How To Become A Wig Influencer

how to become a wig influencer

Hey, girls, if you are engaged to become a wig influencer and get free wigs even earn money, this blog is for you!

As we all know, the wig industry has experienced tremendous growth in the past years. These days, wigs do not just provide convenience and a quick fix for a bad hair day, they are now a medium of self-expression.

Your preferred wig hairstyle can reveal your personality whether you want to appear confident, trendy, or simply stylish. There is a wig for everyone. Different wig companies make wigs to serve a variety of wig wearers (based on the style, color, hair texture, etc.).

Sharing your love for wigs with a community of like-minded people on social media is your first step to becoming a wig influencer.

Do you like talking about your love for wigs?

If yes, see how you can turn your hobby/passion into a career by becoming a wig influencer. In this article, you will learn easy steps to becoming a wig influencer.

Let’s get started!

What Is A Wig Influencer?

what is a wig influencer

A wig influencer is someone who has established themselves as an expert/ authority in the wig industry by creating a community of like-minded people on social media.

This person showcases themselves as authorities in this niche by showing passion/love for the wig industry and also through the content they create.

wig influencer wig installation tutorials

Wig influencers use their knowledge, creativity, and style to inform people about the wig industry. They often share content around topics like; types of wigsdifferent wig stylescolorswig care tips, best places to buy wigswig installation tutorialsreviews of different brand wigs, etc.

A majority of wig influencers don’t just talk about wigs in general. Many of them influence wig brands, by promoting their products.

We know you would love to know the steps to take to become a wig influencer. Don’t worry, we will get to the details as we progress in this article.

Keynotes On Becoming A Wig Influencer

Keynotes On Becoming A Wig Influencer

a. You have to be ready to talk about wigs and the wig industry all the time. This is one of the ways you stay consistent and attract interested followers.

b. You don’t become an influencer overnight. You need time to showcase yourself as an expert in your chosen niche.

c. Many brands don’t just work with influencers with huge followings. These days brands prefer to work with influencers with a community of their target audience.

d. Your content will determine the kind of followers and brands that you will attract.

e. Staying up-to-date with wig trends in your niche will keep your followers engaged.

Easy Steps To Becoming A Wig Influencer

Easy Steps To Becoming A Wig Influencer

Becoming a wig influencer is a journey of sharing your love for wigs, creativity, and style with a community of people on social media.

Staying consistent on this journey will help transform your hobby into a paying career. See how you can become a wig influencer in these simple steps.

1. Have a Good Knowledge of Wigs

Have a Good Knowledge of Wigs

To be honest, it is hard to become a wig influencer without being equipped with rich wig knowledge. So, the first step to your journey as a wig influencer is learning about wigs.

You need to learn everything there is to know about wigs. This goes a step above talking about how good you feel wearing a particular wig.

You want to be able to share meaningful and valuable content with your followers. At the same time, you want brands to perceive you as someone who knows what you are doing.

black women is learning wig knowledge

It is easy for your audience to trust you when you express expert knowledge about wigs. Get familiar with different types of wigs, wig installation materials, wig-making tools, common wig terminologies, etc. Cynosure Hair's "Hair Knowledge" blog part can help you with this.

Interestingly, you don’t have to be an expert hairstylist to know all these. With simple research on wig hairstyles from blogs and other wig influencers on social media, you are good to go.

You can check out popular wig influencers like:

a. MsPreciousMarie - 244K YouTube followers

b. arnellarmon - 905K YouTube followers

c. deeswerv - 3.7M TikTok followers

d. bigekane - 3.5M TikTok followers

e. msroshposh - 583K INS followers

f. kashiajabre - 12k INS followers

On TikTok to have an idea of where you can start from.

2. Choose Your Niche

Choose Your Niche

Choosing your niche is carving your space in the wig market. It means deciding the aspects of wigs you wish to talk about.

Creating general wig content like different types of wigs, or trying on a trendy wig may not give you the push you need in carving your space. The truth is bigger influencers with huge followings are already creating general content like that.

