How Much Does A Perm Cost?

how much does a perm cost

The popular '80s perm is back! Are you eager to try it but wondering "How much does it cost"? If you'd like to find out, read this article to the end.

The cost of perming your hair ranges from $30 to $800. There are so many factors that make the price vary. Location, the perming method, hair length, perming style, and the salon of choice all affect this price.

In this article, we’ll answer all the questions on the cost of a perm based on these factors to help you plan your budget for your perming appointment.

What Is A Perm?

What Is A Perm

A perm is a hairstyling method to change your hair structure through chemicals to create bouncy, voluminous curls.

How Much Does Perm Cost at Hair Salon?

As stated above, the cost of a perm can vary based on the salon you choose. High-end salons can charge you higher than budget-friendly salons. This is because they may employ more experienced hairstylists and use high-quality products to achieve the perming style and hold it in shape.

However, you can expect to pay between $30 to $400 for a perming session.

Factors that Affect the Price of Perm

As we said earlier, the type of salon will significantly affect the cost of perming. Nonetheless, other factors already listed (Location, the perming method, hair length, perming style, and the salon of choice influence this price) also determine how much you will pay for hair perming.

Let’s see how these other factors can affect how much you will be charged for a perm in detail.

1. Hair Length

Hair Length

For Short Hair: The average cost for perming short hair is between $30 to $150, which is considered a decent price for perming your hair.

For Medium Length Hair: You can budget between $60 to $200 to have your hair permed if you have medium-length hair.

For Long Hair: Those with longer tresses will need to budget more because it takes more time, attention, and products to get their hair perfectly done. So, a budget between $80 to $400 is adequate.

2. Perming Methods

The perming method or type you opt for also affects the amount you'll pay. Check the two primary perming methods and their price range below.

  • Traditional Perm
Traditional Perm

    Generally, the price range of traditional perm can vary. However, it's within the range mentioned above. This method involves rolling your hair on perm rods in different sections and applying a chemical solution to make it take the shape. It's a popular one our mothers might have told us about, different from the method below.

    • Digital Perm
    Digital Perm

      The digital perms use hot rods to give the hair natural-looking waves. It's an innovative method that can last for about a year, making it more expensive than the traditional method.

      Typically, you can spend between $200 to $500 as more products and equipment are used to achieve the waves. This price range still depends on factors like; your stylist, location, etc.

      3. 9 Types of Perms For Women

      Another factor that influences the price of a perm is your style choice. Different perming styles have varying prices due to the techniques, time, and tools used to achieve the style. While some styles are easy to do, others require more skill and some level of expertise.

      So, from the spiral to the root and the multi-textured (stacked). See how much you will be charged for your preferred style in the section below.

      • Spiral Perm
      Spiral Perm

        One of the most popular perm styles among women is the spiral perm. It involves wrapping the hair vertically around perm rods to give tight, voluminous, and bouncy curls. While it's a style that doesn't appear so natural, it usually lasts around six months, making it a top choice for women.

        The spiral perm costs between $45 to $200, but this will vary from location to location.

        • Full Perm

        The most detailed style of perm you'll ever find is the full perm. For it, your hairstylist will section your hair and wrap each on a perm rod. Next, the sections are treated with the perm solution to give you beautiful semi-permanent curls. This style can cost between $60 to $80.

        If you want to get this, discuss with your hairstylists how you want it to look because the size of the perm rods determines how full your curls will look.

        • Partial/spot Perm
        Partial/spot Perm

          Partial perms are unlike the full perms. It's only applied to specific areas, making it more like a spot perm. This perm style adds volume to your hair in the selected places. This means you can use it to hide bald spots or create a uniform curl pattern.

          The partial or spot perm falls between the price range of $30-$100, but you'll be getting the value for your money as it can last for about three to four months.

          • Root Perm
          Root Perm

            Root perms are recommended for people with straight or flat hair. That's because the style helps to add volume without changing the hair texture completely. However, while it gives a natural lift, it might not be as noticeable on thin hair as it'll be with thick hair. (Not to disappoint you).

