TikTok Hair Trends 2024 – What Stays and What New?

tiktok hair trends

TikTok has revolutionized the hair and beauty industry with the exceptional hacks it brings forward, new trends that it gives rise to, and tips that help people achieve the hottest look. Given this, it is not hard to decipher that this short-video-creating application has become a go-to place for people to discover what's hot and what's not.

With 2023 coming to an end, we are sure you must have discovered some exceptional hair trends and hacks through this platform. However, the question is, what is in store for 2024? If this is the question you are seeking an answer to, then let us assure you that you have landed on the right page. Hop on below to learn about the expected TikTok Hair Trends 2024.

Each new year comes with new possibilities and even newer trends. The year 2024 will not be any different, and while it is still a good two months away, several trends that may be making their way into this coming year have started rising.

Among these, the hair trends are what's taking a lot of the For You Pages on TikTok. So, if you are someone who has always loved the TikTok-inspired hair trends and wanted to know about a few for 2024 to get a kick start, then we have a list concluded for you below.

1. Heatless Curls

Operating quite finally on the 2023 hair trend bandwagon, the heatless curls will be transitioning to the 2024 trend circle, too. Honestly, why shouldn't they? Given that this particular hair trend allows people to achieve beautiful, voluminous curls without the damage of heating tools? Who doesn't want that, right?

So, all our straight hair girlies gather around and ensure you don't throw away those velcro rollers you were using in 2023 because they will be coming in handy this coming year, too.

2. The Wolf Cut

wolf cut

A TikTok hair trend that is expected to blow up in 2024 is the 70's and 80's inspired wolf cut. While this particular hair trend from David Bownie's era for sure was carried out by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish, it didn't gain much hype until recently.

The wolf cut is a combination between a shag and a mullet and gives the hair volume from the top and a flawless texture from the sides and on the bottom. Both these trending hairstyles are a mix of layers and bangs. 

The mullet is more of a short haircut which, combined with shag that falls on the mid-margin together, results in a unique wolf cut. The best part? You won't have to put much effort into maintaining it, and all you will need to style it will be your fingers.

3. Perm for the Win

Remember the pretty popular tight curls that were trending back in the 80s? Well, they are making their way back in 2024 again. Before you decide that it is not your style or they might be too uptight for your taste, hear us out. The perms in 2024 are expected to have a modern touch to them and, hence, will be significantly different.

permed casual curls

We are sure you must be thinking, how so, right? This time around, the return of the perm will be in looser and casual waves, which users will be able to achieve through modernized application techniques and formulas. So, say goodbye to the beachy waves that you've been carrying around for a while, and let's say hello to a new and much-needed style in town.

4. The Afro Puff

afro puff

The one TikTok trend many black women have slayed in 2023 and will be doing so again in 2024 is the Afro Puff. We don't know where the concept of these puffs came forward, but what we do know is that this is probably the best thing that happened to black women's natural hair.

@tanayedubztoo A hair tutorial for #4c hair or any #kinkyhair babes. #afro #afropuff #fyp ♬ Storytelling - Adriel

Well, the Afro Puffs are considered to be a protective style as they lift the hair from clothing and jewelry. This helps prevent friction and aids in the overall health of the hair. Moreover, one can make this hairstyle pretty quickly and walk out of their door looking amazing in hardly ten minutes flat. How cool is that, right?

5. Curtain Bangs

Bangs are a pretty great hairstyle to carry, and they always look great, so you won’t have to put much effort into them as well. This playful, fun look would help add a touch of caprice to your hair and will transform your overall look. 

curtain bangs

However, while we believe that cutting your hair on your own might hold a thrill, we will still recommend you leave this aspect to the experts to attain a more flawless look. Or just buy a curtain bangs wig.

6. The Ultra-Short Pixie

Are you not a fan of long hair because you find it too difficult to manage? Then the Ultra-short pixie trend, which is entering 2024, is the one you should look into. 

pixie cut

This classic pixie cut is an excellent option for those who are looking for a style that not only looks good and remains trendy for a long but is also easier to manage. It is a great hair trend to pick if you are inclining towards something bold and definitive.

The best part is that when heading out, you won't have to put much effort into styling this particular cut, and you'll be out of the door in a matter of minutes. The best part? This hair trend is suitable for women of all ages.

7. Y2K Hairstyles

TikTok is bringing back the popular 2000 hair trends again in 2024, and we are pretty excited. The Y2K hairstyles – or what you can call the year 2000 hairstyles were all about pigtails, flippy ends, space buns, fishtails, zigzag hairlines, and so much more.

y2k hairstyle

This is a significant comeback and one which not only holds a whole new outlook for many women but gives each one a creative margin of their own. So, let's see what sub-trends we see coming from this particular Y2K trend next year.

8. Messy Buns

The past year was more about sleek bun looks, but we cannot forget about how the messy buns were once also a viral sensation, right? Well, courtesy of TikTok and accepting messier looks on people, this particular hair trend seems to be making its way back.

These hair bun trends have always been a chic, fun look that gives the perfect amount of mess. Plus, they look cute on literally everyone if carried the right way. So, if you are someone who loves this hair trend and was hoping for it to come back around, you can happy dance now.

9. Amped Up Textures

Another big trend expected to make its way through 2024 is the amped-up textures, of course! The coming year is expected to be all about embracing the natural waves and curls – and we are talking about everything here, including the braids and textured updos.

textured updo

While the versatility and finesse in these styles will be a whole lot, what makes us the most excited about these is how low maintenance they will be to carry and will also give off the perfect amount of style. So, if you are ready to embrace your God-given tresses, the year 2024 is yours.

10. Bold Colors

In between the many haircut trends that will be rising this coming year, an inclination towards bolder and brighter hair colors is one trend we are expecting, too. For a few years now, more neutral or pastel shades have been trending, but it looks like it is time for them to take the backseat because head-turning hues have arrived.

bold colors

2024 will all be about fiery oranges, fox tail electric blue, vibrant pinks, and the noen-est of greens. So, if that is what you were planning on getting for a long but were hesitant about not being 'fashion-appropriate,' then your time has come.

While we did learn about some of the best hair trends that will make their way through 2024, the problem is you won't be able to follow through with every or most of these styles at once, right? This is because how would you get a short pixie cut but also be sporting the curtain bangs when required?

Well, what if we tell you that you can? Wondering how? Through the exceptional human hair wigs at Cynosure, of course! The wigs at Cynosure Hair are exceptional and made with 100% high-quality human hair, which will not make it look as if you are wearing fake hair. Moreover, the pricing of these wigs is quite friendly, given their long-term use. So, if you are someone who wants to style their hair differently every time you step out, making use of these exceptional wigs might work best for you.

Wrapping Up!

In terms of hair trends, 2024 already looks promising. However, what we mentioned is only the icing on the cake, and as time progresses, we are sure newer trends will be taking up space in this picture, too. Until then, let us know which out of the top ten trends we mentioned you like the most and whether or not you'd be heading onto the Cynosure website to order some exceptional wigs for yourself.

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