17 Different Types Of Bangs For Every Face Shape

different types of bangs

Bangs! This versatile hairstyle has been a timeless and popular choice, offering a variety of lengths, textures, and styles to complement different face shapes and hair types.

Are you wondering about what kind of Bangs should I get? And what would I look like with bangs?

Here are different types of bangs just for you. Alongside them are illustrations to help you choose the right bangs hairstyles for your face or for that occasion.

1. Curly Hair Bangs

Bangs are most times worn with straight hair. But curly bangs help to differ.

The curly bangs are unique curly hair on your forehead. It is a fringe haircut that has a way of enhancing and modifying your look from being casual to classy and sassy.

curly hair bangs

Curly bangs proves that anyone can rock bangs and look elegant. That’s because any hair texture and volume can achieve unique and gorgeous curly bangs.

If you have curly hair, it's even much better. You should consider this beautiful and effortless style.

Styling your curly bangs is not out of inspiration. You can opt for a ponytail or down style. These styles will make you see how they are also more versatile than you think.

2. Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs get their originality from the combination of long and short strands of hair on your forehead. That gives your bangs a different and stylish flair. It also fits different hair types. From straight to curly, if properly cut and styled.

Wispy Bangs

You can wear wispy bangs for different occasions such as your graduation, birthday party, or bridal shower, or even for your day-to-day activity when it is worn in a ponytail or styled more conveniently to fit.

This type of bang will look best on square or heart-shaped faces. It will help frame your face well and bring attention to your eyes.

3. Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are a fun and classy way to wear your bangs since they have this edgy cut and a layered length.

Choppy Bangs

Though they might look a bit messy and undone, that's the message the choppy bangs pass. They draw attention to the center of your face, especially your nose and lips, and give you a pleasurable vibe.

You should try rocking them to the park, beach, airport, and parties. You sure will have a little spotlight on yourself.

4. Baby Bangs

Baby bangs, as seen in the picture above, have micro-cut bangs sitting firmly on your forehead. It's often referred to as the “bold bangs” or "micro bangs". There are different styles for the baby bangs; such as wispy ends or blunt baby bangs with sharp and thick edges.

baby bangs

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, the baby bangs can soothe your appearance. With its fuller volume and texture, you can show off your curls.

This bang should fit heart, oval, and round face shapes as they give a soft and natural look.

5. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are hot! One high advantage of this bang style is its versatility and face-framing. Not just in styling, but also in the fact that it suits almost any face shape. It also goes with wavy, straight, or even curly hair types not minding if the bangs are long or short.

curtain bangs

The curtain bang is a beautiful center-parted bang with or without layers. While the middle part is shorter, the bang gradually gets longer at the sides. Well, for a vivid description, the bang looks like two curtains pulled back on both sides of a window. That's because it elegantly frames your face.

You can wear them for multiple events; weddings, parties, office, and many more.

The curtain bangs are for you if you want to move from a basic look to a romantic and elegant look.

6. Side Swept Bangs

As the name implies, the fringe is cut shorter and swept to one side of the face. When styling, any side is fine. It depends on what suits you and what you want.

Side Swept Bangs

Side-swept fringes are great for heart, square, and round faces as they balance the width. This can be styled into a high bun, wispy side bangs, wavy layers haircut, or lush side bangs for medium hair.

Surely, it will give your face a more youthful look and exuberant appearance.

7. Bottleneck Bangs

This style is a companion to curtain bangs, though different. It's a beautiful style with a short fringe in the middle and longer strands of hair around the cheekbone.

Bottleneck Bangs

The bottleneck bang enhances your look with minimum effort. While other types of bangs might not fit well with most face shapes, the bottleneck bangs suit all. You can always customize it later on to meet your preferences. That's because you can spice things up with the bottleneck bangs especially if you want to avoid being stuck with one look for a long time.

8. Thin Bangs

Full fringe can sometimes overwhelm your face. Thin see-through bangs, on the other hand, will relieve you a bit and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your hair. This bang has a fringe with fine strands that create a lighter and wispy appearance. That sure helps to add a touch of elegance and charm to the overall look.

thin bangs

It will give you a flattering, soft, and romantic look. And when you pair it with a beautiful dress, you’ll look amazing.

