12 Cute Valentine's Day Hairstyles For Black Women

Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Valentine's Day is all about love and you can show some love by presenting yourself appealingly in a beautiful hairstyle. Are you finding it difficult to choose a hairstyle for Valentine's Day? There are so many choices! Which one is best for me that can be glamorous and delicate?

Well, you come to the right place, whether you want to rock your natural hair or slay with hair extensions and wigs, there is a Valentine's Day hairstyle for every black woman. Right here, we list Hairstyles for your Valentine's Day to choose fromyou'll discover stunning hairstyles perfect for your Valentine's Day!

1. Romantic Box Braid Bun

Box braid bun is a beautiful go-to hairstyle for Valentine's. It's not only a hairstyle you can wear every day. It's a style you can rock on special occasions, including Valentine's Day. This style is simple, gorgeous, and stunning.

Romantic Box Braid Bun

A one-day visit to the hair salon should give you the box braid. But to achieve that bun, you can ask a hairstylist to elegantly style the bun for you. Or you can do it yourself. Here's how you can achieve the bun:

  • After considering the length and diameter of your box braid, you can gather it into a ponytail at the crown of your head.
  • Make sure it is secure and neat.
  • Wrap it around to make a bun.

You can make the bun as tight or loose as you prefer, and you may also loosen some strands around the face for a softer and more relaxed appearance. And would you want to add some flair? You can accessorize the bun with hair pins, or headbands to match your style. 

However, do not over-accessorize!! You don't want to look desperate. 

2. Braid Out Styles

Braid-out style is a gorgeous hairstyle of defined curls without heat. It depicts the wearer to be of a confident and positive nature. It's an intentional style, so you'll have to prepare a day before Valentine's. Despite the intentionality, preparation, and duration, you'll be happy, and comfortable afterward.

Braid Out Styles

Have you heard of people complaining that braid-out styles don't end up beautiful? Well, here's a little tip on how to get a braid-out style with well-defined curls and elegance.

  • Firstly, divide your hair into sections and apply your leave-in conditioner and moisturizer. 
  • Take each section one after the other and braid to the end. For tighter curls, create smaller braids. For looser waves, make larger braids.
  • Then, leave the braids for a while till your hair is dry. Once your hair is dried completely, carefully unravel the braids. Avoid being too rough and bumpy to keep the curls in shape and well-defined.

To add a little touch if needed, you can use a light-hold hairspray or styling cream to set the style and tame any frizz. And there you go, You're ready for Valentine's! 

3. Half Up Double Space Buns

This half-up double space bun gives you a cute vibe, especially suitable for this special moment. This style beautifully showcases the curls or waves while keeping the hair partially pulled away from your face. That gives a classy and effortless impression.

Half Up Double Space Buns

Natural hair is too short? Try to get hair extensions to add length, or buy a wavy or curly frontal wig that can show your beautiful hairline.
You can use a curling iron to style waves or curls before shaping buns if you have long natural hair.

After getting your desired hair texture, follow the following steps:

  • Divide your hair into two main sections. For the half-up section, gently part two sections from the middle and wrap it in a bun, secure it with a hair tie, and do the same with another section.
  • You can leave some curls out around the face for extra styling. Be creative while styling it!

4. Puff and Bangs

The puff and bangs are a fashionable and glamorous style offering a stylish personality. This is a style where the hair is gathered up at the crown or top of the head, while the bangs are shorter strands of hair cut as fringe at the forehead.

Puff and BangsIn styling the puff and bangs, the bangs can be worn directly to your forehead, sideways, or even parted to the two sides depending on your style and personal preference.

While styling, you should also consider your hair texture and length. Since styling puff and bangs are versatile, I recommend you follow this process:

  • Divide your hair horizontally for the front section. That area will be used to create the bangs. The width is your choice.
  • Using a hair tie or scrunchie, lean forward slightly towards the top of your head and gather the rest of your hair (the down section).
  • Finger detangle to let the bun loose and for a fuller definition.
  • You can use your gel to smooth down all the parts lying down. Also, use bobby pins to secure any loose strands.

5. Sleek Back Low Puff

You know that your hairstyle says a lot about you, right? If this low puff style would speak, it would yell out elegance, loveliness, and charm. It also shows a level of maturity and class. If you’re a lucky African American girl who has embraced her natural hair, you can definitely slay this hairstyle!

sleek back low puff

The low puff is very easy to style. For best results, you'll need your leave-in conditioner, edge control, and a small brush.

