How To Detangle A Wig? Step By Step

how to detangle a wig

Are you looking to save a tangled wig but wondering if it’s possible? Well, welcome.

Tangled wigs can be messy and discouraging to handle. Don’t fret when your wigs get tangled up. It’s normal to have a few cases like that ( knots here and there, or even stubborn ones). It can be tangled whether you are facing synthetic wigs or human hair wigs. The good news is that you can fix it.

Keep reading this article to see how to detangle your matted wigs. Let’s start with the tools you need when detangling your matted wigs. 

What You Need to Detangle Your Wigs

Hair Brush and Comb

wide tooth comb

There are different brushes and combs out there. But not all are perfect for your synthetic or human hair wigs. Using a wide-tooth comb, wig brush, or detangling brush is the most ideal when brushing your wig.

You can also use the recommended combs and brushes your wig manufacturer states. This will save you from the damage that might occur while using the wrong brushes or combs. 

Detangling Spray 

Wig detangling spray is the perfect product for a matted wig. Whether synthetic wigs or human hair wigs, a detangling spray is like the oil that helps an engine to function well. It makes smoothening out knots easier and allows you to work through your wigs without trouble. 

Detangling Spray

You will be surprised how a little quantity can go a long way in detangling your wigs. Some detangling sprays we like are Amika the Wizard Silicone free Detangling Primer, Marc Anthony Leave-In Conditioner Spray, and Detangler, and SheaMoisture 2 in 1 Conditioner and Detangler. 

These are sulfate-free products designed to reduce frizziness and tangles. Regardless of your options, be sure to purchase detangling sprays appropriate for your wigs.


Why is a shampoo included on this list if you can detangle your wigs with detangling sprays? 

As you know, shampooing your wigs helps to keep them clean. In addition, it also helps to keep the human hair strands fresh and proper. This means it's a good way to keep them untangled for some time. 

shampoo and conditioner

So, washing your wig after wearing it throughout the week is fine and reasonable. This will help nourish, preserve, and shine them. You can check out our list of some of the best shampoos you can use on your wigs right here   

Wig Steamer

Generally, most wig specialists advise against using heat on your wigs because it can damage them. That's true. However, we recommend that you use a wig steamer for your synthetic matted wigs. Why? Since if used correctly a wig steamer can help stretch it out. 

Wig Steamer

Surprisingly, agrees. According to them, using a wig steamer removes damage and frizz from hair extensions making the fiber smooth. You should get a much healthier wig by making use of it. 

Still, if you're not sure that you will be careful enough, it's not a must to make use of a wig steamer. You can also skip this step.   


Locking in nutrients for nourishment after detangling and shampooing shouldn't be overlooked. It's another crucial step in keeping your wigs fresh for a long time. 

To do that, you'll need a conditioner. The role of the conditioner is to add another round of nourishment to your wash routine. It will make sure your hair extensions stay fresh, healthy, and untangled. 

Similarly, a few conditioners we recommend are Moroccanoil Hydrating Conditioner, Revlon Revitalizing Conditioner for Synthetic Hair Wigs, and OGX Aveeno Pure Renewal Hair Conditioner. 

These conditioners are sulfate-free and rich in diverse vitamins that moisturize your wig helping them remain untangled for a while. 

Steps To Detangle A Wig

In detangling your matted wigs, doing it right is a must. This is so that you avoid creating a messier wig by the time you're done. After readying your products and tools, follow the steps below to detangle your wig: 

But before then, place your wig on a hairstand to give you access to work better. You can wear it if you do not have a stand although it might be difficult to work with that for synthetic wigs. 

Step 1: Section Your Wigs into Parts

Sectioning a wig makes it easy to untangle. You can divide it into four sections or work in many more parts depending on your wig density and how tangled your wig is or with whatever makes you comfortable. 

In a case where your wig is too tangled to section, go with the next step first. 

