How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Perfect Sew In?

How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Sew In

When it comes to achieving beautiful hair extensions, sew-in hairstyles have become one of the more popular choices. Bundles play a crucial part in the success of the style: they provide the much-needed volume and length to finish it off and make it stand out. 

Unfortunately, it can be a bit tricky to know exactly how many are necessary! That's why one of the most common questions asked by those considering a sew-in is: "How many bundles do I need for a perfect sew-in?" 

To ensure the worry of the unknown is gone from the sew-in journey, we're introducing a comprehensive guide to equip you with all the bundle knowledge you could need. Whether you're a newbie or experienced in the sew-in world, this guide is the perfect friend to have. Let's get started!

The Importance of Bundles in Sew-In Hairstyles

The Importance of Bundles in Sew-In Hairstyles

Before delving into the specifics of how many bundles you need for a perfect sew-in, let's first understand why bundles are essential in achieving the desired look. Here are a few reasons why bundles play such a crucial role in sew-in hairstyles:

1. Foundation of Your Sew-In

Hair bundles are the bones of a stunning sew-in hairstyle, think of them as a beautiful backdrop that completes your look. These bundles provide an essential substitute for your natural hair, which is woven, braided, or sewn in to create magical effects. 

Foundation of Your Sew-In

They give structure to your sew-in. Not only is your hairstyle in a special form, but it is also changed in silhouette and yields a result of unfolding beauty. Imagine your hair becoming a canvas of luxury – your sew-in meets its full potential in this process. 

2. Provides Volume and Length

One of the major advantages of bundles is the amazing volume and length they can lend you. Also, most bundles are composed of 100% high-grade human hair, so it looks and feels indistinguishable from your own hair! 

With that extra body and length, you can create chic hairstyles with unparalleled fluff and life, forever changing up your style! Whether you opt for dramatic, noticeably fake hairdos that capture everybody's attention or a natural, laid-back look that only subtly accentuates your hair, using bundles in sew-ins is the key to bringing your dream style to life.

3. Make Your Sew-In Last Longer

Slaying your sew-in is not a one-time event, you'll want to make sure your hair looks just as fabulous for weeks after installation. The quality of bundles ensures that your hairstyle retains its luster and bounciness throughout its lifespan, adding unbeatable longevity to your look. 

Make Your Sew-In Last Longer

Even though sew-ins typically last anywhere from six to eight weeks, with the help of bundles, you can extend that time frame and maintain a flawless appearance. And because bundles are made from real human hair, they can be washed and styled just like your natural hair, making maintenance a breeze.

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4. Endless Styling Possibilities

The versatility of bundles in sew-in hairstyles is unrivaled. The styling options are endless, from sleek and straight to curly and bouncy. You can choose the type of bundles that best match your desired look, whether that be Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, or Malaysian hair. 

Endless Styling Possibilities

And with different lengths and textures available, you can switch up your style whenever you please without compromising on quality. Want to add a pop of color or highlights? Bundles make it easy to experiment with your hair without damaging your natural locks.

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5. A Solution for Hair Loss

Sew-ins with bundles are an effective, attractive way to combat the struggle of hair loss. Bundles can provide the extra volume it may feel like you have once lost, so you can have fuller hair without the worry. These are very popular for being such a natural-looking solution, as opposed to the abundance of chemical or harsh treatments available. 

A Solution for Hair Loss

Plus, the flexibility of hairstyles that come with bundles means that only you can truly be in control of how natural or mysterious you look. Give yourself the power and enjoy having the confidence to display your hair. 

The Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Bundles

When choosing how many bundles of weave you need for your sew-in, a variety of factors come into play. It's all about your desired look. It largely depends on the proportion of hair length to head size. Both of these two elements will determine the outcome of your final style. To ensure you get the perfect look you have in mind, here's what you should take into account:

1. Hair Length That You Want to Achieve

Approximate weight of hair bundles is a key factor to consider when purchasing hair extensions. All hair bundles typically weigh around 100 grams. However, the number of bundles of hair you will need for your desired length must still be taken into account. Generally, the longer you want your hair, the more bundles you will need

hair length chart

For example, depending on the length and style of hair extensions you wish for, you will need varying amounts of bundles. If you want your hair to be at least 20 inches long, then you will require more bundles than if you wanted it to be 12 inches long. Thus, it is important to determine the length and style of hair extensions you wish to purchase beforehand.

