10 Best Graduation Hairstyles For Black Girls

graduation hairstyles

Girls, congratulations on graduating soon!

Graduation is a day filled with laughter, joy, and happiness, as you celebrate your accomplishments with family and friends. The day marks the end of an era in your life and the beginning of a new chapter.

So, on such a special occasion, you deserve to glam up and look great. If not for anything, for yourself.

We've collated a few graduation-worthy hairstyles you can rock on that day because it can be daunting to select from a wide variety of hairstyles as a black girl. This is us saving you the stress so you can focus on other areas that need your attention.

Now, let's get right & into the list!

1. Flexi-rod Curls

Flex rods are must-have hair essential tools.  With them, you can look chic and elegant for your graduation as they’ll give your hair some beautiful curls that will bounce with you as you walk to the stage for your certificate. While it can be hard to define your curls at first, you will improve as time goes by.

When you style your hair with flex rods, the curls can last up to three to five days. However, make sure you go to bed with a satin bonnet.

So, how do you style? If you'll be styling your flexi-rod curls yourself, here's how you can achieve them:

  • - Wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • - Apply leave-in conditioner and section your hair.
  • - Use some curl-defining cream on each section and roll them around the rods. You should let them stay for two hours or more before removing them.

2. Natural Afro

Natural Afro

Are you natural hair girly? If you are, this is for you- natural afro. Rocking your natural afro to your graduation is unique and beautiful. You can add some curls to your natural hair, or leave it combed out naturally. Be proud of it and wear it elegantly.

If you love to wear your natural afro, here is how you can:

Wash your hair and let it air dry. For those who would like some curls, add gel to your wet hair so it defines your hair. Once it's dry, use a comb to lift the root of your hair (you are not coming it all out). Do this till it's all round and looking full.

Guys, here is a tutorial on how to secure graduation cap on your natural hair.

@__tizzie__ Graduation Cap 4 Afro hair 👩‍🎓 For those who were curious or questioned how I did it - here’s how I secured my Graduation Cap onto my head for my chosen Hairstyle (wig).Overall, mission successful - 👩‍🎓Also… I graduated 🤪•••••••••• #graduation #graduationcapforafrohair #graduated #graduationuk #greendress #greengraduationdress #afrograduation #london #londonist #afrohair #washandgohair #type4hair #naturalhairuk #naturalhairbloggers #naturalhairstyles #afrowig #washandgowig #protectivestyle #portsmouthuni #4bcurls #4acurls #finenaturalhair #washandgo #curlyhairstyles #curlyhair #afrolondon#uknaturalhair ♬ Music For a Sushi Restaurant - Harry Styles

3. Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail

A bubble ponytail is one of the trendiest looks you can wear to your graduation. It's also a cute hairstyle you can twin with your best friend if you want to.

The ponytail appears cute and playful yet it's elegant enough for your special occasion. So, don't delay further in purchasing your extensions and prepping them for the big day.

To style your bubble ponytail, use some ribbons to section your hair extensions. Make sure it looks like the bubble ponytail in the picture above. Now, pack your hair with a hair elastic and wrap your bubble ponytail around it. Set your ponytail below so your graduation cap can sit on your hair conveniently. With gel, lay your edges to finish up your look.

4. Big Twists

Big Twists

You can protect your hair and be chic at the same time with the big twist hairstyle. The big twist hairstyle is a gorgeous, protective style that will keep your hair safe while serving you beauty on your graduation. It's a style that stands out, making bold statements with the size.

Since the big twists can last up to two weeks, don't bother thinking of losing it immediately after your ceremony. You should take it out when it's getting old.

For this hairstyle, you'll need your braiding hair extensions, rattail comb, gel, and hairspray. While you can plait this hairstyle yourself, it might be stressful for you (depending on the length you want). So, you should visit a hairstylist with a picture of your inspiration.

5. Loose Waves for Graduation

Loose Waves for Graduation

Your pictures are about to be epic with the loose waves hairstyle. The hairstyle is a statement-making hairstyle that screams beauty.

