What Is The Best Human Hair For Sew In Weave?

best human hair for sew in weave

Do you want to achieve the perfect, natural look with hair extensions? Sew-in weaves are an increasingly popular choice, and as experts in the field of wigs and hairpieces, we're here to help you select the ideal human hair for your sew-in weave!

To be short, 100% virgin human hair is the best human hair for sew-in weave, which is unprocessed human hair with a natural luster, doesn't tangle like synthetic hair, and gives you more styling options. But many people may have the same doubt "Where does weave come from?" Keep reading to find answers!

What Exactly Is A Sew-in Weave?

A sew-in weave is an application of extensions applied to your natural hair. Hair wefts or braids are sewn onto your existing hair, closely resembling the texture and profile of your hair strands.

For this reason, the beauty of a sew-in weave lies in its ability to blend seamlessly into your natural hair. The hairstylist usually braids your natural hair in small, neat cornrows with a needle and thread to add length and volume. 

What Exactly Is A Sew-in Weave

Opting for a sew-in, you can effortlessly conceal your natural hair while also minimizing the need for extensive maintenance. Additionally, these sew-in weaves provide a much-needed respite for your natural hair, shielding it from the detrimental effects of daily styling, heat exposure, brushing, and product accumulation.

Major Types of Weaves Hair

When it comes to selecting the right hair type for your sew-in weaves, the market offers bountiful options. However, four major types stick out — Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair. Allow us to break down each one and consider their attributes: 

Brazilian Hair: The Most Popular Choice

Brazilian hair stands out at the top of any list for potential weave hair. It's a trendsetting type of human hair today, with unique textures ideally suited for styling diversity. Whether you're looking for straight or wavy locks, Brazilian hair offers that perfect blend of versatility and volume.

brazilian sew in weave

Brazilian sew in weave

This type of weave also mixes functionality with ease, which can be especially beneficial when sealing edges due to its added thickness. However, if you're looking beyond just the beauty factor, Brazilian hair is renowned and highly sought after worldwide, courtesy of its verified natural shine, endearing softness, and unrivaled durability. Brazilian hairs are exclusively extracted from donors in Brazil, adding worthy bragging rights to brands!

Possible Pros & Cons of Brazilian Hair

Possible Pros & Cons of Brazilian Hair

Pros of Brazilian Hair: 

1. Brazilian hair is thick, durable, and versatile: Brazilian virgin hair has a delicate sheen and inherent thickness, meaning you'll need fewer bundles to achieve a voluminous style. 

2. Less frizzy than other hair types.

3. Brazilian hair is highly sought after due to its verified quality: The hair is extracted from donors in Brazil, so you can be sure that the quality and authenticity of the hair are always verified.

4. Brazilian hair offers natural shine and softness: It has a lot of body and natural luster and can be dyed, bleached, curled, or styled like our own hair. With proper care, the shine and softness of Brazilian hair can last for many months.

Cons of Brazilian Hair: 

1. Brazilian hair can be expensive: Due to its popularity, true virgin Brazilian hair can be difficult to find and thus quite expensive.

2. It is heavier than other hair types: The thickness of the fibers makes it feel a bit heavy - especially during the summer months. While this isn't a major issue, you may need to use fewer bundles if you're looking for a lightweight look. 

Peruvian Hair: Soft, Light and Affordable

Peruvian hair is not as popular as Brazilian hair but remains an excellent choice for sew-in weaves. The type of hair is known for being thicker and stronger than Brazilian hair without compromising the softness and lightness of Indian hair. 

peruvian sew in weave

Peruvian sew in weave

These qualities come from Peruvian hair being constantly harvested in villages with limited donors mixed with Spanish and Indian immigrant heritage. It is also coarser than Brazilian, growing naturally straight, wavy, or curly. 

Possible Pros & Cons of Peruvian Hair

Pros of Peruvian Hair: 

1. Softer than other hair types: 

The combination of the various ethnicities makes Peruvian hair one of the softest and lightest hairs available. This makes it great for those who want a lightweight, natural look. You won't have to worry about it feeling heavy or uncomfortable.

