Wolf Cut VS Mullet, What's The Exact Difference?

Wolf Cut VS Mullet, What's The Exact Difference

Some hairstyles transcend time and are a wonder to behold. The wolf cut and mullet are two good haircuts that fit into this. They are timeless and still grow in popularity.

However, these haircuts have similarities that make it easy to mistake them for each other. Nonetheless, they are different hairstyles.

And of course, they stand out, making them great hair choices to give you a fresh look and boost your confidence. They'll be the perfect haircuts to consider if you want a fresh start.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the mullet and the wolf cut. Is the Wolf cut or Mullet right for you? Don't worry, you will discover their differences and the ideal haircut you should go for next.

We hope you stick around throughout this article.

What Is A Mullet Haircut?

What Is A Mullet Haircut

When your haircut is long at the back and short at the front, it's a mullet. It's a laid-back hairstyle that includes no transition from the short front hair to the long hair at the back. Instead, it portrays a 'business at the front, party at the back' type of look.

While the mullet has been around for centuries now, it doesn't seem to get old. This could be because of its uniqueness and the flexibility it has had since the 80s, making the hair dominate the industry and become a trend everyone wants to follow.

What Is A Wolf Cut?

What Is A Wolf Cut

The wolf cut was first worn by Stevie Nicks in the 70s. However, it wasn't as popular as the shag and mullet back in the day. The haircut grew in popularity with K-pop bands and celebrities like Miley Cyrus wearing the hairstyle.

The haircut resembles an untamed fur, showing why it's named the wolf cut. It is voluminous and has a messy yet perfect texture. Characterized by its layers, the wolf cut has shorter layers at the front and longer ones at the back.

And yes, it looks like a mullet haircut. That could be because it is a combination of the mullet and the shag. However, it's different.

What's The Difference Between A Wolf Cut And A Mullet?

What's The Difference Between A Wolf Cut And A Mullet

A wolf cut and a mullet are two great haircuts that reflect personality and taste. If you'll be going for any of them, considering their elements and features will give you the answer to the ultimate haircut you want.

Their differences range from physical attributes to maintenance and style, so, look into them before choosing. These differences separate them from each other.

Differences In Styles

1. Layers

One extreme difference the wolf cut has from the mullet is the layers. There are more layers in the wolf cut that make the transition from the shorter lengths at the front to the longer lengths at the back smooth. The layers are more even and move gradually.

That's unlike the mullet which has a sharp contrast with the short-cropped hair in front and tail-like hair at the back.

2. Appearance

The wolf cut is also soft and contains texture and definition. It has the softness of the shag which elevates the look and framing layers that frame the face and help elongate the face.

On the other hand, the mullet has little to no volume. While there are modern varieties, it still retains its classic nature.

What About The Aspect Of Maintenance?

Maintaining the mullet is quite easy. But that's not the case for the wolf cut. Since the wolf cut has a lot of layers and volume, there's a constant need for regular trimming and care to keep the volume and layers intact.

The mullet requires no such thing. All you have to do is wash your hair regularly.

Lastly, most people think the wolf cut is cute and fun. That's true. Plus, they are not as edgy and intimidating as the mullet. But the mullet also shines bright with its interesting and flexible side.

Are the Wolf Cut and Mullet Similar?

Are the Wolf Cut and Mullet Similar

We've mentioned the differences and highlighted how much the mullet and wolf cut aren't alike. But we are also aware of the similarities they have which makes it easy for people to think they are the same.

Let's point out a few ways these hairstyles are similar.

a. The mullet and wolf cuts have a mix of long layers, short layers, and bob cuts.

b. They are both edgy hairstyles, with one edgier than the other.

c. The hairstyles bring a sense of individuality to your look. Mainly because they are flexible and versatile. You can add your flair to it, making it personal.

Who Can Wear the Wolf Cut and Mullet?

Who Can Wear the Wolf Cut and Mullet

The wolf cut works for anyone.

Although it's a bold look, it's flexible enough to suit everyone and most hair types. You can have it wavy, and curly. Plus, if you're scared because you don't have much volume, volumizing with sprays works. All you need to top the look is your swag.

For the mullet hairstyle, there's room for personalization.

That means you can work it out to suit your personality. The hairstyle has evolved with texture added and shorter lengths at the back. So, check for the variations you think should work for you and discuss them with your stylist.

We can't leave you to search for them yourself. So, check a few inspirations of the mullet and wolf cut hairstyles in the next section.

Some Inspired Wolf Cut and Mullet Cut Hairstyles

Wolf cut hairstyles

If you are a wolf lover, you may browse many wolf-cut hairstyles that come with bangs in different textures, whether curtain bangs, regular bangs, or bottleneck bangs, which add a more delicate and adorable vibe.

1. Curly Wolf Cut

The curly wolf cut is a trendy hairstyle you might want to try if you have naturally curly hair. The edginess of the hairstyle combined with your curls makes it voluminous and beautiful.

Surprisingly, there are still varieties of curly wolf cuts you can try out. However, make sure you incorporate your identity and rock it.

2. Center Part Wolf Cut

center part wolf cut

This version of the wolf cut looks incredible with short hair. You can add the regular softness around the face and texture the hair has, but implement a center part with a shorter length.

It makes it easier to maintain and styling should be a breeze. You may need a longer fringe for this. So, get your hair inspiration before visiting your stylist.

3. Wavy Wolf Cut

wavy wolf cut

Wolf cuts with waves are extremely sought after. That's because they are laid back but messy at the same time. They have a special charm no one would want to resist. You might want to establish for your stylist the disheveled kind of look you are going for.

It should be wild but calm. Try out the short wavy wolf cut with full bangs, and the wolf cut with flippy layers. You'll be mesmerized.

4. Colored Wolf Cut

colored wolf cut

It can't get any better with some popping colors. You can implement fun and energy into your hairstyle this way. Check out matcha, cherry red, or even pink. They can give you a different vibe instantly.

You can choose a different hue that complements your skin. It's best to stick with such colors.

Mullet Hairstyles

1. The Coily Mullet

The Coily Mullet

The curly mullet is a good hairstyle choice if you've got coils. It's gorgeous and looks good when it's both damp and dry. You can have different appearances each day with this.

However, make sure you have your products to refresh regularly. We'll advise you to get a curling cream, oil for hydration, and a wide-tooth comb.

2. Classic Mullet

Classic Mullet

While there are modern versions of the mullet, the classic still is a phenomenon. Zendaya rocked the hair in 2016 and left us gasping. You can add highlights to yours or leave it as one color. You'll love it for formal and informal events. Zendaya for instance, wore this hair with corporate attire and slayed the look. So, don't be scared to wear it proudly.

3. Mullet With Long Bangs

Mullet With Long Bangs

You can wear a mullet with long bangs. While most people are not used to wearing long bangs with mullet, they are as stylish as the shorter ones. You can include them in your wavy mullet, or make them straight with no texture. It's unique and beautiful.

4. The Feathered Mullet

The Feathered Mullet

The feathered mullet is the perfect choice for anyone who wants the mullet style but doesn't want to go all the way out. This hairstyle includes short layers at the front of your hair, looking like a pixie cut, and a longer length at the back.

Scarlett Johanson is one of the celebrities who wore this version of the mullet beautifully. It's a simple style that doesn't need much styling effort. Simply wash your hair and you're ready for the day.


The wolf cut and mullet hairstyles offer a new start for your hair. They are bold and make you look unique in a crowd.

It'll be lovely to choose between these two for your next hairdo. However, if you still find it hard to pick one, take a look at the differences and what each gives. That'll make it more seamless.

Which of these hairdos do you love the most? Let us know below.

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