12 Trending Halloween Hairstyles For Black Women

halloween hairstyles for black women

Halloween is fast approaching, and you know what that means – time to get planning the perfect costume! Accessories are a must, but don't forget about the hair! As a black woman, your hair is an important part of your look, with the possibilities endless. From spooky and creepy to glamorous and whimsical, we've compiled a list of 12 hairstyles perfect for black women and the season. 

Dazzle your fellow Halloween festers with creative finesse with these hairstyles that more than hold their own. From playfully chic for trick or treating to positively ravishing for the perfectly themed party, make heads turn with these jaw-dropping gears. Show off your style and let your hair shine – Halloween is the perfect opportunity to express your creativity with intent!

How Halloween Hairstyles Can Amplify your Costume?

Your Halloween costume is not complete without the perfect hairstyle to go with it. The right hairdo can truly elevate your look and make you stand out from the crowd. As a black woman, there are endless possibilities when it comes to hairstyles for Halloween – from bold colors and intricate braids to fun wigs and accessories. Here are just a few ways Halloween hairstyles can amplify your costume:

how halloween hairstyles can amplify your costume

1. Character Authenticity

One of the most significant ways Halloween hairstyles can amplify your costume is by enhancing the authenticity of your character. Whether you're dressing up as a historical figure, a fictional character, or a classic monster, the right hairstyle can instantly make you look the part.

For example, imagine going as Cleopatra without her iconic braided hairstyle and headdress. It just wouldn't feel right. By investing time in recreating such hairstyles, you pay homage to the character and immerse yourself fully into the role.

2. Enhancing Mood and Atmosphere

Halloween is all about creating a certain mood and atmosphere, and your hairstyle plays a significant role in achieving that. A well-thought-out hairstyle can help set the tone for your entire costume.

If you're going for a spooky, haunted look, messy, disheveled hair can add to the eerie vibe. On the other hand, elegant and glamorous hairstyles can complement a more refined character, like a vampire or a witch. Your hairstyle helps tell the story and create the ambiance you desire.

3. Overall Cohesiveness

Halloween hairstyles contribute to the overall cohesiveness of your costume. When everything, from your outfit to your makeup to your hair, aligns with the character or theme you're portraying, it creates a polished and captivating appearance. A cohesive look makes you stand out in a sea of costumes and ensures that people recognize and appreciate the effort you've put into your Halloween transformation.

4. Expressing Creativity

Halloween hairstyles are an opportunity for you to get creative and show off your hairstyling skills. With intricate braids, loud colors, and various fun accessories, you can create unique looks that will really make your costume stand out. You can get creative with different techniques and never be afraid to throw a few fun colors into the mix. Plus, you have many options as accessories can make your Halloween hairstyle fun and add flair – think creatively and be open to trying new things. Ultimately, with so many options at your disposal, your possibilities for Halloween hairstyles are infinite!

12 Best Halloween Hairstyles That Every Black Girl Should Try

After all the planning that goes into choosing the perfect Halloween costume, your hairstyle should not be an afterthought. As a black girl, it can be challenging to find spooky and stylish hairstyles for the occasion. To help you out, below are 12 Halloween hairstyles that are perfect for black girls to try this year. Get ready to slay this Halloween:

1. Butterfly Box Braids

Ready to fly high? Take your upcoming Halloween look to the next level with butterfly hair accessories for Braids. With just a few fetching butterfly hair clips for your braids, you can look enchanting and have everyone at the party gaze in delight. 

butterfly box braids

And, with lovely colors, like lavender and pink to rustic black combination, everyone is sure to drift away with your hair energy. Flaunt your unique style with poise, joyfully shorting, and benefit from its effortless magic. Walk confidently to your party and prepare for the multitude of compliments you'll receive for looking simply glorious. 

2. Clip-in ponytail With Blonde Highlights

Are you looking for inspiration for a long and glamorous hairstyle this Halloween? Transform your look in seconds with Ariana Grande's iconic style: the long blonde ponytail. 

ariana grande's iconic hairstyle

This easy and effective look is made complete with a clip-in extension blended into your naturally long tresses for extra length and volume. Don't have the time or commitment to wear a full wig or extensions? Not a problem. You can still achieve this must-have look with a quick blend of a wig and natural hair. Simply match your own length and texture with a blonde-toned wig, spray with hairspray, and you'll be prepped and ready to show off luscious-length locks. So why not make your Halloween a little more special with Ariana's long, flowing hair?

