14 Best Vacation Hairstyles For Black Women 2024

Vacation Hairstyles For Black Women

Are you looking for an easy, quick, and simple hairstyle for vacation? Would you like to slay while keeping things simple during your travels?

Since vacations should be enjoyed to the fullest, it's ideal to stick to rocking simple hairstyles without spending most of your time styling or thinking of what hairstyle to wear.

In search of a few? We've saved you stress. Below are some gorgeous and easy vacation hairstyles every black woman would love.

Now, you can stay confident and stunning with our list. But most importantly, you can have all the time in the world since these hairstyles are easy to maintain, style, and care for.

1. Box Braids

box braids

Box Braids are a versatile hairstyle for vacation. You can protect your hair, avoid spending so much effort on styling, and rock different styles with this.

It's a classic hairstyle many women are in love with. That may be because of their gorgeousness and low maintenance. So, for your vacation, there is no doubt that you'll feel relaxed with these box braids. Plus, you can keep your natural hair safe from saltwater and the sun.

Opting for shorter ones will be your best choice if you don’t want to be bothered with longer lengths. And there's no limit to styling shorter ones as well. A ponytail, half up, half down, or even a high bun works.

2. Faux Locs

Faux Locs

Another great protective style for vacation is faux locs. You can rock this hairstyle for as long as you like, without looking haphazard. That’s because the locs are versatile, like the box braids. And there’s the numerous styling options available for you to select from.

Imagine them calling you to pick them up for your evening sightseeing hairstyle or stroll by the beach. Never be so shocked if you want to wear them in those many styles. The hairstyle easily suits the vacation vibe, no wonder why.  Moreover, they won't cause you any trouble in styling or maintaining.

So, if you want a beautiful hairstyle and appear romantic for your vacation, consider wearing the faux locs.

3. Cuban Twists

Cuban Twists

Have you thought of trying a new hairstyle for your vacation? The Cuban twist can be your first choice. It's a fun hairstyle that leaves everyone’s eyes glued to your hair, this hairstyle is characterized by its noticeable big, bold twists, a lot of texture, and its resemblance to the afro.

Whether you're hoping for a loving shopping trip or some days at the beach, the Cuban twists deliver without fail. They make you stand out while offering you comfort throughout your travels.

4. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

If you want to keep things to a minimum, Bantu Knots are the perfect protective style you can wear for vacation. It's a low-key style that needs no extra refreshing daily. A little hairspray with gel, and you are ready for the day.

The style gently tucks your hair away, looking like different knots on your head.

You can make this a few days before your trip so it still looks fresh when you arrive at your destination.

Here's a little secret: loosen the knots to rock some bouncy and gorgeous curls. It can be a few days after you've worn the Bantu knots.

5. High Bun

A high bun is a style that will keep your hair out of your face. If you've always wanted the idea of a hairstyle that doesn't get in the way, this is it. It's a simple and stress-free hairstyle, making it the perfect style for a fun and free day out on the beach.

You can style this with gel, hair elastic, bobby pins, and human hair extensions.

  • Simply pack your hair into a high ponytail.
  • Then, add your hair extensions for a fuller look and twist them to form a bun.
  • Secure your bun with a few bobby pins before applying gel to your edges and natural hair.
  • Styling this way should give you a classic high bun style. You can also get creative with yours and braid a few parts of your hair or go for a side part.

6. Beaded Braids

Beaded Braids

Braids are a classic and timeless hairstyle that looks good no matter what. You can have your hair astonishingly bold and beautiful with it. But a switch-up no one would be ready for is adding beads to the braids.

With those beads, your vacation hairstyle unbelievably skyrocketed to a new level. So, take advantage of that and wear this style for your journey.

You can wear uniformed colored beads to give you a theme for your vacation. But wearing different-colored beads is another option as well. All are effortless, elegant, and beautiful.

What’s more? You don't get stressed over them while enjoying your trip.

7. Natural Hair

Natural Hair

No one should praise our natural hair like we should for ourselves. It's beautiful and stands out for any outing. So, if you've always wondered if your natural hair would be suitable for vacation, it will.

