How To Wear A Wig With Long Hair?

How To Wear A Wig With Long Hair

So we discovered some women face the problem of lumps when they wear wigs due to their long tresses. But the truth remains anyone can wear a wig (whether human hair wig or synthetic wig) beautifully without their hair peeking out.

We'd love you to achieve a flat, natural-looking gorgeous wig even if you have long hair! So here's what we can do, we will offer a few ways you can wear a wig with your long hair. A few tips will be included to help you get a perfect result!

That way, you get to say goodbye to your wigs slipping off or your hair peeking through the wig. Does that sound good? Then, let's get right into it.

Before everything starts, the first thing we need to do is prepare a wig with a suitable size and get your tools ready!

Preparing Your Tools and Wig

Preparing Your Tools

The primary reason you can't achieve a natural-looking wig is that your wig choice is ill-fitting. You need to select a wig that suits your head and will be comfortable while you have it on.

So, measure your head for the wig size before purchasing any wig. If you implement that, you will have a smoother experience.

Once that part is settled, get the other tools ready.

  • Bobby pins
  • A hair comb/brush
  • Rattail comb
  • Elastic bands
  • Wig cap

Now, how do you wear a wig with long hair? In the following sections, check out the three effective methods to achieve a flawless-looking wig with your long hair.

The Braiding Method

The braiding method makes it easy to hide your long hair under the wig. That way, your hair becomes evenly distributed and shouldn't show after you've worn the wig. If you have long & thick natural hair, this method is for you!

The Braiding Method

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

The first thing you need to do before wearing your wig is to wash your hair. You want to have clean and moisturized hair especially if you plan to wear your wig for a long time. So, get a good shampoo and conditioner and have your hair clean.

Step 2: Detangle the Knots

Next is to detangle your hair properly to prepare for the braiding process. You should brush your hair from the tip and move it to the root.

Step 3: Braid Your Hair

Here comes the most important part - braid your hair. This technique is easy for you to do it alone.

Divide your hair into two sections from the middle and braid each of them. You can follow the classic braid or try the French braid. Whichever should work.

If your hair is thick, and braiding your hair into two will appear bulky, you should divide your hair into four.

Pro Tips:

Don't start from your hairline. Instead, brush your hair to become flat and braid from the middle part of your hair till you reach the tip.

Step 4: Wrap and Pin Braids

Pick each braid and wrap it around your head. You don't want them to stay too close to your hairline, so take note. Wrap them in the opposite direction of each other and let them sit a few inches away from the crown of your head.

When you're happy with the placement of the braids, pin them properly.

Step 5: Wear a Wig Cap

This step is not compulsory. But a wig cap can further help you to secure your long hair and hold them in place. If you are ready to put on one, make sure you get your sideburns and edges under the cap. They shouldn't be sticking out so let the cap be aligned with your hairline properly.

Step 6: Put on Your Wig

After getting your long hair under the wig, you can put on your wig. This time, the process should be smooth.

The Cornrows Method

the cornrow method

Step 1: Get Your Hair Clean

As we've explained in the previous method, if you will be wearing a wig for a long time, washing your hair is necessary. So, pick up your washing products and get your hair clean. A shampoo and a conditioner are effective in getting the job done.

Step 2: Brush Your Hair

Move to combing your hair after you've washed, rinsed, and dried your hair. You can use a wide-tooth comb for this part. It detangles your hair properly.

Step 3: Braid Your Cornrows

Now use a comb to divide your hair into 8-10 small sections, according to the thickness of your hair. You can divide your hair from the front to the back for an easier process. While you divide, plait your hair till it reaches the tip. You can get a professional to braid your hair if you can’t.

Here is a detailed video on how to do cornrow:

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Step 4: Pin the Braids on the Hair/Sew-in

After braiding, pin the tails on the hair.

  • You can wrap multiple section tails together before lifting them to your scalp and pinning them. Some Bobby pins should come in handy here.
  • Or you can use an elastic band to tie the braids together and tuck them in.

Whatever technique you follow, the aim is to keep your hair from sticking out.

Sometimes, bobby pins can come off at the wrong time. If booby pins don’t work well for you, then you can use the sew-in method.

This method will save you the stress of frequent pin tuck-ins. To do this:

Braid your hair in simple cornrows depending on your wig style.

Thread your sewing needle. Double thread for a firm hold.

Make a knot to secure the needs of your threaded needle.

Raise the ends of your cornrows upwards, then start sewing from bottom to tip.

Continue the process for a set of three braids per time.

Another cornrow method you can try!

Step 5: Put on a Wig Cap

Wear a wig cap to keep your hair further hidden. It's not a must but it's useful. Be sure to tuck your hair in very well. It'll give you the benefit of styling properly and achieving a perfect look.

Step 6: Wear Your Wig

At this stage, you can wear your wig, knowing that your hair is protected and flat.

The Ponytail Method

Step 1: Clean and Wash Your Hair

Again, it's necessary to have clean hair before you wear a wig. So, pick up your washing products and wash your hair, first, with a sulfate-free shampoo, then, with a conditioner. 

Step 2: Rinse, Dry, and Brush Your Hair

Once you've done that, rinse, dry, and detangle your hair properly. Make sure you loosen those knots on your hair if there are before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Tie Your Hair into a Ponytail

Now, divide your hair into two equal parts down to the middle. Tie the first section into a low ponytail. You can use a hair band to tie your hair together. Repeat this same step for the other part.

Step 4: Braid Your Ponytail

Braid each ponytail neatly. You'll be placing them on your head, so you want them to be as flat as possible.

Step 5: Pin the Ponytails

Pull each ponytail to the crown of your head in the opposite direction. You can make use of Bobby pins to have them secured.

Step 6: Wear Your Wig Cap

Put on your wig cap smoothly. Be careful not to touch your pinned hair. You can avoid that by stretching the wig cap with your hands. That way it fits your head while you put it on.

Let it cover your face before adjusting it to your hairline. You can stick it up and pull your sideburns in properly.

Step 7: Place the Wig on Your Head

Now you can wear your wig. It's best to have the wig fully secured at the back first before fixing the front sides. Ensure to note if it's as flawless as you want it to be before stepping out.


1. How can I hide my long hair under a wig without a wig cap?

You can hide your hair without a wig cap by braiding or packing your hair before wearing a wig.

2. What is the most comfortable way to wear a wig?

What works for one might not work for another. So, the answer is relative. However, the methods we've explained earlier make it easy to wear a wig conveniently and comfortably. You don't shove your hair into a wig cap like that. Instead, braid it or put it in a ponytail. Those methods are better and easier.

3. What's the best wig cap to wear for long hair?

Honestly, any wig cap works fine for long hair. But you can be specific on what material you want if you have a sensitive scalp. Some women prefer nylon, spandex, mesh, or cotton wig caps. Those who would love to install lace wigs can go with nylon wig caps. A mesh wig cap, on the other hand, is comfortable.

4. Can I wrap my hair before wearing a wig?

Of course, you can. Most women sleep with their hair wrapped around their heads after a successful wash day. You can also use this method for wearing a wig. So, like you would, wrap your hair around your head and wear a wig cap to secure it.

5. How do I know if a wig will fit securely?

You should use the adjustable straps and pins to secure your wig. Also, wig tapes and silicone headbands can assist you in holding wigs in place. 

Rock Your Wig Girl!

Having long hair does not mean you cannot wear wigs to switch up your look. We've solved that with our methods. Now you can wear your wigs confidently without any problem. So, go rock your wig girl.

Let us know which of the methods you'll give a try. Until next time.

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