What Is A Half Wig? Everything You Need To Know

what is a half wig

Sometimes, it can be so hard to understand some terms in the wig world, especially if you are a new wig wearer. Maybe you've seen a few of those since you started wearing wigs. I got to understand a lot along the way as well.

But right now, here's one that gets people puzzled- the term “half wig.” This terminology may look tricky to understand, but it isn't complex. Certain terms have a literal meaning. And among those terms is the term “half wig.”

Still, it's much better to fully understand what it means, know everything about it, and have a guide to selecting half-wigs later.

What Does Half Wig Mean?

What Does Half Wig Mean

A half wig is a wig that covers a portion of the head instead of covering your entire head. Since they go by many other names, it can be confusing. Here are a few others that cover the variety of half wigs:

● Half wig

● Three-quarter/ ¾ wig

● Half-head wigs

● Hair topper

● Hair extensions

● Half and half wig

However, these varieties all achieve the same purpose: adding fullness and length to your natural hair. With these partial wigs, you can easily extend your natural hair to become voluminous.

They are like reverse extensions. While extensions deal majorly with the bottom part of your hair by adding length, half wigs, on the other hand, make the crown of your head fuller. So, by adding half wigs, your hair reaches its maximum potential with volume and locks.

Different Types of Half-Wig Styles

Half-head wigs/Three-quarter wigs:

half head headband wig

These wigs cover the back part of your head while making the front visible. Some come with a headband at the front (people also called them "headband wig"), providing the perfect disguise for a smooth transition between the half wig at the back and your natural hair at the front. The half-head wigs are easy to attach and can help create a flawless look within seconds.

Hair Toppers:

hair Toppers

This type is as the name describes. They are worn at the top of the head and these hairpieces are available in synthetic and human hair.

Half wig hair extensions:

Half wig hair extensions

These are in the form of clips and are attached in layers. You can get these in human hair and synthetic hair.

V/U Part Wig:

v/u part wig

As the name says, v part and u part wigs come with a v or u-shaped opening at the top, which helps to blend your natural hair to your wig.

Accessory Hair:

Accessory Hair

These come as ponytails, clip-in fringes, and so on. They can help you change your look in an instant.

Why Wear a Half Wig?

Why Wear a Half Wig

Half-wig designs are meant to suit your needs and preferences. Let's see other reasons why you may wear a half wig.

Add volume: In cases where you’d love to attach a wig for volume, well, your choice will be a half wig. These wigs can give you the volume, blending perfectly to suit your locks.

Disguise hair loss areas: Women experiencing hair loss also find solace in half wigs and toppers. They can attach it to their biological hair to achieve fuller and flattering hair.

New hairstyles: You can get your elaborate hairstyle done with half wigs. That's because it adds volume, making your hair achieve complex and elegant hairstyles you've got your eyes on.

Add length: While the half wigs are known to add volume to the crown of your head, they can as well, add length to your hair. Half wigs like extensions can make your look lengthier by adding a significant amount to your hair.

How to Choose a Half-Wig?

How to Choose a Half-Wig

The meaning of half wigs is straightforward. However, selecting the right half wig can be a bit challenging. That's because there are different half-wigs out there and it might be hard to figure out what's best for you. But be rest assured that the market has your head size and style.

It's best to consider your needs and preferences before you choose any half-head wig. That way, you are not randomly selecting what you won't use. You can start by determining why you need a half wig.

What's the purpose and reason?

