7 Best Kelly Rowland Hairstyles You Should Try In 2024

Kelly Rowland Hairstyles

Kelly Rowland, the famous American singer and actress from the Destiny's Child best-selling group has drawn the interest of so many ladies to the lovely hairstyles she uses for her performances and shows - A hair muse in its essence.

As a hair chameleon who changes her hair to gorgeous hairstyles at times, she is the spotlight for numerous spotlight inspirations.

This title has been given to her because as a lady champ, she has been able to wear a variety of trendy hair colors, lengths, and textures throughout her entire career.

From red and pink curls and haircuts to voluminous hairstyles, she looked good in all. Thus, she stands out in her trend-setting styles and looks.

This article covers some of the stand-out hairstyles that she wore more often - the best hair time with Kelly.

7 Best Hairstyles from Kelly Rowland

The list is inexhaustible, but this will guide you on the top Kelly Rowland hairstyles that have trended and are still trending over time. This is because she wore them for award nights, her role as an X-factor judge, and special mega-timeouts. Among the hundreds of celebrities in the fashion and wig industry, she still stands out to date.

Hop on the ride with us, as we uncover Kelly Rowland’s best hairstyles.

1. Short wavy bob

The short wavy bob hairstyle gives Kelly Rowland a living mermaid look because of its waves. This hairstyle is known to fit her exact face shape which is square due to its fullness around the jawline and cheekbones.

Short wavy bob

The short wavy bob hairstyle often worn by Kelly Rowland is a center part that goes down the middle of her forehead. In reality, this hairstyle is ideal for all faces including oval shape, triangular shape, oval shape, oblong shape diamond shape, etc.

Kelly Rowland took this hairstyle to another level by dying the ends of her wavy bob wig a lighter shade of brown. This two-colored technique (Dark brunette with light brunette highlights) does no wrong, as it accentuates the face with less stress, especially for long-neck girls.

2. Pixie hairstyle

Kelly Rowland is referred to as the queen of pixie hairstyles because she looks extremely good in them. This hairstyle is best for round faces, as it reduces the size of the cheeks on both sides.

Pixie hairstyle

The kind of pixie hairstyle commonly seen by Kelly Rowland is the kind that has a few fringe-like patterns that fall in front of her forehead. Due to the blunt edges and sharp bangs, it gives every individual face shape a distinct fantastic look.

This hairstyle is mostly popular with older ladies or anyone who wants a standard European classy look; it represents power. You can try it in any bold hair color that you want.

3. Half up, half down hairstyle

This hairstyle is just right! For those with a  like Kelly Rowland, a half up half down hairstyle balances your face shape.

Half up, half down hairstyleYou can decide to put the half up into a well-packed tight high bun. For the extra vibe, make that bun messy like Kelly's. In addition, you can arrange the extra bangs in front to suit your face shape.

Arrange the hair on the top to any trendy pattern. This part of the hair will become the center of attention. The bottom layer of the hair that meets her jawline is left loose, open, and thin. All these alignments give its wearers the ideal face form. If you take your time to create this hairstyle, you’ll love it every day.

4. Straight bob hairstyle

Due to her regular show-ups and boldness, Kelly Rowland always falls back to the Straight Bob hairstyle due to its classy appearance at any given time. It looks so good on her due to the way it matches her unique face shape and hair. Kelly's forehead makes it look even better.

straight bob hairstyle

For a more stylish outlook, blow dry the straight Bob hair from root to tip to give it a neat look, or make use of a hair straightener to ensure that each layer lies perfectly on the scalp.

An additional maintenance tip involves trimming the hair with scissors regularly so that the bob can maintain its shape as it fits into an oval, oblong, or square face. As a popular figure, this look has style and a timeless appearance.

5. Long curly hairstyles

This was Kelly Rowland’s most used hairstyle during the release of her album. The curls were loose and sassy, not just the regular short and tight curls. The center-part curls and angled-pattern curls give the face a soft and even radiance.

Long curly hairstyles

If you have natural curly hair, it will be easy to achieve this style in a jiffy - less than 4.5 minutes.

With a long curly hairstyle, you can decide to style it into high and low ponytails, half-up style, low braids, and even buns. All these styles achieve the same goal, which is to add volume and texture to hair.

Like Kelly Rowland, this hairstyle is usually attributed to those who are fun to be with, warm-hearted, and have a touch of extroversion.

6. Box braid ponytails

Apart from leaving her in straight, curly, and wavy hairstyles, Kelly Rowland also stood out in terms of braids, especially box-braid ponytails.

Box braid ponytails

You can bet that this is one of the reasons box braids have become so trendy amongst women as a protective style for all occasions. Due to the high versatility of box braids, she often styled them into ponytails, especially for official purposes.

  • To achieve a ponytail with box braids at home, pack your knotted or knot-less braids high up into the center of the head.
  • Do this by starting from the inner braids till the outward braids, and ensure that it is tight up there. That's it!
  • For a double ponytail, divide the hair into 2 sections and repeat the steps above in each section. Like Kelly Rowland, you'd look outstanding in any outfit.

7. Heavy Bangs

Finally, this is it. Kelly Rowland is always found with bangs, either somewhere along the sides or the center of the forehead.

heavy bangs

These bangs are oftentimes short and sassy, with a rough Layered cut sometimes. She feels confident about this particular look because of how this short hairstyle fits her face shape perfectly.

The decision to wear a thin bang or a thick bang depends on you and your face shape. Wearing the bangs flat, sideways, or messy also relies heavily on your mood that day. Everyone’s fit won't necessarily look like Kelly Rowland’s dark brunette and brunette two-toned style. So, do you! 


These hairstyles are listed as a guide for women who would love to try out the famous Kelly Rowland’s hairstyle. In all, know what fits you and works best for you. For more trendy hairstyles, visit Cynosure Hair blog page.

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