Can You Sleep In A Wig?

can you sleep in a wig

Wigs have become more and more popular because they let you change your hairstyle without cutting or coloring your natural hair. But some people may wonder a question all the time, "Can I sleep in a wig?"

The reason is obvious, it takes a lot of time to install a wig in the morning and take off the wig before going to bed. Especially if you are working with a glue-down wig, frequently installing and removing a wig can not only damage your wig but also weaken your hairline.

In this case, many people choose to sleep in their wigs because it saves time, while others find it may reduce the lifespan of the wig

So can you sleep in a wig without damaging wig?

The answer is Yes, it can be tricky, but it is possible once you follow these tips. 

In this article, we will provide complete tips about sleeping with your wig on, so worry no more, let's dive into all the details!

How Do You Sleep Comfortably with Your Wig On?

If you want to sleep with a wig on and wake up looking great, here are some easy tips to consider:

1. Prepare Your Wig

The first thing you should pay attention to is well prepare your wig to avoid unnecessary friction, leading to knots and tangles in the next morning. So it's essential to brush your wig, then twist or braid your wig loosely and place it at the side part while sleeping.

2. Wrap Your Head With Silky Scarf/Cap

To keep your wig in place while you sleep, you need to make sure it doesn't move around. Use a special band or a soft hat to hold the wig securely. This will stop it from getting tangled or damaged.

Wrap Your Head With Silky Scarf/Cap

Whether your wig is made of real hair or not, too much rubbing can make your wig messy and dry. To prevent this, place the wig flat against your head and use pins or ties to hold it. Then, cover your head with a smooth scarf made of silk or satin. This will keep the wig in place and protect it from rubbing.

3. Change Your Pillowcase

Change Your Pillowcase to satin material

If wearing a wig while sleeping feels uncomfortable, consider switching up your pillowcase. cotton or wool pillowcases can make our hair dry because they absorb moisture. But if you use a silk or satin pillowcase, it won't dry out or damage the wig as much.

4. Sort Your Wig in the Morning

Sort Your Hair in the Morning

When you wake up in the morning, your wig might be a bit messy. To fix this, take a brush or comb and gently brush your wig to remove any tangles. This will stop the hair from getting all tangled and frizzy during the day. 

If some parts of the wig look flat, you can use a little water, leave-in conditioner, or wig spray to make them look better. Just spray a little and fluff the hair gently.

5. Wash Your Wig Regularly

Wash Your Wig Regularly

Cleaning your wig regularly is essential to keep it nice and fresh. When you wear a wig, sweat, oil, and dirt can accumulate on it, making it dirty and more likely to get damaged. That's why it's a good idea to wash your wig every few weeks. Not only does this keep it in good condition, but it also helps you sleep better if you wear a wig.

6. Use an Anti-Static Spray Right Before Bed

Use an Anti-Static Spray Right Before Bed

Use an anti-static spray, which is a specialized spray, to protect your wig while you sleep. This spray keeps the hair from becoming frizzy and untidy while protecting your wig. It's similar to applying a shield to your wig to preserve its aesthetic.

7. Buy Multiple Wigs

To protect your wig while sleeping, it's a good idea to have more than one wig. When you switch between different wigs, you put less stress on each one. This means that no single wig gets damaged too quickly. Having multiple wigs allows you to cover your hair while sleeping without causing too much harm. It's a convenient way to keep your wigs in better condition for a longer time.

8. Choose Natural-Looking Hairpieces

If possible, try sleeping in a lace front wig. This type of wig gives a natural look to your hairline. It is also lightweight and more comfortable, allowing you to move easily during sleep. If you have a human hair wig that is permanently attached, that's a good choice, too. 

Human hair wigs can be treated like your own hair, so they don't get as frizzy or damaged as synthetic wigs. You can sleep with a human hair wig without worrying too much about harming it. 

9. Manage the Humidity and Wetness in Your Bedroom

There is more to your bedroom than just a place to rest and sleep. It is also your hair's climate control center. To ensure that your wig remains comfortable and healthy while you sleep, your bedroom's temperature and humidity levels must be maintained within a specific range. Dry air in your bedroom can cause frizz and extreme dryness in your wig.

humidifier in bedroom

This might make you feel bad about yourself in addition to being bad for the condition of your wig. However, excessive cold can also leave hair delicate and prone to breaking. This is where keeping a humidifier in the sleeping area is an excellent option. It will keep your wig and natural hair hydrated, healthy, and shiny, and it will also improve the quality and shine of overnight hair treatments.

10. Give Your Scalp a Thorough Massage

Whether you wear a wig or have natural hair, the first step in keeping healthy hair is taking care of your scalp. Give your scalp a good massage before bed to improve blood flow, reduce head and body pressure, and encourage the growth of healthy hair. Furthermore, your body releases melatonin, which is a key factor in the growth of new hair, when you sleep through till your regular wake-up time.

Give Your Scalp a Thorough Massage

Keeping your scalp healthy is essential, even if you wear a wig. The ideal setting for the wig to rest firmly and comfortably is a clean, well-massaged scalp. It also guarantees the health of the hair beneath the wig, avoiding any possible problems that can result from improper scalp care.

11. Make Sure Your Wig Fits Right

Make sure your wig fits well when you wear it. This helps to prevent any damage when you move around, especially when you sleep. Some wigs have tabs that you can adjust to make them fit better before bedtime. However, don't make them too tight, or it might feel uncomfortable. 

Another option is to get a custom wig that is made just for you, so it always fits perfectly. This way, you can be sure your wig stays in place without causing any problems.

12. Select a Comfortable Sleeping Position

Choosing the right sleeping position is important for both a good night's sleep and keeping your wig in good condition. Hair experts suggest sleeping on your back, i.e., in the supine posture, which helps keep your head, neck, and spine in a natural alignment, reducing excessive movement of your head while you sleep. 

By sleeping in this position, you can prevent hair loss, tangling, and matting and increase the lifespan of your wig.

The Bottom Line!

If you're wondering whether wearing a wig to bed is okay or not, we've attempted to cover all the important details in this article. Consider all the pros and cons before choosing to wear a wig to bed. 

The best thing you can do to keep your wigs looking great, feeling fresh, and comfortable is to wash and maintain them regularly. To lessen the chance of hair damage, make sure you cover your head and use a silk cushion. 

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