17 Stunning Curly Wig Hairstyles

curly wig hairstyles

Curly wigs are known to be versatile, and we are here to prove that to you. If you've just gotten yourself a beautiful, gorgeous, curly unit, well done! Like straight wigs, they can be your go-to wear or even for special occasions.

So, in this article, let's see some curly wig hairstyles you should know and try soon!

1. Two Fuzzy Buns On Curly Wig

Two Fuzzy Buns

Everyone would love and enjoy recreating the two fuzzy buns hairstyle. It's super cute and will look good on whoever.

You can try this style with both long and short curly wigs. Simply brush your unit and divide it into two parts, the front and back. Then, use a hair elastic to place the curls into ponytails in front and roll them to form buns. And that's all!

It's easy and shouldn't take time to style. Wear this for both casual and formal events, and you'll be left in awe. This is a hairstyle that will make you feel stylish yet comfortable.

2. Long & Voluminous Natural Curly Wig With Swoop Edges

Long & Voluminous Natural Curly Wig With Swoop Edges

Another hairstyle you can rock is the long, and voluminous curly wig. It's timeless and gorgeous. Plus, it takes no time to style.

Just allow the waves to flow behind you and radiate the beauty it brings. Make sure your curls are loose and not tight. That will make it appear natural and give you an elegant and effortless look. In additon, don't forget to carve the edges style you want.

While you can style this yourself, there are curly units that come this way. Select a few that fit the vibe, then purchase the best.

3. Slick Back Curls

Slick Back Curls

You may have spotted this hairstyle on a few celebrities, and want to try it. Here is a chance. The slick back curls are an elegant hairstyle that's stunning and modern. It features long tresses slicked to the back, making your wig natural-looking.

  • To get this style, start by installing your unit to your head.
  • Then, gather a few styling products like your pomade, gel, and brush.
  • Next, choose a style you want to go for. You can add a center or side part. Better still, you can just sleek everything to the back.
  • Once decided, add some gel to your hair with your hands and slick the curls to the back.

4. Curly Bob Wig with Middle Part

Curly Bob Wig with Middle Part

Would you like a more trendy style? Go for the curly bob wig with the middle part. Although it is a simple hairstyle, the curly bob wig with a middle part has garnered attention in recent years and would be one of the top, popular curly hairstyles to wear.

You can easily up your hair game with this one. Besides, it's so chic and face-framing, which will complement your features effortlessly.

5. Curly Wig with Bun Up, Half Down

Curly Wig with Bun Up, Half Down

Try something unconventional with the curly wig with bun up, half down. Instead of a ponytail or the two buns hairstyle mentioned above, you can style one bun while leaving the rest of your hair at the back to flow. It's a beautiful style that will give you a lot of volume.

However, you can wear one with little volume as well. Whichever one should look incredibly good with your curly unit. Follow these steps to style it:

  • Divide your curly wig into two parts (the back and front areas)
  • Gather the front part into your hands and tie it together.
  • Roll to create a bun and hold it in place with bobby pins.
  • Comb the rest of the hair as you run your fingers through it.

6. Middle Part with Clips

Middle Part with Clips

Show off your unit with the middle part with clip style. For this, let your unit cascade down your back and add clips to the sides around your face. The clips will give a different vibe to your curly wig, making it look casual and unique.

You can wear this hairstyle for a fun event or on days you'd like to keep things not so serious. Make sure you follow up with a hairspray before stepping out to keep your curls popping.

7. Wet Look Curls

Wet Look Curls

If you are searching for a hairstyle that can complement and elevate your overall appearance, the wet-look curly wig hairstyle can.

This hairstyle gives a romantic look that makes you feel excellent and confident on your outings. It's simple but will give a lasting impression due to its moist appearance.

You can style this with either your long or short curly unit. However, use a hairspray that keeps the ‘wetness’ intact. You'll be sure to turn heads along the way.

8. Short Afro Curls Wig

Short Afro Curls Wig

Go short and beautiful with this short afro curls wig hairstyle. It's a style that's effortless but statement-making. The tight curls of the hair make it distinct and attractive. And the length is perfect for whoever wants to keep hair away.

You don't have to do much with this hairstyle. Simply comb it after spraying water, and you're good to go. But enough with low maintenance benefits, the short afro curls wig is versatile as well. You can create a middle or side part or even accessorize it with clips and pins.