3. Braided Bun for the Ultimate Warrior Look

Are you looking for an eye-catching Halloween look? Consider channeling your inner powerful warrior princess by embodying the fierce female character Shuri, the princess of Wakanda from Black Panther. 

braided bun for the ultimate warrior look

A braided bun hairstyle is perfect to put the perfect finishing touch on your Shuri cosplay or capture her essence. This hairstyle will give you an elegant and warrior-like vibe and stand out amongst the crowd. Make the look unique with bold headpieces or tribal-inspired jewelry for added personality and flair.

Not just limited to her hair, the look also focuses on capturing Shuri's confident attitude. So be sure to put an extra likeness with some added confidence and confidence. Rock this hairstyle with style, and you'll surely feel like the warrior princess that you are!

4. Carved Out Undercut 

An undercut is a bold choice that can be extended to fit the spirit of Halloween. The back or sides of your head can be responsibly shaved into whatever design you like; try out a subtle spider web, an eerie skull mood, or any other unique shape that comes to mind! 

carved out undercut

You can make this hairstyle even brighter and creepier with temporary hair color, forming crests of vibrant or creepy colors over the shaved parts of your head. You'll get the opportunity to wear a unique hairstyle for this duration, and nowadays, you can indulge in these piercing or teasing designs without having to commit to them forever.

At the end of the day, the only lasting reminder of your experience would be the photos that you've taken. Make sure to capture all your head design's unique, spooky features and stock them up to last you all season.

5. Madonna Locs That'll Thrill

A lot of popular Halloween costumes tend to be of powerful, iconic figures. One such influential and legendary figure is Madonna. This look will definitely help you channel her vivacious personality and everlasting style.

 madonna locs

  • Begin by spritzing on a layer of heat protectant spray over your hair without failing to include the tips. 
  • Follow up with winding single or double rows of hair in fine sections around a curling wand. Once you've completed curling all sections, run your fingers lightly through the spirals and tousle loosely to create those signature waves Madonna is known for. 
  • Then, style a side part and tuck one side of your hair behind your ear for an asymmetrical finish. Add a crown or headband with jewels or pearls to make it even more authentic. Finish it off with a pink or red lipstick and lots of attitude!

6. 90s-inspired Blue Space Buns

Whether you love it or not, the 90s are making a strong comeback, and they're here to stay. Embrace the nostalgia with a 90s-inspired Blue Space Buns Hair for Halloween. 

90s-inspired blue space buns

This retro look features playful blue space buns that capture the essence of the 90s fashion era. To complete the look, pair it with your favorite vintage tee for an authentic blast from the past. 

It's a fun and trendy way for Black women to celebrate Halloween while indulging in a touch of 90s nostalgia. Get ready to rock those space buns and transport yourself back in time for a memorable Halloween. We guarantee you'll be the coolest person at the party.

7. Harley Quinn Afro Pigtails

One of the coolest female characters in comic book history, Harley Quinn, is known for her iconic pigtails. There's no more fashionable way to show your appreciation for this beloved character than to have afro pigtails on Halloween. For black women, it's the perfect go-to statement hairstyle that's easy to achieve and super low-maintenance. 

harley quinn afro pigtails

All you have to do is part your hair on the sides and braid it into large pigtails, making sure you secure it at the ends with a bright string.

Finish off the look with her signature red or pink lipstick and lots of attitude, and you'll be ready to take on any Halloween party in style, looking like a gorgeous (not to mention intimidating) version of the beloved supervillain! 

8. Spooky Cascading Curls

The spookiest night of the year has arrived – step up your costume game with unforgettable hair. 

spooky cascading curls

  • Achieve this haunted hairstyle with minimal effort by curling your hair away from your face. Every witch needs her magical locks.
  • Start by sectioning off small parts of hair and donning a curling wand. For something extra special, try sprinkling a few long, dark-colored hair extensions throughout.
  • Mix and match until you've achieved the perfect cascading wall of curls that'll be nice to look at and nice to touch.
  • Give the hairstyle a 'spirited' edge by adding expressive accents of colors you love.
  • After styling, give a noticeable spritz of silkening spray for a long-lasting hold and mesmerizing shine. This look will guarantee you an entrancing entrance to any Halloween bash!