The secret to quickly establishing yourself as a wig influencer is to pick an aspect of a wig that is unique to you with less competition.

creative hairstyle by wig influencer

For instance, if you are a black girl, you can choose to create content about wigs for curly hair. That way, you can easily attract black girls and brands making black girls' wigs.

Choosing a niche within your knowledge expertise and comfort zone allows you to create lots of content without burnout. It is also a smart way to quickly build expertise.

3. Choose a Social Media Platform

Choose a Social Media Platform

The kind of content you wish to create will determine which social media platform will be a great fit.

a. Do you want to create pictures or video content?

b. Do you prefer to create long or short-form content?

These factors will determine the platform you will use. You want to choose a platform that works great with your content style.

For example, if you to create picture content, then you can start with Pinterest Or InstagramIf you want to create short-form reel content, then TikTok and Instagram are your best options. For long-form video content, YouTube is a great choice too.

Although, most influencers these days create content on multiple social media platforms. You can try posting your content across different social media platforms to determine which works best for you based on results.

Trying out different social media platforms and choosing your preferred one based on the growth metric will help you make a data-driven decision. Working with data eliminates the need for assumptions that might be wrong.

Choose a catchy and unique username name across all social media platforms. Also, remember to create a unique content style.

4. Post Valuable Content

Content is king! 

Post Valuable Content

There is no community without informative and engaging content that followers can relate to. You should always strive to create informative content that answers your audience's questions or engaging posts that help them identify with your style, personality, and narrative.

The value of your content is what will keep people coming and make them take necessary actions like buying your recommended wig product, subscribing, etc.   

You can try creating content like wig installation tutorials, cheap wig hauls, wig revival hacks, etc. You can use trending sounds or popular hashtags to give your content a boost on TikTok and Instagram.

5. Post Consistently and Engage with Your Followers

Post Consistently and Engage with Your Followers

Posting consistently is a great way to keep your followers active and engaged especially when you are just starting. It also helps you to build trust, your consistent post reminds your audience of your brand.

Posting once in a while might discourage them from taking the needed action (subscribe to your channel, follow you, or make a purchase). You want to keep them engaged to the extent that they take action.

You may not need to post every day, you can create and follow a schedule consistently.

You can engage with your audience by responding to your DMs and comments and also asking them what they would like you to talk about next. The goal is to make your audience feel like they are important.

6. Connect and Collaborate with Other Wig Influencers

Connect and Collaborate with Other Wig Influencers

Connecting and collaborating with other wig influencers will help you better understand both the wig and influencer community in your niche. Collaborating with content creators can also give your growing page a push.

Attending events and meetings is a great way to connect with other influencers in your niche.

7. Build Relationships and Connect with Brands

Building a relationship with brands is one of the big steps of becoming a wig influencer. One of the direct ways to connect with brands is to send a pitch highlighting how you can be of help to them, your audience demography, etc.

While this method works, it is more appropriate for a more established community. For a starter, a great way to connect with brands is to create content they can relate to and then get their attention by tagging them.

Some upcoming influencers create content that promotes a brand’s product without prior notice. The content is what will eventually attract the brand to them. That is because the brand can already identify with the influencer.

Stay Up-to-Date with Trends

Keeping up with trends is a way to help your followers find all they need to know about a new trend. Answering popular questions and addressing concerns about new trends is a great way to go.

Keeping up with trends like new wig styles (like 2024 new design pre everything wig, bye bye knots wig), new wig installation techniques, etc. will help your audience stay engaged and trust that you are always there to serve them and that you are fighting for their best interest.

One way to arouse your audience's interest is to experiment with new things. Don’t be scared to try out new styles. Get creative with wig colors, styles, etc. That is how you can create viral content that trends.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a wig influencer is like becoming an influencer in any other niche. The goal is to create a niche community of engaged people with like minds. The kind of content you create will determine the quality of followers you will gain.

You don’t need expensive gadgets to kick off your influencer journey. A clear phone camera, a device you can connect to the internet, and your determination is all you need.

Don’t forget to research different influencer programs and creator monetization procedures on your preferred platform(s).

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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