2. Extremely manageable, coarse, and naturally wavy: 

This type of hair is easy to take care of and will always look great after a few washes. It also has a natural wave that can make it easier to style than straight hair.

3. Blends with different textures: 

Peruvian hair is very versatile and blends well with African-American hair textures as well as medium Caucasian textures. With this, you don't have to worry about it looking fake or unnatural.

4. Full and voluminous: 

Peruvian hair is renowned for its natural volume and body that provides an instant fullness when wearing fewer bundles. Ideal if you're short on time or sticking to a budget, four-to-five bundles balance your style of choice and lightness. But the beauty doesn't end here; opt for soft curls that add definition without weighing down your locks. An incredibly effortless yet flattering look for all occasions!

Cons of Peruvian Hair: 

1. Not easily sourced: 

True virgin Peruvian hair can be difficult to locate, sometimes making it expensive. To make sure you're getting the real deal, double-check that the bundles have not been processed or chemically treated in any way. Purchasing from a reputable vendor is key!

Malaysian Hair: Most Ideal for An Affordable and Natural Look

Malaysian hair is famous for its incredibly silky, sleek, and shiny look. It is renowned amongst people seeking quality hair. Malaysian hair showcases the natural wave pattern that users enjoy, making it a desirable choice among consumers. 

malaysian sew in weave

Malaysian sew in weave

Although the hair carries the label of 'Malaysian,' it is scarce to come from the country itself; many companies source Indian or Asian countries for this hair type. In truth, Malaysian Hair is largely used as a marketing tactic to increase sales due to the utilization of a rare source. 95.99% of hairdressers have been found to possess misleading product labels.

Possible Pros & Cons of Malaysian Hair:

Pros of Malaysian Hair: 

1. Easy to Style: 

Malaysian hair is a breeze to style - you can curl, straighten, and even dye it if you choose. Plus, it's incredibly lightweight - so there's no need to worry about your locks feeling weighed down by product or too much heat styling.

2. Long Lasting: 

Malaysian hair has a reputation for lasting longer than other types of human hair. This is because the cuticles run in the same direction, which helps preserve your hair's integrity and keeps it from tangling or matting up.

3. Soft and Shiny: 

Malaysian hair is very soft and has a beautiful sheen to it. It can be excessively shiny, but after 2-3 washes, it appears quite natural. Malaysian hair also has a lot of bounce and a heavy body, usually in darker hues.

Cons of Malaysian Hair: 

1. Limited Colors: 

Malaysian hair comes in a limited range of colors, predominantly black and dark brown hues.

2. Dryness: 

Proper care is crucial to prevent dryness in this type of hair. Using a high-quality leave-in conditioner is highly recommended. Additionally, it is worth noting that this hair type requires less frequent washing compared to others, which is a positive aspect to consider.

Indian Hair: The Perfect Natural Alternative 

Indian Hair is one of the most sought-after types of human hair when it comes to creating hairstyles using weave or extensions. Its texture is incomparable to any other as it exudes natural softness with a beautiful sheen to it that works just as well with the various shades available. 

indian sew in weave

Indian sew in weave

Plus, its density and weightiness add lots of the desired volume, perfect if you're looking for lusher locks in an instant. In addition, donated hair from Indian temples is among the finest quality found on the market, and its easily manageable durability makes Indian Hair a great choice for long-term styling projects!

Possible Pros & cons of Indian Hair: 

Pros of Indian Hair: 

1. Bouncy, Thick & Soft: 

Indian hair is naturally thick and bouncy. It also has a very soft texture that feels comfortable on the scalp.

2. Versatile: 

The versatility makes it easy to style any type of hairstyle you desire with Indian Hair Extensions. It can be curled or straightened easily as well as used for coloring solutions. 