This type of fringe haircut is not limited to a particular style. You can apply it to different hairstyles. It will just give you a charming yet stress-free hairstyle.

9. Blunt Bangs

Are you looking for a major transformation? Or a style that will change your outlook? Then, get a blunt bang!

This style has a definite, straightforward, and blunt cut that gives you an edgier and bold look.

Blunt Bangs

If you want to get the blunt bang, you should consider:

● Blunt bang is just like a perfectionist that needs constant maintenance. They need regular trims so it doesn't grow haphazardly. Once there are irregularities in the growth, it ruins the hair.

● Because of its volume and thickness, you can be sweaty on your forehead, especially during summer.

● It fits mostly all face shapes.

● If you have a large forehead, blunt bangs cover it up and balance your face shape.

10. Feathered Bangs

This style is similar to the curtain bangs but doesn't have to be parted in the middle. Their texture is at the ends, so it doesn't look like it has different layers and lengths.

Feathered Bangs

They are characterized by the way the hair is cut into individual strands to give a light and airy appearance. Plus, they often frame the face with a softer edge.

The feathered bangs fit oval-shaped faces and offer a long versatility that gives you the power to change your look for different occasions.

11. Wavy Bangs

If you have wavy textured hair, there is no need for constant stretching. You can simply embrace your natural hair and opt for this textured fringe hairstyle. That is an easier way to style your natural hair waves effortlessly.

wavy bangs

But if you do not have such hair texture, you can achieve it by using a curling iron or styling tools. They should help create some gentle waves. Besides, guess what? This bang will offer you a relaxed and effortless look.

12. Braided Bangs

Want to do something different? This style will help you add some uniqueness to your bangs and style. As in the image above, braided bangs involve braiding your front hair.

Braided Bangs

You can try a single braid or multiple smaller braids. Or you can choose to style into a side swept bangs. Braided bangs can be combined with various hairstyles, such as updos or loose hair, offering a stylish and creative look. You should rock them for different occasions and wear them in different styles.

13. Jagged Angle Bangs

Jagged angle bangs involve a more edgy and angular approach to styling bangs. They are cut in an uneven size to create a dynamic look.

Jagged Angle Bangs

This style doesn't give a large room for versatility but allows for different degrees of angularity and lengths. This should help suit individual preferences and complement various hair textures and face shapes.

Make sure you are wearing them for your casual events and even formal events. Just be sure to make them look appropriate, the overall hairstyle and personal fashion sense.

14. Birkin Bangs

This Birkin is named after Jane Birkin, a British-French actress, singer, and fashion icon. She is known for her influential style and contribution to the fashion world.

Birkin Bangs

This bang style is characterized by its natural, effortless, and slightly tousled appearance. Its features make it appear slightly ragged and more sparse at the ends but that adds volume and texture around your face. Want to rock one of Jane Birkin’s hairstyles? You can slay this.

15. Clip In Bangs

Clip-in bangs are an easy way to help transform into a bang style, just place it in front of your forehead and secure clips. There are many types of clip-in bangs in the hair market, from the classic blunt bangs, and thin air bangs, to side bangs and wispy bangs.

clip in bangs

It's a practical hair accessory that any woman can use effortlessly. Remember to choose the hair color that matches your natural hair or wig to get a seamless blend.

16. French bangs

French bangs

The biggest characteristic of French bangs is the short hair in the center of the forehead and longer toward the outer cheekbones. It's a low-key bang style that adds a little bit of romance and helps your bang blend into your whole style naturally.

17. Wigs with Bangs

For women who have short natural hair, bang wigs are another alternative. Since bang wigs are a type of glueless wig, it's popular with lazy girls and newbies to wig.

wigs with bangs

Whether you want to attend an important event or just for a rush morning, bang wigs can save you time and won't let you down. Believe it or not, once you try once, it will become your best friend.

Final Thoughts

Everyone's face shapes and features are different. You can, however, refer to the above suggestions to choose hairstyles with bangs that suit your face shape and features. You should consider your color preferences too. Ultimately, it's up to you to see which suits you best.

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