Deep Wave Hairstyles

deep wave hairstyles

When you are bored with your sleek straight hairstyles, you may want to make some changes to your hair textures, adding waves to your silky hair is one choice. The Deep Wave hairstyle can change your look from mediocre to stunning. 

Have you just purchased a deep wave wig and wondering what hairstyles you can do? Rest assured, there are tons of styles you can opt for.

The deep-wave hair extensions have a smooth, tight-lock movement. While it's deeper than body waves, it's less tight than deep curls. You can have a versatile, stunning, and luxurious look using the deep wave hair.

Check out some deep-wave hairstyles you must try below.

1. Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is a trendy hairstyle that showcases your facial features well enough. It's a ready hairstyle you can rock for your events and won't be lacking. The lengthy tresses flow at your back while the front is in a ponytail. You can style this by yourself.

How to achieve this: 

  • Simply divide the hair into two sections, the front and the back.
  • Comb the back side to flow freely, then pull the front side into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.
  • Get your edges done well. And you're good to go!

2. Space Buns

Space Buns

Are you in for a fun hairstyle? The space buns are the right choice for you. It is a creative hairstyle that has been around for some time. It's easy and can be achieved following a few steps.

How to achieve this: 

  • First, decide if you'll like all your waves into buns or leave some tresses behind. 
  • Then, divide your hair into two. This time, part from the front to the back or middle of your hair.
  • Once that is done, put your hair into a hair band and wrap it to form a bun. Do this for the second bun as well. That's it! You have two stylish space buns.

3. Wet Looks

Wet Looks

Would you like to go for a sleek appearance? Then, choose the wet look, deep waves wet looks. Are you aware that you can simply apply products and water to achieve this look? Of course, you can! Get a wet look gel and use it generously.

Once it's well-saturated, comb properly and slay! You can choose this look for long, short, or medium-length deep-wave hair.

4. Retro Deep Waves

Retro Deep Waves

A lustrous, and luminous hairstyle that's simple yet classy is the retro deep waves. You can rock this classic Hollywood glam on any occasion and be the center of attention. It speaks sophistication and exudes an elegant charm no one can resist.

How to achieve this:

To style the retro deep waves, use a curling iron to create a smooth and sleek middle part. Your flat iron can come in handy too. Be careful to get the part flat for a gorgeous look.

5. High Bun, Half Down Deep Waves

High Bun, Half Down Deep Waves

The half bun, half down deep waves is a chic hairstyle that gives off a romantic flair. For this hairstyle, your face remains the center of attention but, the cascading waves can't go unnoticed. The styling is easy but requires precision to get a gorgeous outcome.

How to achieve this:

  • Section your hair into two parts. The first part is for the bun, while the other part will be left alone.
  • Keep your bun secured properly with some pins if necessary. You can spray for extra shine and texture.

6. Braids with Freeflow Deep Waves

Braids with Freeflow Deep Waves

You can create a versatile look with the braids with free-flow deep waves. You may want the idea of braids with your deep waves. Try this.

How to achieve this:

  • It's simple. You are braiding two sections of the front part of your hair in two directions. The back part flows freely.
  • Make use of a straightener for a flat effect before braiding.
  • Divide the front to create a middle parting and braid towards the outer direction.

7. Ombre Loose Deep Wave

Ombre Loose Deep Wave

The ombre loose deep waves combine the beauty of two colors with the looseness of the waves. You can add gorgeousness to your waves while it complements your skin perfectly. It is a dynamic and attention-grabbing hairstyle that creates a stylish appearance.

It can be your choice if you prefer two-color deep waves. You can further style this into a bun, or ponytail or let it loose to flow in the wind.

8. Deep Waves with Side Part

Deep Waves with Side Part

Embrace the deep waves with a side part for a trendy appearance. This style features a side part that allows some side framing on one part. While the hair is let loose, the waves gently cascade over your shoulder to your back.

You can rock this to a casual event or a formal one. It's elegant and sophisticated.

How to achieve this:

To achieve this look, section your hair at one side of your face. You can go with either the left or the right. So simply create a parting. It could be straight, or curvy as seen in the image above.

9. Deep Wave Bob

Deep Wave Bob

Do you want a modern twist to the deep waves? Opt for the deep waves bob. The hairstyle is short to the shoulders or chin but as voluminous as a lengthier one. It is a gorgeous choice you can rock if you want a low-maintenance deep-wave but chic as usual.

The Bob can be flattering and alluring yet easy to style.

How to achieve this:

So, how do you style? Add a few accessories to some strands, use a headband, or create a wet look with water. With its full texture at your fingertips, there's no style you can't rock.

10. Accessorized Deep Waves

Accessorized Deep Waves

Accessorized deep waves give you an elevated, sophisticated look. You can enhance your style by adding a few accessories to your hair. It's playful and free-spirited but unique, trendy, and classy at the same time.

Add a few clips, or decorative pins to your hair strands and you will love it! 

The style allows you to be creative. So do as you like. You can add a few braids like in the image above or go with the hair strands alone.

11. High Volume Deep Waves

High Volume Deep Waves

Want some volume? The high-volume, deep waves hairstyle is a hairstyle with much height. It is a dramatic and voluminous hairstyle you can achieve with a curling iron.

With the tool, you'll be pushing the root outward for the added texture. In addition, you can also get this look by purchasing a high-density deep wave wig. It's a perfect style that exudes class making you confident and eye-catching.

12. Braided Front Deep Waves

Unlike the freeflow deep wave, this hairstyle includes more braids at the front of your hair. You can experiment to see how much you will love it.

The braided front deep waves allow beautifully sectioned cornrows on your deep waves hair. Since it combines braids and waves, it screams uniqueness and creativity.

It can be your ideal choice for any event while adding depth and movement to your overall look. Add accessories you like for a more playful look.

13. Cascading Deep Waves

Cascading Deep Waves

Your look can become elegant and romantic with the cascading deep waves hairstyle. It's a style that focuses on the texture, volume, and movement of the waves. You can opt for this hairstyle for an enchanting appearance. It's perfect for occasions and appears very graceful.

It'll be best to visit a hair salon for the styling. However, you can achieve it by creating waves in your hair using a curling iron.

14. The Deep Waves Side Low Ponytail

Are you looking for a perfect hairstyle suitable for any event? Wear the deep waves low ponytail. This hairstyle is an ideal option for a casual, or formal outing with low maintenance. While you can just create a low ponytail in the middle, putting it to a side creates a different preference. It's unique, creative, and simple to achieve.

How to achieve this:

You can achieve this style with gel, mousse, pins, and a hair tie. Create a side part at the front of your hair. Swoop it towards the other side till it reaches your back. Next, pull it into a ponytail and tie it. Wrap around with some hair extensions to cover the hair band. With gel, flatten the front of your hair, and your hairline.

15. Colorful Deep Waves

You can become vibrant with a colorful, deep waves hairstyle. It is easily achieved and can take the regular middle or side parting.

Don't be limited. You have an array of colors to select from. So, create a striking look with your choice. Choose what suits your skin tone and what you love.

16. Deep Waves with Bangs

Are you a fan of bangs? This look is for you. The bangs with deep waves are a classy choice for anyone who wants a modern and chic look.

This hairstyle influences your overall appearance adding a youthful touch to your style.

While you can add a straight hair extension to your hairstyle, you can also use deep-wave hair to create this look. It's simply versatile and stunning. You can go for a blunt bang, wispy, or side-swept bang.

There you have it! 16 deep waves hairstyle for an amazing and gorgeous look. Which of these hairstyles will you be trying next? Leave it in the comment section below.

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