3. Durable & Not Too Prone to Tangling: 

Indian hair is renowned for its exceptional longevity, making it one of the most durable hair types available. Its inherent softness and versatility offer a premium experience, ensuring minimal tangling and effortless maintenance.

4. Easy to Maintain Curls: 

High-quality Indian hair is widely acclaimed in the hair industry for its exceptional attributes. This hair is known for its lightness, airy texture, and remarkable bounce, making it a preferred choice for many.

Cons of Indian Hair: 

1. Dryness: 

This hair can become dry without proper care. To ensure optimal moisture, it is advisable to incorporate a high-quality leave-in conditioner into your routine.

2. Color Matching: Finding the perfect shade to match your natural hair color is one of the challenges that come with buying human hair extensions in general, not just Indian hair. 

3. Frizziness: Indian Hair is more inclined to frizz than other types of hair. Even in humid conditions, quality Indian hair can retain its silky texture for months with proper care, although it may tend to become frizzy.

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What Is the Best Human Hair for Sew-in Weaves?

The time has come to decide which type of human hair extensions is best for your needs. To determine this, we have to look at our desired look and what we are willing to spend; sadly, some options do tend to be pricier than others. 

What Is the Best Human Hair for Sew-in Weaves

Fortunately, all extensions are made from authentic human hair, meaning they will look superior compared to synthetics and last longer with suitable care. Which human hair is optimal for sew-in weave? Finding the perfect option comes down to considering all criteria, i.e., budget, color, duration, and personal preference. If necessary, additional guidance can be found in the suggestions below: 

  • Brazilian hair is an excellent choice if you are looking for a durable style that can withstand moisture. 
  • Malaysian hair is ideal for a natural body and bounces with fewer tangles. 
  • If you want your style to last for a long time, Peruvian hair is very low maintenance and will provide the most longevity. 
  • For those on a budget who still want great quality, Indian hair is a popular and cost-effective option. 

It's worth noting that all types of human hair extensions can be washed and brushed just like your natural hair. However, it is important also to consider the maintenance schedule so that you don't end up with an overly dry and brittle weave. Regularly deep conditioning your hair extensions with a moisturizing conditioner every few weeks is essential for longevity. With enough care, you can keep your sew-in weave looking beautiful and healthy for months on end. 

Major Types of Weaves Hair Styles

Classic Straight Hair

classic straight hair

Straight hair texture is a go-to style that many people would choose, it is sleek and soft texture making it easy to style and install. 

Body Wave Hair

body wave hair

Body wave hair is featured with loose, natural waves that can add volume effortlessly, perfect for people who want to get a relaxed vibe.

Loose Wave Hair

loose wave hair

The features of loose wave hair are the tighter more bouncy waves with more volumes. If you are looking for hair bundles that can offer you a shiny & full style, loose wave hair weave is a great choice.

Deep Wave Hair

deep wave hair

Deep wave hair comes with tight and rhythmic waves curled in the same direction. Giving you neat and full curls.

Kinky Curly Hair

kinky curly hair

Unlike deep wave hair, kinky curly hair comes with irregular curls, perfect for people who like sassy and messy vibe curls.

Yaki Hair

yaki hair

Yaki hair looks similar to straight hair but with more volume. It's textures look like straightened 4c natural hair, that can blend well with black women's natural hair.

In A Nutshell

All in all, choosing the best human hair for sew-in weaves is a personal decision. Depending on your budget, texture preferences, and desired style, any of the options outlined above can provide you with a beautiful and long-lasting hair transformation.

From Brazilian to Indian hair, many types of human hair are available on the market that can bring out an enhanced look to your existing hairstyle. We hope this guide provided insight into what type of extension would work best for you when looking for a sew-in weave. 

We aim to offer helpful advice, so if you have additional questions or concerns about any of these types of hair extensions, please reach out to us via our website -we'd be happy to chat with you soon! Thank you for taking the time to be informed before deciding on What is the Best Human Hair for Sew-in Weave.

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