Would your natural hair be hard to manage on a vacation, especially if it's thick? That’s not always the case. You can wear your natural hair and style it in many ways throughout your travel.

For a few days, opt for an afro. You will only need a few products to renew it each day. Then, add a few twists for another few days, and you'll notice how stylish they will make you look. Moreover, you will feel bold and alive with your hair.

8. Cornrows


The heat during the summer can be uncomfortable. A good hairstyle choice for those times and simple at the same time is cornrows. Nothing beats the game of fashionable cornrows for your vacation during summer. They are stylish and perfect at stealing the show. 

There are several cornrow styles you can decide to rock for your vacation. Each gives you a different vibe, but one thing is certain: they are convenient. You can look effortlessly chic, yet enjoy the convenience cornrows bring.

Add beads to yours, or colors, whatever makes it look more fun and lively for your travels.

9. Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut

Here's another short hairstyle that will meet your vacation hairstyle standard- a pixie cut. Pixie cuts can be deliciously liberating. As Glamour said, it's a hairstyle that makes you live your best on your vacation.

It's low maintenance, with just a brush and spray needed. So, be ready to bathe in the sunlight and have the calmest moments.

If you have long strands of hair, don't be bothered, you can still rock a pixie cut hairstyle. Apart from taking a big chop or relaxing your hair, you can choose a sew-in or a wig.  There won't be a need to have your hair cut.

10. Bob


Bobs have been phenomenal, and it's no surprise that they are one of the hairstyles we recommend for your vacation. The simplicity yet gorgeousness they offer is immeasurable.

Whether it's a braided bob, or a wig bob, wearing whichever one for your vacation will sweep you off your feet. They are the absolute replica of beauty, making you look stunning.

You can go with a bob wig for comfort and ease. But have some cornrows plaited on your natural hair. You want to keep your hair neat and flat as you can.

What about styling the bob? When it comes to styling, it should be easy for you. You can style it in a variety of ways. You can go for a fun and messy fishtail braid, or add twists. You'll match the vacation vibes you want.

11. Colorful Afro

colorful afro

Your summer vacation should not end without some colors to your hair. It's fun, playful and vibrant. Whether it's a colorful afro wig, dyeing your natural hair, or a curly-colored wig.  They'll do the job perfectly. So, boost those vibes with a little mix during your vacation.

We know you want to keep things simple and easy. And this may sound stressful, but trust us, it isn't. You can pack a colorful wig for a day and style it before leaving for your vacation. That way, you can easily throw it on once you've arrived.

You will never be caught unfresh of your hair game for vacation. So, show those vibrant hues and you'll be happy you did.

12. Boho Braide Ponytail

boho braid ponytail

Rocking a beautiful bohemian braid ponytail for vacation will put you in a pleasant mood. It's a simple hairstyle that slays regardless. So, get some extensions ready and braid your braids into a ponytail. You can make use of some colored extensions in braiding this style. Or keep things at bay with black extensions. No matter the color or choice of extensions, this hairstyle is perfect for vacation.

13. Ready To Go Pre Everything Wig

Ready To Go Pre Everything Wig

Wig is a great solution for people who want to get a protective hairstyle, but the 2024 new desigh pre everything wig make wig installtion easier. All things are done by professional hairstyles already, like cut the lace, bleach the knots, pluck the hairline, etc.

In addition, the snag wig cap design can help you to install the wig without glue, perfect for peopel who are worried about damage hairline or irritate scalp. That is so perfect for your exciting vacation!

14. Double Dutch Braid

Double Dutch Braid

The double Dutch braids are an ideal choice for your vacation hairstyle as it is so protective and low maintenance. They keep your hair neatly in place while exuding a casual vacation vibe. Whether you're walking on sandy beaches or swimming with your friends, the double Dutch braid ensures you stay cool and stylish throughout your adventures.

Final Toughts

Most of these hairstyles won’t cost you time to style them. So, choose and get creative with your choice.

But, while on vacation, you must care for your hair. Never leave it unkempt. Take your comb along and some products like your leave-in-conditioner, essential oils, etc. These products will keep your hair healthy and looking great.

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