2. Hair Textures

hair textures

When it comes to sew-ins, the number of bundles needed is highly dependent on the texture of the hair extensions. Not only does the texture influence the look of the installation, but it also directly affects how many bundles you'll need. To help you understand which textures should use which bundle counts, we've gathered some of the most common textures and the associated number of bundles: 

  • Straight Hair: Straight hair typically lacks the texture and density of curly hair, making it difficult to achieve luscious and voluminous styles. To captivate with a smooth, glossy look, 3-4 bundles are highly recommended and will give you that extra oomph you're searching for in a hairstyle. This varies with length; however, the longer your hair, the more bundles you will need to achieve a marvelous finished look.
  • Curly Hair: Curly hair has a unique advantage when considering a sew-in: more density! This means that, usually, fewer bundles are required when compared to straight hair. Typically, a curly sew-in only needs 2-3 bundles to achieve fullness and variation in volume over the entire head. Therefore, curly hair brings about a great way to achieve dynamic dimensions with the use of fewer bundles, saving time, effort, and money.
  • Wavy Hair: Wavy hair carries a unique charm, a beautiful fusion of straight style and curly texture. Semi-voluminous but still delicate, this type of hair packs quite a style punch. To guarantee smooth looks that'll last, a wavy sew-in requires 2–4 bundles; these numbers vary depending on how curved and full you need your 'do to appear.

3. Size of Your Head, Which Some Might Not Know

Contrary to what you may think, the size of your head actually plays an important role in how many bundles are necessary to create a sewn-in look.

measure your head size

To ensure you get the perfect look, measure the circumference of your head from ear to ear with a tape measure; on average, a person's head will measure between 21 inches and 24 inches. Once you pinpoint the exact size of your head, you can decide how many bundles to purchase. In most cases, the larger the head, 2-4 bundles are needed, while smaller heads can get away with 2-3 bundles.

So, don't forget to measure your head before making a final decision on how many bundles you need for your sew-in! This simple step can make all the difference in achieving an effortless and beautiful look.

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4. Frontal or Closure

Frontals and closures have become increasingly popular among women due to their natural and seamless look, as they provide a realistic hairline and parting. 

frontal or closure

Most of the head is usually covered by the frontals, thus requiring anywhere from 2-3 bundles depending on the style, cut, and length you're attempting to achieve. 

Closures come in various sizes, though the 4x4 inch closures are the most commonly chosen. You'll need at least 2 bundles of closure to style any type of hair. It's important to note that the weft of your hair may appear shorter if your hair is long. All of this is yet another determining factor in the number of bundles you'll need for a sew-in.

How Many Bundles Do You Need for A Sew-In with Lace Closure?

It may be easy to think one bundle of hair and a lace closure will work for all styles and hair lengths. Yet, that doesn't mean it applies to all cases. Let's look closer at what you'll need regarding your desired style.

 brazilian body wave hair bundles with closure

Brazilian Body Wave Hair Bundles With 4x4 closure

If you are aiming for a short bob look from (8-14 inches), two bundles of hair should do the trick nicely. But, if you or a client have been eyeing a longer length, so think 16 inches and up, three to four bundles would up the ante and create that full look. 

On the other hand, if you're aiming for an incredibly glamorous style with ultra thickness, length, and volume, think 20 to 26 inches; you should consider using five to six (5-6) bundles. This will help to balance out the weight of the longer lengths to maintain a natural look. Remember, investing in quality hair and maintaining it with proper care can make all the difference in achieving an effortless and beautiful look.

How Many Bundles Do You Need for A Sew-In with Lace Frontal?

A frontal can add an extra dimension to your sew-in process by creating a comprehensive hairstyle that goes from ear to ear. 

brazilian loose wave hair bundles with frontal

Brazilian Loose Wave Hair Bundles With Frontal

When considering which lengths to purchase for bundles, a general rule of thumb is that for lengths between 8 and 16 inches, 2 bundles should be sufficient. 

However, if you're looking for lengths beyond 16 inches, going under three bundles is unseemly. For instance, if your maximum desired length is 24 inches, it would be most appropriate to combine a frontal with additional bundles at lengths of 20, 22, and 24 inches. If you're aiming to create an especially glamorous look with a more fashionable length, such as between 26 and 30 inches, then you should purchase four or 5 bundles plus a frontal.

In A Nutshell

All in all, it's essential to know your hair needs when installing a sewn-in weave. This guide breaks down the amount of bundles and closures/frontals you might need for each hairstyle. Don't risk cutting corners with your sew-in; choose the right amount of bundles based on the criteria mentioned, and enjoy new flowing tresses that will have heads turning!

If you are still unsure how many bundles for a sew-in you should purchase, reach out to a stylist who can help you make an informed decision depending on what kind of look you're trying to achieve. In addition, you can leave comment below, and we can give you a professional suggestion.

As they say, hair is everything – use yours to make a statement and own any look. Now, go show off your perfect sew-in with confidence. Be sure to check out more tutorials and tips on our website to help you achieve the perfect look every time! Happy styling! 

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