How To Hide Hair Under A Wig?

How To Hide Hair Under A Wig

Wigs are a great way to create new looks without changing or damaging your natural hair. However, while this aspect is excellent, wearing a wig over your natural hair is not just as simple as putting it on your head and going about your day. Unless you are bald or have short afro hair.

Those with long hair know the struggle of flawlessly wearing a wig while concealing their natural hair. If you have been hit with the same realization and are looking for ways to hide your hair under a wig, then you have landed on the right page. Hop inside this comprehensive guide to find out!

How To Prepare Your Natural Hair Under The Wig?

How To Prepare Your Natural Hair Under the Wig

No matter which way you opt to hide your hair under a wig, preparing your hair is essential. 

Start by washing and conditioning your hair as usual, and dry your hair with blow dry. Then grab a wide tooth comb to brush all your hair back for a flat and smooth look. This can remove any flyaways and any bumps on your head and help to get a natural wig installation.

If you have type 4 natural hair, there are still additional steps to tame your hair - moisturize your hair. You can choose a leave in conditioner or a generous amount of gel to help moisturize your hair while brushing back your hair, to get a silk and sleek appearance.

5 Best Ways to Hide Hair Under A Wig

Though it seems like an easy job, hiding your hair under a wig can be a tad bit hard. Want to know the best ways through which you can hide your natural hair under a wig? We have listed a few ways for you. Let’s take a look!

1. Cornrows

Cornrows are the most common style to get your hair done under a wig, especially among black women. The reason behind this is that cornrows keep the hair flat and smooth.


This hairstyle works well with all hair types and can be made on all hair lengths. The best part? They are long-lasting and can even last for months on end. So, you won't have to worry about touching it up or making it all over again every day if you want to wear a wig. 

If you are planning on trying this hairstyle to hide your hair under a wig, we suggest you take a look at the pros and cons it holds first:

  • Ideal for the long-term application of wigs, especially for those that require adhesive.
  • It demands very little maintenance and can last for months.
  • It helps create a flat surface on the head for wig application, giving a more natural look.


  • The hairstyle can be challenging for beginners who can't braid properly.
  • Tight cornrows can trigger scalp irritation and hair breakage.

How To Achieve This?

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    2. Braidless Cornrows

    If you are someone who likes the ease and look cornrows provide, but your braiding skills are a no-go, then hear us out. Have you ever thought of making braid-less cornrows?

    Braid-less cornrows provide you with the look and all the same benefits of a cornrow without the need for any advanced braiding skill. All you need to have is a sectioning comb and tiny rubber bands to keep your hair flush against your scalp. Thinking of opting for this hairstyle, we recommend you take a look at the pros and cons of this hairstyle first:


    • Perfect for those who don't know how to braid the traditional cornrows.
    • They do not take that much time to complete, unlike the traditional cornrow.


    • The rubber bands used in this hairstyle can cause hair damage.
    • Braid-less cornrows aren't as flat as typical cornrows and will mess up every time you take off your wig.

    How To Achieve This?

      3. Flat Twists

      Are you not good at braiding, and cornrows are out of the picture for you? Well, then, flat twists are what you should be opting for. This hairstyle allows you to wrap your natural hair easily without diving into the complexities of braiding or parting.

      Flat Twists

      However, flat twists may be a bit bulkier if you have long and thick hair. Thus, if you are using this hairstyle to hide your hair under a wig, we suggest you only wear voluminous and lengthy wigs. 


      • Flat twists are effortless to make.
      • They are gentle on the hair and don't cause much breakage.
      • It is not hard to release your hair from flat twists.


      • If not appropriately styled, flat twists can cause your wig to look unnatural.
      • The flat twists can tangle, causing breakage.

      How To Achieve This?

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        4. Low Bun

        Even non-wig-wearers know that low buns are one hairstyle that can quickly help anyone hide their hair under a wig. This is because the low buns are fool-proof and quite literally require zero effort when it comes to making them.

        All you have to do is know how to tie up a ponytail, and you will already be halfway on the journey towards making a low bun, which will help you achieve a sleek wig application. When you make a low bun to put on a wig, the top and sides of your natural head become flat, which automatically helps the wig fit well and look extremely natural.

        This hairstyle, while it can go well on long hair, proves best for hiding short hair under a wig. Let’s now have a look at its pros and cons:


        • You don’t require pro hairstyling skills to make low buns.
        • It only demands a few minutes of effort and that’s it!


        • It works best on short hair and may not give very flat results on long or thick hair.
        • Low buns aren't long-lasting, and you will have to remake the hairstyle every time you wear a wig.

        5. Three-Strand Braids or French Braid

        The last hairstyle to hide your hair under a wig is the three-strand braids and French braid. The hairstyle is one of the best because of how easy it is to style and how cute it looks when you are done making it.

        Three-Strand Braids or French Braid

        A three-strand braids and plaits combo enables users to create a flat surface out of long and voluminous hair. This hairstyle helps you hide your hair under a wig easily, as most of your natural hair will be braided straight at the back, and the ends of your hair will be braided and draped like a halo around your head. 

        Hop on below to have a look at the pros and cons of making this hairstyle!


        • This is a perfect way to hide your hair under a wig, even for beginners who are not good with braiding and other complex techniques.
        • It looks pretty cute to be worn on its own, too!
        • Perfect for long natural hair.


        • It may give a little bulkier look compared to all the other methods to hide your hair under a wig mentioned above.

        How To Achieve This?

          Tips When Prepare Your Hair Under Wig

          1. Use a wig cap or stocking cap to cover your hair, which will secure your hair and won't let your effort in vain.

          2. Use enough hair pins to make sure all thing secure.

          3. Make sure your hair is completely dry when you are ready to prepare your hair for a wig, wet hair can make you feel uncomfortable and breed bacteria, damaging the health of your natural hair.

          4. Apply some hair oil to moisturize your scalp since you may keep the wig on for several weeks, and don't forget to wash and condition your hair before installing a wig, complement the necessary nutrients for hair

            Final Thoughts

            For beginners, understanding the ways through which they can hide and protect their natural hair under a wig can certainly be a task. If you are someone in the same boat and want to know how to hide hair under a wig, then we hope this article was helpful to you. Stay tuned for more of such informative guides. 

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