9. Curly Hair with Bangs

Curly Hair with Bangs

Bangs can elevate your look. So, if you like bangs, try rocking the curly wig with bangs. It'll be fun, look amazing, and match whatever vibe you want. The bangs can help frame your face, and the long, curly hair will add charm to the hairstyle. What's more, you can style it anyhow you want. Put it in a bun or ponytail, or leave it.

And when it comes to choosing a hair color, don't forget to pick a color you're most comfortable with. A brown curly hair wig will be the perfect choice for any skin tone. Still, the choice is yours to make.

10. Two Tiny Braids

two tiny braids

Elegant, endearing, and simple is the definition of the two tiny braids. You can change your hairstyle in a big way with them. It's trendy and very easy to style. All you have to do is part your hair and braid or twist at each side of your face. And there you have it- a stylish hairstyle for your everyday activity. So, try this with your long, medium-length, or short curly wig.

11. Colorful Afro Curly Wig

Colorful Afro Curly Wig

What sets it apart is its tight, afro curls. Here's a perfect curly hair wig hairstyle for all occasions -the voluminous and colorful afro curly wig. This is a bold, voluminous, and beautiful style. The afro curls are full, making a statement. And the bangs leave you feeling amazing, while it grabs attention. Don't forget to pick one bald color, that's the key of this hairstyle.

You can style this easily with water and have your curls still maintained beautifully. Gently comb the roots and run your fingers through the hair to make it fuller. You'll have yourself to thank.

12. Half Up, Half Down

Half Up, Half Down

The half-up, half-down is a trendy hairstyle that looks good on curly wigs. This style always satisfies on all days and is quite suitable for most occasions. So, if you want to rock a gorgeous hairstyle that's easy to style, go for the half-up, half-down. Here's how you can style it:

  • Brush your wig properly
  • Section your hair into two parts
  • Put the front section into a ponytail and tie it with hair elastic.
  • Brush out the down area to make it fuller.

13. Curly Wig with Crown Braid

Curly Wig with Crown Braid

The curly wig with crown braid is unrivaled. It's chic, fun and charming. It's like adding ice to a cake.

With the braids, you have a different style from the usual. The curls are left bouncy and flowy at the back, and the front braid is like a crown. It is the perfect style if you'd like to keep your curls away from your face. Or love to rock a braid hairstyle with your curls.

14. Curly Bun

Curly Bun

Put your curly wig in a high bun for a different hairstyle. It's easy to get if you have a curly 360 lace wig. Cynosure 360 wig come with hidden straps inside that can adjust the tightness, you don't need to worry if the wig suit your head.

After installing, gather your long tresses into a ponytail and tie them with a band. Twist to form a bun and hold it in place with another hair band. You can place your bun around the nape of your neck if you find that much comfortable. It'll look nice, beautiful and stylish. Add the final touches to your look, and that's it!

15. Messy Updo With Long Tendrils

Messy Updo With Long Tendrils

This hairstyle looks similar to the last one but with some wispy tendrils that add a touch of glam. Face-framing is perfect for all face shapes, whether you are going to a crazy party or romantic date night, believe me, it's a hairstyle that won't let you down.

16. Curly Wig With Hair Accessories

Curly Wig With Hair Accessories

Hair accessories play an important role in elevating your curly hairstyle, metal, pearl, rhinestone hair clips, hair bows, hair bands, headband, head scarf are the most popular among girls.

They are so cute that no one can refuse. Just put on your curly wig and do the middle or side part, then add the hair accessories you like, done! Simple but delicate.

17. Simple Braid Style On Curly Wig

Simple Braid Style On Curly Wig

Want to experience braid style but don't want to do whole head braid on your wig? Try these simple braid styles, they are so simple that you can do it by yourself.

You can try the hottest butterfly braid and fishtail braids in 2024, or the simple two braid in front. If you have no idea how to braid, consider trying a pre-braid wig, they are pre-styled and you can put them on and go.


What's more pleasing than wearing a style you love and are comfortable with? We've listed a few curly wig hairstyles that are comfortable, and we are certain you'll love them. Check them out, pick your favorites, and wear them gorgeously.

Are there other curly wig hairstyles you'd love to share? Kindly leave them in the comment section.

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