Step 2: Apply Detangling Spray

Think of your wig as your hair. Our natural hairs get so tangled up and hard to comb at times and for an easy way out, we make use of slippery substances. That’s either oil, water, conditioner, etc. For this, instead, we use the detangling spray. 

Apply Detangling Spray

Spray a significant amount on your wig and at the same time, work your fingers through the wig to move some big knots. While you do that, be gentle as possible to avoid pulling out some strands from your wig. 

It's easier to section the wig at this point if you have not already. 

Step 3: Brush from Tip to Root

Remember we mentioned using the right brushes and combs for your wigs. If you've gotten to this stage, then, it's time to grab the appropriate combs and brushes. 

Brush from tip to root

With a wide-tooth comb, carefully straighten out the large tangles on your hair extension. You can spray some detangler as you go. 

When finished, quickly go over the smaller knots with a wig brush. From tip to root, carefully brush through the hair, making sure the areas become smooth as you go.

Once it's all smooth, it's time for some washing. 

Step 4: Wash Your Wig

Great job so far! Now get your shampoo, it's time to clean the wig up. This step is to restore the glow the wig has lost and keep it from detangling for some time. 

Pour lukewarm water into a bowl or basin and add in your shampoo. Make sure it's sulfate-free and designed for your wig type. 

Next, place your wig into the mixture and brush through with your fingers. Be patient as you do that as there's no need to rush the process. You can also shampoo as much as you like. 

Once you're done, rinse with cool running water. 

Step 5: Condition the Wig

Condition the Wig

Again, go ahead with your water in a basin. This time, pour in your conditioner. Once that's done, put your wig into the solution. 

Applying conditioner to the wig will help with detangling and revitalization. So don't skip this step. You can make use of your fingers or brush too. Simply work your way through the hair. 

Once you're done, give it a good rinse. Then, allow it to dry. Do not dry directly under the sun or with too much heat as it can damage the wig. 

(Be extra careful not to put any products on the wig's cuticle).

How To Detangle A Curly Lace Front Wig?

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How to Prevent Your Wigs From Tangling

It would be a lie to say that you can prevent your wigs from tangling. It's impossible. However, there are ways to prevent them from tangling too much or too often. 

Some of the ways to prevent unnecessary tangling are: 

1. Invest In a High-Quality Human Hair Wig

high quality human hair wig

It's obvious that a human hair wig won't tangle as often as a synthetic wig.  Invest in a high-quality human hair wig that has a longer lifespan and won't tangle and shedd like a synthetic wig. But that doesn't mean human hair wigs won't tangle, as it is the same as your natural hair, pay attention to more care like your natural hair, and your human hair wig can stay healthy.

2. Investing in the right products

sulfate-free hair products

Buying the right products for your wigs is a must. The right ones will help nourish, beautify, and minimize tanglings in your wigs. For any wig type, get sulfate-free products, without parabens, and have vitamins in them. 

3. Buy the right sets of brush

hair brush set

In like manner, go for brushes and combs that are suitable for your wig. That's because buying the wrong ones will shedd your wigs and damage them in the long run. 

A wide-tooth comb is widely recommended for wigs and there are other wig brushes specifically designed to detangle and comb through. 

4. Keeping Wash Day

For good maintenance, wash day should not be missed. Get your detangler spray, shampoo, and conditioner, then get to work. Make sure you observe those days without missing or postponing. You can wash it once a week or once in two weeks depending on how many times you wear it. 

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5. The Right Wash Routine

We advise you to follow the steps we've discussed above when detangling your wig. This is to prevent it from becoming a mess by the time you're done. 

Also, never use hot water to rinse up your hair and dry your wig under the sun. They can cause a lot of damage to your wig. 

6. Properly Store your wigs

Storing your wigs properly protects them for a long time. You can get wig bags or stand and place them correctly. This will make them manageable and avoid getting them tangled up. 

Final Thoughts

When your wigs get tangled up it can be difficult to untangle and make them fresh once more. But, we hope the steps listed in this article make the process much easier and simpler. 

Do you have any other questions on how to detangle a wig? Let us know in the comment section. 

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