  • Others might need a half wig due to volume, but if that's not the case for you, selecting the same style as theirs won't do the work for you. Take your time to figure that out before you take a step further.
  • A hair topper would be your best choice if you are facing partial hair loss. These half-wig-type designs provide a level of coverage and blend with your natural hair. They can help hide the areas where you've experienced hair loss and would be the perfect solution regardless of the other varieties.
  • On the other side are the half-wig extensions and accessory hair. They'll be perfect to add length and volume if you'll love some framing locks.
  • Also, think of the color you want to get your half-head wig in. You should consider buying your natural hair color or something close to it. No one would notice it's not your hair with that.
  • Consider consulting a professional if you're finding this hard. They can help you discover your color, style, and even texture.
  • Human hair texture gives you the privilege of slaying your hair texture. You can have this curled, straightened, and colored. Synthetic half wigs are another option to buy. However, if you decide to buy a standard synthetic hair, buy one that suits your hairstyle because it cannot be styled with heat.

How Do You Wear a Half Wig?

Wearing a half-wig is simple. Follow these steps to wear a half wig in minutes:

Step 1: Prepare your hair and put on a wig cap

Prepare your hair and put on a wig cap

Pull your hair into a low ponytail so your half wig fits into your head. Use a comb to create a parting from one ear to the other. It can be a few inches from your edges. Those areas should help make it look as natural as possible.

Then, put on a wig cap cover your ponytail.

Step 2: Put on the half wig and secure

Put on the half wig and secure

Place the front flexible comb attached to the half wig on top of your head. That's the part you divided. Make sure you're sliding it downwards and firmly to keep it from removing from your scalp.

Then, use the flexible comb at the bottom section of the half wig to secure it on your head.

You are sliding this comb upwards your neck. It might take a few tries to master it completely. So, don't worry if you don't get it at first.

Step 3: Cover the seam

Cover the seam

Once it's completely secured, what's left is to cover the seam so it looks natural and flawless. Use your fingers to comb through or make use of a comb. You can add a headband or a few hair accessories to your hair.

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5 Half-Wig Hairstyles to Try

1. Topknot Hairstyles

Topknot Hairstyles

Putting your hair in a knot can be fun. It can be classy for a formal event, yet messy for casual outings. Topknot hairstyles are fashionable and versatile. There's no telling to the numerous ways you can have it styled. Plus, they are easy to make. Gather your hair into a bun, twist, and pin. That's all!

2. Half-up, Half-down Hairstyles

Half-up, Half-down Hairstyles

Hairstyles like this are timeless. It's simply incredible and trendy. You can easily show off the length and volume the half wig gave with this hairstyle.

To style this, simply attach your half wig, and divide your hair into two parts. Put the front part into a ponytail while you let the back part flow freely. Finish the look by laying your edges. And you're set!

3. Ponytails


Ponytails are practical half-wig hairstyles. Most people attach half wigs to their hair to style this. While it's practical, it's also stylish and simple. You can style your ponytail to suit the event you are going for.

If it's a formal occasion, a sleek ponytail would do. But a messy ponytail should work for a casual event. Add tendrils to frame your face. And that's it!

4. Headband Hairstyles

headband hairstyles

Some half-wigs come with headbands. That's to make the transition from the wig to your natural hair natural. However, you can also wear a headband if yours doesn't come with one. It's classy and beautiful. But make sure you select one that matches your outfit and style for the day. You're ready to slay.

5. Middle-part Hairstyles

Middle-part Hairstyles

Middle-parted hairstyles are simply classy. There are limitless possibilities for styling your hair when it is parted in the middle. You can go ponytail, leave it to flow, or have pigtails. Whatever way, they should look amazing. You can divide your natural hair in the middle before. But make sure it's done properly without exposing your extensions.

water wave headband wig
Water Wave Headband Wig
body wave headband wig
Body Wave Headband Wig
deep wave headband wig
Deep Wave Headband Wig


Does the article answer your longing question: what is a half wig? It should. Not only that, but this article offers you guidance in choosing half wigs, wearing them, and even styling them.

So, take the information. Nothing is stopping you now. You can wear your dream hairstyle and enjoy voluminous hair with half wigs.

Again, visit a professional if you find the selection process difficult or confusing. They can offer this service and assist you in selecting the right color, texture, and length.

If you have any further questions, leave them in the comment section below. We'll be glad to help.

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