Here is the easiest way to get a low puff style in a minute:

  • After combing or detangling your hair, gather it into a voluminous bun or puff. Remember to position on the lower part of your head (closer to the neck).
  • Use a hair tie or scrunchie to hold the hair together.
  • Next, use a small brush or edge control gel to smooth your edges down for a neater finish.

This is a simple hairstyle suitable for diverse occasions and Valentine's is not an exception.

6. Heart Shaped Box Braids

Box braids are a trending beautiful hairstyle. It has gained popularity for the uniqueness and elegance it gives its wearers. This hairstyle can be worn in various ways, such as having all the braids gathered into a ponytail, styled half-up, half-down, or left loose.

Heart Shaped Box Braids

For this romantic Valentine's Day night date, remember to add a heart shaped in front or side of your head. Also, to improve its appearance, It can be decorated with beads, curled at the tip of the hair, or could be made short or long.

To get this hair done, your professional hair stylist will do justice for you.

7. Infinity Locs

Do you want to be classy and fashionable at the same time? Infinity Locs would do that for you! This hairstyle has proven quality over time and it is highly versatile. You can style it in various ways such as in updos, ponytails, or just left loose.

Infinity Locs

They can also be adorned with accessories to add flair and a personal touch. Any professional hairstylist experienced in creating this style can serve you the beauty this style brings.

Note: Making infinity locs is a time-consuming process. Be prepared to dedicate hours to make it unless you can buy locs extensions to use the crochet method to add them. Very easy and time-saving!

8. Boho box braids

While maintaining the structure of box braids, the boho braid variation aims for a more effortless and natural appearance. The slightly rugged or loose texture contributes to its beauty.

Boho box braids

This hairstyle will give you the effortless glamour you would love. It leaves your admirer speechless or searching for words greater than beauty.

This style is easy to make but requires a little time. You can make it a day before Valentine's Day to maintain the shine that comes from it. Bring your braiding hair extensions to hair salon or just get a glueless braided wig!

Also, accessorizing your boho box braids with ribbons or other hair accessories can further enhance your Valentine's Day style, adding a touch of romance or flair.

9. Twists

Twists, similar to braids, offer a relaxed, classy, and versatile appearance that can complement various outfits and settings for the occasion. You can leave your twists flowing which gives a soft and charming Valentine's Day vibe. They are not only stylish but also provide the versatility and ease you might desire for this special day.


Before making your twists, decide on the length and width you want, if you'll be adding human hair extensions or you prefer your natural hair, then, if you would like a neat and polished style or a more relaxed boho appearance, relate it all with your hairstylist to give you the perfect twists.

10. Sleek Middle Part Ponytail

The sleekness and clean lines of a middle part ponytail exude elegance and sophistication as you can see Zendaya rocking hers. This is a perfect choice for a romantic evening or a special date on Valentine's Day. Its sleekness can draw attention to your facial beauty and also complement your outfit and jewelry.

Sleek Middle Part Ponytail

I'm sure you'll love the outcome after following this process: 

  • Consider strengthening your hair or wig for a sleeker look.
  • Middle part your hair/wig into two.
  • Gather all your hair together backward, not closing the parting. Use a hairband or elastic to bind it together.
  • Apply your gel and moisturizer from the top to the sides of your hair. Use a brush to smooth any remaining flyaways. Apply a light-hold hairspray to set it completely.

You can choose to add hair extensions that match your hair color and texture (It's optional). If you can't achieve this yourself, seek professional help from your stylist.

11. Barbie Pink Waves

Barbie Pink Waves

Now that it's a sweet and romantic moment, pink can never go wrong, wear pink waves to match your pink suit and transform into Barbie. Don't forget to tell your couple to match your outfit, you two must be the most eye-catching people in the crowd.

Prepare your Barbie pink wig in advance and get a perfect installation in a hair salon, enjoy your night!

12. Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob

Valentine's Day hairstyles can not only be cute and romantic but also be elegant and chic. A short sleek bob is the way to prove this. Choose a classic natural black sleek short bob wig, long to your chin, frame your face shape.

In addition to choosing the right hairstyles for your Valentine's Day hairstyles, hair accessories also play an important role in your whole outfit, you can choose hair pins, hair bands, headbands, velvet scrunchy, flower hairpins, butterfly hair clips, or wordy barrettes to match your hairstyle and add more flairs.


Valentine’s Day is the day of love. We want you to show your hair some love too. So, go out, make your hair, and style it beautifully. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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