Natural Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Natural Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

The 2024 wedding season is right upon us, and we are sure a lot of people within your circle might have planned to tie the knot. While the bride and groom must be swinging around choosing the perfect dress and hairstylist, as a wedding guest, we are sure you might be making a few preparations beforehand as well.

We believe that choosing a wedding guest outfit is easier. However, what makes or breaks your outfit deal is the hairdo you carry along with it. If you are someone who wants to look into natural hairstyles for a wedding guest that you can easily make and wear to a wedding, then this guide has you covered. Hop on down below to learn about some trendy yet cute and natural hairstyles!

Have a wedding to attend and cannot for the life of you think what hairstyle should you carry along with it? Well, worry not because we might have concluded the best natural hairstyle for wedding guests option for you below:

1. Sleek Buns

If there is one hairdo that was a significant part of 2023, it was sleek buns. Easy to make and chic to carry, these buns were carried on all outfits from casuals to formals. Hence, it should not be surprising to see this particular natural hairstyle make it to our list for the wedding guest season 2024.

Sleek Buns

So, if you don't want to put your hair down with the dress you are wearing but also do not want to put in a lot of effort, this hairstyle is an easy way to not only look chic but pull your overall look together too.

2. Messy Updos for Wedding Guests

Are the forehead girlies conscious of wearing a sleek bun but also want to wear a bun? Well, we aren't running out of options here because the next best natural hairstyle that you can wear as a wedding guest is a messy updo.

Messy Updos for Wedding Guests

Be it braided crowns or loose curls gathered at the back, try wearing a perfectly romantic loose bun and let a few curly strands run up front.

Here is how to achieve this:

3. Half Up Half Down Hairdo

If there is one elite combo that is downright exceptional (and no one can convince us otherwise), it is the half-updos. We mean, what is not to love in it? This it-girl-inspired natural hairstyle has the messiness of loose tendrils on the side, along with a chic bun on the top. Many guests carry this particular hairstyle on weddings with their touches, and it is super easy to make, too.

Half Up Half Down Hairdo

So, if you are someone who has a wedding to attend, trying out a few of the half-updos for the wedding season might be a great pick. If you cannot work through a half-up half-down hairdo yourself, try the frontal wig for an easier approach.

4. Loose Curls

Running late or simply do not want to put too much effort into your hair? Well, no worries because there is no day that some loose curls cannot save. Put your hair down in a middle parting (or even a side one) and take a hot curling iron.

loose curls

Start sectioning up small strands of your hair and loosely curl the ends only. When all strands are curled, ruffle up your hair a bit and let the curls loosen. You'll achieve a natural hairstyle that looks cute with minimal effort.

5. Beach Waves

The beach waves are yet another great minimalistic, no-effort natural hairstyle that any guest can wear to a wedding. If you are someone who believes getting these beachy waves right is hard, then hear us out.

While they may look challenging to perfect, beach waves, in reality, are one of the easiest natural wedding guest hairstyles that you can carry. How so?

Beach Waves

Well, all you have to do is apply some curling serum on your freshly washed hair and let it air dry. Then, take a curling rod with a broad barrel and wrap it around vast sections of your hair in a downward motion.

However, make sure only to curl the middle portions and avoid curling the end to achieve a more natural beachy look. In case, you do not want to do all the work, simply don this beautiful beach body wave wig from Cynosure Hair and go about your day.

6. Braided Side Buns

One popular hairstyle that many black women can quickly wear to a wedding as guests is the braided side buns. This particular hairstyle is relatively new in the fashion world and only recently made it to the hair inspo charts, but girls, does it look great without putting in much effort?

To achieve the best-braided side buns, it is essential to braid the hair the night before and let it air dry a bit for more volume. Then, pull your hair down the middle in the form of a bun and secure each side with a hair tie. You have a cute natural hairstyle all set to go with your wedding guest outfit.

7. Curls on Top

Curls on Top

We understand that, at times, the fuzzy and voluminous texture of any black woman's hair can make it so much harder for them to style them, and hence, these women are always on the lookout for some easy-to-make yet chic natural hairstyles. We heard you just right, and added another natural hairstyle for wedding guests on our list, which goes perfectly well with a black woman's hair texture – the curls on top!

8. Fishtail Braids

Fishtail Braids

The fishtail braids were quite popular a few years ago, and this beautiful hairstyle has reentered the chat this wedding season. So, if you have long hair, we are urging you to try this hairstyle as a wedding guest this season.

This is because this hairstyle is not only effortless to make but also looks good every single time. It is also an excellent option for beginners who do not know much about hairstyles but still want to put in some effort.

9. Tightly Packed Afro

As a black woman, it sometimes becomes essential to wear your afro proudly. Hence, when going to a wedding, there is no better and more natural hairstyle than this itself.

Tightly Packed Afro

However, achieving a perfect afro can be a little tricky, but business experts do have some essential tips for you. What are those? Well, it is essential to use the right clippers and scissors to shape your afro and then ensure to moisturize your hair to give it a sturdy hold and impeccable shine.

Final Thoughts

If your friend or a loved one is getting married recently, then we are sure you must be excited to go all out on their wedding and have the time of your life on their big day to celebrate them with all your love. Hence, we are sure you must be putting in all your efforts to put together the perfect look for yourself on your loved one's big day.

If this is the case, and you were looking for the best, most natural hairstyles for wedding guests to don this wedding season, then we hope this article was helpful for you. Let us know how many weddings you are attending this coming year and which hairstyles you have shortlisted out of our list. Have a great time celebrating your loved ones!

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