The Most Iconic Rihanna Hairstyles of All Time

Rihanna Hairstyles

Almost two decades after Rihanna's Pon de Replay in 2005, the audience is still in awe of her style sense.

The singer, songwriter, and founder of Fenty has taken everyone on her fashion and hair journey, incorporating unique and bold looks. From gorgeous gowns to suits no one can wear any better. But what gets us all the time is her hair choice and the personality they display.

As a testament to her name as a style icon, let's see a few of Rihanna's hairstyles throughout the years.

1. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

Rihanna has rocked an asymmetrical Bob a few times. From her iconic asymmetrical bob in the early 2000s to a few others, the singer has established her love for outstanding and staple looks.

Wanting to do something new, Riri, along with her stylist created this bob that went crazy among fans and in the industry.

2. The Sleek Bun

The Sleek Bun

The sleek bun hairstyle works with any outfit, and that's good. Plus, you can create this look quickly without sitting for hours. To achieve Rihanna's sleek bun, pack your hair into a ponytail. Then, add your extensions and roll them to form a topknot. Use a hair elastic to keep it in place and sleek your hair with gel.

3. Half-Up Hairstyle

Half-Up Hairstyle

This time, the singer wore a half-up hairstyle, awing the crowd. While it's a simple hairstyle, it returned with full force after she rocked it.

The hairstyle has an easy parting around the crown of your head, and the front part is braided or put into a ponytail. Leave the down section to flow freely, resulting in styling the half-up hairstyle.

4. Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

Rihanna can pull off any hairstyle, and the Fulani braids are no different. She hit it off with a nice pattern and design, adding splendidness to its overall appearance.

The singer is known to rock braid styles ranging from big to small, being creative with her hairstyles. She adds her personal touch to them, making them unique for her occasions.

5. Space Buns

Space Buns

Here is Rihanna with space buns. You know she's showing off because she's sure she looks good! They accentuate her face perfectly, making her look stunning. As one of her signature looks, Riri pairs the space buns with other styles, and we can tell why: they result in absolute beauty.

You can try out this look and add your flair to it. But be sure to create the perfect space between your buns, and extraordinary will be the word.

6. Bantu Knots

bantu knots

Bantu Knots are fun and can be experimented with. Rihanna has done youthful and lively hairstyles with these knots. Let's be honest, they were phenomena. The half-up, half-down hairstyle is one of the hairstyles she paired with the Bantu knots, making it a unique and gorgeous hairstyle for the night.

You can recreate this by dividing your hair into two sections and wrapping the first part into knots. Or you can create a unique pattern before plaiting and twisting your knots.

7. High Fluffy Auburn Curls

High Fluffy Auburn Curls

At the launch event of her fragrance, Riri wore high Fluffy Auburn Curls. The color matched well with her overall fit and tone for the event, making a bold statement. We can all agree that the shade looks good on her, and the curls are no exception.

8. Long Black Sleek Hairstyle

Long Black Sleek Hairstyle

Whenever Rihanna hits the red carpet, you'll see a look everyone wants to recreate. While the long, black, sleek hairstyle is simple, it's gorgeous for special events and formal occasions.

You can easily style this look with your gel and extensions. Simply add the extensions to your hair and use your gel to sleek it to the back.

9. Faux Locs

Faux Locs

Locs are interesting, and they can make you look stunning without doing too much. Rihanna's faux locs gave us an incredible feeling due to its volume, length, and beauty.

You can have these locs installed on your hair or have your natural hair turn into locs. Whichever you choose, invest in the best products that will promote your hair and make your locs look healthy.

10. Sleek and Straight Hairstyle

Sleek and Straight Hairstyle

What can go wrong with a sleek and straight hairstyle? Nothing. It's simple, easy, and gorgeous for any event. But before you make your purchase, choose your tresses carefully so that you will get the best results you'll forever love.

Investing in a flat iron will also be necessary. You can have your wig or extensions popping like that of Rihanna'sIf you'd love to rock this style with your natural hair, you can do that.