But let's take a rewind and start with the waves. The waves are bouncy and voluminous. It's no surprise that you will look fabulous with them. While they are loose, the waves will perfect your style, giving you everything you want in a graduation hairstyle.

Let's take you through the styling process:

  • Wear your pre everything wig and make sure it sits properly.
  • Section it in parts and style each with your barrel curling iron.
  • Let the iron stay for a few seconds before removing your hair. 
  • Now, style your edges and spray your hair.

6. Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail

A quick and easy hairstyle you can style a few hours before your graduation is the low ponytail. The low ponytail hairstyle requires a few minutes of your time to style and takes the whole time you wear it to slay.

It's simple, convenient, and effortless but stunning for events. So, go get your extensions and shine on that day.

As we've said, styling the low ponytail is easy. Follow these steps to style yours:

  • Comb your natural hair and pack it together with a hair elastic. Make sure it's low so it looks like the picture above. You can side part yours, middle part, or pack without any parting.
  • Now, attach your extensions to your hair and secure it with bobby pins. 
  • Once it's well placed, gel your edges and run your fingers through the extensions to make it fuller.

7. Colorful Faux Locs

Colorful Faux Locs

There are a variety of colorful faux locs you can choose to wear for your graduation. You may want to lean towards warm hues, so why not choose a fall color? Colors like brown, caramel, and brunette. They'll suit the graduation vibe and look effortlessly amazing throughout. Moreover, you can wear this hairstyle for long. That's because the locs look good even as they get older.

For your graduation ceremony, you can choose to accessorize with some clips, and beads to suit your overall appearance. If that's not what you want, letting it flow freely is as much beautiful as well.

8. Half-Up Loose Fishtail Braid

Half-Up Loose Fishtail Braid

Do you have a gorgeous long wig you wish to style? Then go for the half-up loose fishtail braid. It's a classy hairstyle that will make you stand out peculiarly at the ceremony. If you hope to use a shorter-length wig, you can too. So, be sure that the fishtail braid will add some gorgeousness to your overall hairstyle.

To style,

  • Section the upper part of your straight wig or curly wig and use a hair tie to hold the half down.
  • Pick the front section and start plaiting your fishtail braid.
  • Once you've braided, use a hair elastic to tie it so it doesn't loose.
  • Add finishing touches to your hair. That's it!

9. Blunt Cut Bob Wig

Blunt Cut Bob Wig

Here's another wig look that won't disappoint- the blunt-cut bob wigWhatever your mood is on that day, this hairstyle will make you feel feminine, classy, and the star that you are.

The hairstyle is a game changer when it comes to looks. And you won't have to worry about the hours of styling or anything else regarding your hair.

You just need to put it on and you're good to go. With a blunt-cut bob wig, your look becomes lovely and you will feel like a million bucks.

You can switch things up by going for a colorful one or opt for a blunt bob with highlights.

10. Braided Crown

Braided Crown

A super easy-to-style hairstyle you'll love is the braided crown. While it is simple, it's beautiful and unlike the hairstyles we've listed so far. The braided crown will give you a graceful appearance, meeting your expectations as it should.

There are different ways you can style this hairstyle, but here is one you can follow to achieve yours:

  • Gel your hairline to become flat so that it does not stick out after braiding your hair. You can do this for the back as well.
  • Divide your hair at the crown of your hair and brush the front section forward.
  • Now, with your hair extensions, start braiding a few inches behind your ear (You are braiding from the back section to the front). Make sure you plait all your hair neatly. You don't want any hair sticking out later.
  • Tuck the hair away after you've braided it completely. You can put it under the bottom and sew it so it does not show. Another way is to place it on top and tuck it. Or if what's left is short, you can fold and connect to the braid you started plaiting from.

And these are the gorgeous graduation hairstyles we have for you.

We're glad to support you as you celebrate your journey so far in school. You deserve accolades, and we give them to you.

As you journey ahead, we wish you all the best and hope you can celebrate more wins. So, keep winning!

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