            To create this, your hairstylist will use some rollers on the root of your hair to give it a fuller look. This is best for those with short or medium-length hair.

            If you're interested in this, estimate around $30-$80 for the cost.

            • Body Wave
            body wave

              The body wave is another perm style with a different price range. Ranging from $40 to $200, this style achieves loose curls on the hair with perm rods. It's a chic and classy style, recommended for women with medium to long hair length, as it brings out the beauty of the perm. Since the curls are loose, you should be able to wear them for about six to twelve weeks.

              • Stacked Perm (Multi-textured)
              Stacked Perm

                The stacked or multi-textured perm gives you a variety of coils and waves. So, instead of a uniform curl pattern, the stacked gives you something more distinct. It's to create a more fuller, natural, and voluminous appearance without making it appear unrealistic. This costs between $40 to $250. But it should be worth every bit of the amount.

                • Beach Wave
                Beach Wave

                  The beach wave is similar to the traditional perm when it comes to the methods used. But while that uses perm rods, this involves using foam rollers. The similarity makes the price a little more affordable than others. So, with a budget of $40 to $200, you can cover the cost of getting it on your hair, and it can last for about six months, making it worth every penny.

                  • Straight

                  While many people are unaware of the existence of the straight perm, it does exist. It involves using a straightening solution and leaving it under a heater to straighten your hair. Once that's done, it's then washed.

                  This style doesn't curl your hair. Instead, it straightens it. It should remind you of whenever you use a relaxer. But this is much safer and better.

                  A straight perm usually costs between $30 to $400 and if you ask, it's worth it.

                  • Volumizing

                  This perm style uses waves and curls to give your hair more volume. It's a style that's also similar to the traditional method. However, the perm rods used for this perm are removed before neutralizing the solution. This is to make sure the emphasis is on the volume rather than the curls.

                  You may spend between $40 to $150 for this perm style.

                  Check the table guide on the different price ranges for the perming styles below.


                  Geographical Difference

                  The difference in prices is also affected by geographical location. This means the cost of perming your hair in different parts of the country will vary. You shouldn't expect the price in one city to be the same as another.

                  Also, the cost in a city can be different, depending on the location and area. Salons in bigger neighborhoods or cities won't charge the same price as those in smaller towns.


                  1. How long does your hair need to be for a perm?

                  While some people think achieving perm styles is impossible for short hair, it's not. However, your hair must be a few inches long so the rods can wrap around them and make the curls form.

                  There are different perm rod sizes. A 4 inches long hair can be permed with a small roller rod.

                  2. How long does a perm take?

                  It may take two hours or longer, depending on the hair length, perm method, and perm style you want.

                  3. How to style permed hair in the first 48 hours?

                  To make your permed curls last longer, the only thing you need to do in the first 48 hours is wait and do nothing for your fresh permed hair. No washing, no styling, no excessive combing, just keep the curls loose. Remember to sleep your permed curls with a satin pillowcase to avoid the tangles caused by friction.

                  4. How long does perm last?

                  Well, there is no exact time a perm can last whether you get a curly, wavy, or loose perm. It depends on the types of perm you get and how well you care for your permed hair. In general, it can last three to six months.

                  5. How do I maintain and make my perm last longer?

                  We've listed the various durations the different perm styles can last. Yet, some factors can make them not last long, including not maintaining them properly. So, here are a few tips to help prolong the life of your perm.

                  • Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.
                  • Minimize frizz by using a diffuser whenever you blow dry your hair.
                  • Keep your hair protected from saltwater and chlorine. That’s to make sure your perm doesn't fade prematurely.
                  • Do not style regularly with heat. It can make the curls lose their shape.


                  That's it guys. This article should answer your questions about the cost of perming your hair. But if you're still unclear regarding the cost of perm in any way, let us know in the comment section.

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