11. Edgy Mullet Cut

Edgy Mullet Cut

Well, not everyone can wear a mullet cut beautifully. But, that’s not Rihanna because she can. She wears it and rocks it wonderfully with ease. If you have a round face, go for an edgy mullet cut like Rihanna’s, and you'll look good. Make sure it's edgy and structured. Add an extra length to the sides and top of your mullet if you have an angular face.

12. Wavy High Ponytail

Wavy High Ponytail

You can never know her next look. Oh yes, the wavy high ponytail says it all. The hairstyle exudes a playful vibe for the night and interestingly makes her face pop.

With the waves cascading down her shoulders, they add volume to her hair and life to her look.

13. The Flipped Out Ponytail

The Flipped Out Ponytail

The flipped-out ponytail looks good on Rihanna, and she knows how to compliment the hairstyle with her outfit and makeup. While this style is simple, ending it in a back in the day's way takes its uniqueness to another level. Start yours with a regular short ponytail, then flip it at the ends using a flat iron.

14. Bangs with Chin-length Bob

Bangs with Chin-length Bob

Create an effortless look with bangs and a chin-length bob like that of RihannaYou can switch up your hair from a flowing long wig to a short one the next instant with this style. That's possible for Rihanna, you can achieve it as well.

The look will elevate your style and accentuate your features. Think of making the bangs wispy so it gives you a mysterious feel.

15. Blonde Curly Shag

Blonde Curly Shag

We are not the least bit surprised that the singer can rock a platinum curly shag so gorgeously. The curls added extra awesomeness to the look, and the shag embraced her face perfectly.

Let's talk about the roots. They show off her natural hair color, while the blonde elevated the style. Her dress choice couldn't be any better. By wearing a black dress to match the overall vibe, Rihanna ticked the Grammy Awards best looks of that year.

16. Retro Lob

Retro Lob

If you've been searching for a retro look of Rihanna's to recreate, here's one that won't disappoint-retro lob. The retro lob is an amazing, classy, retro yet modern hairstyle. It's super dope and can look perfect on anyone.

To style, first, apply a heat protectant to your wig. Then, use a rattail comb to part your hair the way you want. Divide your hair into sections and use your flat iron to curl the ends of your wig upwards. Lastly, pick up your spray and use a generous amount to finish your look.

17. French Side Braid

French Side Braid

The 2011 Rihanna's Met Gala look will forever be in the books. She parted her hair and plaited a long French braid, finishing her look with statement earrings and a black dress. Replicate this style by parting your hair into two. Use your gel to sleek the areas in the middle and gather the first part along your hairline, then braid. Braid the other part and join to the first braid before completing it to the end.

18. Bouncy Ombre Curls

Bouncy Ombre Curls

The bouncy ombre curls on Rihanna refined her look, emphasizing her unique features. You can wear this with a middle part, or center part to create your gorgeous and unique style. Include highlights to the hair, making sure it stands out during the event as Rihanna did at hers.

19. Dark Brunette Pixie Cut with Layered Bangs

Dark Brunette Pixie Cut with Layered Bangs

You will need to have your hair trimmed regularly to maintain this hairstyle. Since the sides are tapered to create an edgy style, every four to six weeks should be fine for maintenance. Although Rihanna slayed this look back in 2012, you still can today. It's timeless and beautiful for everyday activities.

20. Finger Waves Hairstyle

Finger Waves Hairstyle

You wouldn't want to get wet but stand under an umbrella with this look. Rihanna’s look was elegant and unbelievably beautiful with the finger waves. The hairstyle simply made her look stunning while giving off a modern and 90s vibe at the same time.

Before styling yours, get all your products ready and set. Gather your mousse, rat tail comb, and hairdryer, then begin styling your finger waves.

These last years have been fantastic for the singer-starting a family and welcoming her boys to the world. However, one fact remains clear: her style remains as breathtaking as before. She continues to bring new looks and trends everyone can't wait to explore.

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