulated for that purpose. It contains different ingredients that soften the glue making the lace easy to come off. But there are alcohol-based lace removers as well. So, when choosing, be careful of the products you buy.

Without going back and forth, how do you remove your lace front wig with a lace remover? It’s simple and can be done within minutes. Take a look at the steps below:

Step 1: Prepare your wig

First, get your hair in a safe space so they don’t disturb the process. You can tie them up or use a few clips to put them in place.

Step 2: Dab warm water to loose the glue area

Dab warm water to loose the glue area

Dab some warm water on your edges to loosen up the area. You can use a cotton ball or towel for this.

Step 3: Apply lace remover

Apply lace remover

Take in your lace remover and spray a good amount on your lace. Saturate it cause you don’t want some areas stuck. A good lace remover you can use is the Bold Hold lace remover. Its ingredients are good and help with the skin.

Remember to follow the instructions indicated on the lace remover.

Step 4: Remove the wig

Remove the wig

If you’ve applied the lace remover, the wig should be easy to remove at this point. So, gently remove the wig. No yanking or aggressive pulling. That can affect your skin and damage your hairline.

Step 5: Clean the glue residues

Take care of your edges by removing glue residues with your comb and shampoo. You’ll want to get the area clean by shampooing and moisturizing.

And you are done!

How to Remove Lace Front Wig with Oil?

Apart from using a lace wig remover, oil is another option to go for.

Disclaimer: You can use any oil of your choice. Olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil, baby oil, etc.

Let's quickly see how you can remove your wig with oil:

Step 1: Apply oil on the glue area

Apply oil on the glue area

Pour your oil choice into a cotton ball or napkin and press it onto the lace. Be mindful of spills as you add the oil. You do not want the oil everywhere.

Make sure the oil is well saturated on the lace of the wig. You can massage the area with your hands which will help get the oil in faster.

Step 2: Take off the wig while keep applying oil

From one side of the wig lift the edge, then take your cotton ball with oil, and keep applying. The wig will keep removing as you go. So be careful not to yank your hair off. It'll come off gradually as you use the cotton ball in those parts.

Step 3: Remove the wig cap

Repeat the same step for your wig cap if you have it glued. Saturate the oil and remove gently.

Step 4: Clean any glue residue

After you have your cap off, it's time to care for your edges. Again, with some oil, use your cotton ball to clean any glue residue. You don't want them stuck on your forehead or get your hairline damaged. So, get them out.

With that, you've successfully gotten your lace wig out with oil!

Other Products You Can Use to Remove Your Lace Front Wig

You might be wondering if it's possible to remove a lace front wig with other products, it's possible. Two other products you can use to uninstall a lace front wig are

1. Vaseline


Amazingly, adding Vaseline to your lace can help with removing your wig. Simply use a generous amount on your lace and let it sit for some time. When you notice it's beginning to lift, use your rat tail comb to run through it before removing it.

2. Conditioner


Another method is to use a conditioner. Conditioners are easy to get and simple to use. It is the easiest way you can remove your wig. You only need to apply the conditioner to your lace, let it sit for about a minute then you can remove the wig. It's simple.

Why Do You Need to Uninstall Your Wig the Right Way?

Some reasons are;

1. You protect your hairline without any damage.

2. You avoid pulling and tugging with a headache.

3. The lace of your wig becomes reusable since the lace will be intact.

4. Your wig gets to last long.

Safe Steps to Remove Glue From Your Lace Wig

You've removed your wig, that's good. But do not leave it like that. Like you nourished your edges, it's time to clean the lace of the wig. So, how do you do that? Here's how;

Step 1: Use a toothbrush to clean off any adhesive residue on the inner lace of the wig. You are simply scraping them off the wig. So be gentle while you do that.

Step 2: Pour some conditioner and water on the lace. With the same toothbrush, scrub gently. Do circular motions, and up and down motions for thorough cleaning.

Step 3: Rinse it off afterward. Your lace front should look fresh again.

Go Ahead and Remove your Lace Front Wig

Have you read to this point? Then you are good to go! These steps will help you safely uninstall your wig, and care for your wig and hairline as well.

What method will you be trying to remove your lace front wig? What's your favorite method? Do let us know in the comment section.

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