9. Afro Buns for the Intergalactic Princess Look

The simplicity of Princess Leia's iconic hairstyle has made it a favorite for Halloween since the film Star Wars debuted in 1977. 

afro buns for the intergalactic princess look

  • To recreate the timeless 'do for costume action this spooky season, part your hair down the middle and create two high ponytails on each side.
  • Twist each ponytail into a bun before securing it with bobby pins. 
  • Give your look something special by adding silver hair clips or a sparkly touch with extra glitter for an otherworldly effect.

If you're ready, in a few easy steps and minimal effort, you can be beaming the galaxy with intergalactic princess vibes! So slip on your black cloak and get ready for some Halloween mischief – the power of Princess Leia's afro buns is sure to be a hit! Wishing you a happy and adventurous Halloween!

10. Half-Up, Half-Down For the Water Bending Heroine Look

Are you a fan of Katara from The Last Airbender? This beloved character is famous for her strong water-bending skills and stunning half-up, half-down hairstyle. 

half-up half-down for the water bending heroine look

  • If you have black, curly hair, you can easily recreate her incredible look! Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle and part your hair down the center.
  • Then, to get ultimate hydration and definition, apply a moisturizing set.
  • Take the top section of your hair and draw it together at the crown of your head into a ponytail. Fasten it with a hair tie and let the rest of your hair hang loose in its beautiful curls. 
  • Take it one step further for Katara's full effect with some stunning extensions – choose beads, clips, ribbons, or any other classic hair adornment.

This style will make you look and feel like you are up for taking on any challenge life throws at you – not to mention you'll look fab all the while!

11. Mini Mouse Disney-Inspired Puffs

Becoming a beloved Disney character isn't always easy, but when it comes to achieving the iconic Mini Mouse look, it's all in the details. 

mini mouse disney-inspired puffs

  • To get the perfect style, you'll need two perfectly round puffs at the top of your head, and that's where the Essentials Accessories Pack comes in handy.
  • With a few simple steps, quickly achieve secure and snag-free puffs.
  • Finish the look off with a red dress with a murderous bow in the center of your "do, and you'll be ready to give everyone cuteness overload. 

Mini Mouse's sweet, recognizable look is an adorable basic for spicing up any Halloween costume or just everyday fun. Don't forget to add those puffs and sprinkle a little Minnie-inspired flair into your life!

12. Blue Blooms & Braids That WOW

This Halloween, wow with this stunning and unique braided hairstyle! Braiding is the perfect way to protect your locks from the autumn weather, and these beautiful blue flowers add an extra touch of elegance.

  • To recreate this look, start by parting your hair down the middle. 
  • Then, take a section from the front and braid it back towards one of the ears, repeating the same thing on the other side.
  • For the ultimate flashy flair, take two small sections from each side of the braids and twist them together. 
  • Finally, delicately add some blue flowers throughout the hairdo for a hint of color and extra texture.

With this flattering and mesmerizing hairstyle, you'll surely turn heads at your next Halloween party! Get your hair products ready and master this artful braid in no time. Happy braiding!

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Long Straight Natural Black Wig

613 blonde straight wig

613 Blonde Straight Wig

613/4 blonde brown ombre wig

613/4 Blonde Brown Ombre Lace Wig

ginger orange body wave wig

Ginger Orange Body Wave Wig

In A Nutshell

So, are you ready to make this Halloween the best one yet by rocking any of these amazing hairstyles? We think these 12 Trending Halloween Hairstyles for Black Women will make you look stunning and ready to turn heads on Halloween night. 

Whether you are going for a sweet and feminine look or a badass warrior look with a braided bun, there is something for everyone in this selection of looks - so don't be afraid to try them! And while you're doing your classic trick-or-treating or attending a spooky party, take some pictures of your amazing style so you can share it with all your friends. Be creative and become THE queen of Halloween 2023 – we're here cheering you on!

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