13 Hottest Coachella Hairstyles in 2024

coachella hairstyles

Coachella allows you to hear your favorite music and see artists you love. But it's also a place where you go wild with your fashion and hairstyles. Even wear hairstyles you never think of wearing in the real world.

While all this is possible, it takes a lot of planning to choose the perfect outfit, accessories, and hairstyle that match the excitement and fun. So, let's help you select a Coachella hairstyle.

The 2024 Coachella Music Festival has passed, have you gotten any hairstyle inspiration from it? If you're unaware, Coachella hairstyles are more than just flower crowns. Here are 13 Coachella hairstyles you can get creative with below.

1. Hair Clips

festival hairstyle with hair clips

Hair clips do the magic when it comes to elevating your hairstyle for Coachella. These accessories remind you that you can look good with minimal effort.

Are you prepared to transform your Coachella hairstyle? Then, get some hair clips for your look. A few colorful ones will do. Place them on each side of your hair. It should take you a few minutes to get done with this. And voila!

If you can't get some colorful hair clips, you can use bobby pins. They are as fashionable as hair clips.

2. Boho Coachella Hairstyle

Boho Coachella Hairstyle

Make your hair fascinating with the Boho Coachella hairstyle. While it's more of a cool vibe hairstyle, it's one of the finest hairstyles to wear for a music festival.

The Boho Coachella hairstyle allows you to wear your hair in a braid and wavy style. Divide your hair into two, then part the front sides and braid. You want to get the hair around the crown of your head into each side of the braid.

While you braid, make it neat but not very neat. You want it to appear messy and stylish. The last thing is to finish it up with a few hair accessories to make it more ravishing.

3. Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Braids

If you think the double Dutch braids are out of styleyou're wrong. These braids are very much around and look great for a festival. With them, you can leave with a style that's not out of place after much dancing. Plus, they give you stylish Boho waves when you lose them the next morning.

Not in the mood for two Dutch braids? It's alright. You can get as much as you like. Go for three or four for a more daring yet chic style.

More than you can imagine, this style is easy to achieve. Add in the threads and tie the ends off with it.

4. Messy Fishtail Braid with Medium Hair

Messy Fishtail Braid with Medium Hair

Fishtail braids are one of the festivals' most romantic, elegant, and fun hairstyles. They can make you look perfect for the weekend and enjoy the fun throughout. So, in the spirit of festivals, style the messy fishtail braid with medium hair for a functional and gorgeous hairstyle.

It's the chicest look you can wear if you have medium hair. While it's simple to achieve, it's stylish for Coachella. So go for it!

When styling, stick to making it look messy, that adds to the beauty of the hairstyle.

5. Double Bubble Pigtails

Double Bubble Pigtails

Would you love to go for a fun, playful, and girly vibe? Great! The double bubble Pigtails should be your number one hairstyle choice. It gives off that energy and looks good on short and long hair.

To prepare your hair for this style, wash your hair a day before the festival because it works better with a second-day washed hair. Are you worried? Don't be, it'll be fascinating.

Now, on the day of the event, part your hair in two parts and tie each into a pigtail. Use some hair elastic to create the bubbles in your pigtails, and there you have it-double bubble pigtails.

For gals who want it long and voluminous, add extensions to your hair to create the look.

6. Hair Rings

coachella hairstyle with hair rings

Apart from styling your hair with a crown (we know people are tired of those hairstyles), choosing to rock some hair rings is the next lovely thing you can do to your hair. And you can go wild with your hair accessories for music festivals.

So, choose some hair rings for your hair and adorn them with it. You can have your braided half part and the rest flowing freely in the wind. Then, add the rings to the braided section for some spicing up. If not, include glitters in your hair for extra beauty. You may have seen celebrities like Miley Cyrus do this.

7. Bohemian, Textured Waves

Bohemian, Textured Waves

Your next Coachella look will be happy you went with this. The Boho Coachella hairstyle does not go wrong on anyone. It's pretty and essential for whoever loves to look classy for the festival. The Boho hairstyle gives an “I'm effortless and chic” vibe even with the little messines you can spot.

You can style this with your curling iron, comb, and hairspray.

First, go in with your tool and curl your hair, making sure it does not look too neat. Comb those waves a little so they look textured and full. If you think your hair is not very full, you can add extensions to your hair for a better result. The last thing to do is to spray your hair.

8. Rainbow Fishtail Braid with Twisted Bun

Getting creative with your hairstyle makes it unique and gorgeous for Coachella. If you're unable to get the colors of the rainbow, it's okay. Get other colors of extensions. Just make sure it's colorful.

Twist them using the fishtail technique and keep them aside. (Remember to leave space at the top for your bun). Now, pack your hair into a ponytail. You can make use of gel so it is flat and sleek. Use a hair tie to hold your hair in place, then attach your twisted fishtail to your hair.

9. Long Pastel Rainbow Braids

Long Pastel Rainbow Braids

Who would look good in long, Pastel Rainbow braids? That's you, yes, you! You can rock some colorful braids to the festival for a fun experience. It's chic, bold, and beautiful.

Maybe you have always limited your styles for Coachella. Well, here's a breathtaking hairstyle to launch a new and fresh start.

You can have this in box braids, but make sure it pops with a few colors. Add some pink, blue, and white. You'll love it, and there won't be any dull moments with it.

10.Two Pigtail Braids

Two Pigtail Braids

Two Pigtail braids are one of the easy-to-wear hairstyles for festivals. It's a timeless hairstyle that fits into almost all settings. So, why not rock it for Coachella?

Although it might look basic, it's not. If so, add some colors and accessories to elevate the look. Make sure you play around with it. You'll be happy you did. Lastly, pair this festival hairstyle with a cute, pretty dress. It's perfect!

11. Pull Through Braid

Pull Through Braid

Now, it's clear that nothing looks more beautiful than a creative hairstyle. The pull-through braid is an example of one.

While it's similar to a fishtail braid, the pattern follows a regular braid. It is like the three-braiding method, but this unique twist is pulled through, making it voluminous. Using your hair to achieve this look might not give you the best result, especially if your hair is not voluminous. So, add extensions to your hair. They'll make it lengthy and voluminous, perfect for music festivals.

The hairstyle is a good choice for the hot weather as it keeps your hair away from your face. You can put your hair into a ponytail first before you choose to get it braided.

12. Blonde Wavy Layered Hair With Curtain Bangs

Blonde Wavy Layered Hair With Curtain Bangs

Rock your natural hair to the festival for a simple and fashionable style. While the hairstyle is easy and takes little effort, it's stunning and looks good for Coachella.

So, if you have beautiful blonde hair, here's a hairstyle just for you. All you have to do is take a trip to the salon to add some layers and waves to your blonde hair. If you don't, try to purchase a blonde curtain bang wig.

But before the music festival, refresh your hair with a comb, hairspray, and your fingers. And you're all set.

13. Buns with Braids

Buns with Braids

Have you got a few minutes to get ready? No problem! Buns with Braids are easy to achieve within minutes.

Gather your supplies, and let's get you a worthy hairstyle for this festival. Don't worry, you won't miss the performance of your favorite DJ.

  • With a rattail comb, divide your buns and braid section from the rest of your hair.
  • Then, use a hair tie to hold the areas you won't be working with.
  • Pick your rattail comb again and part the section you'll love to braid into two.
  • Braid each of them and roll their ends to form a cute small bun.
  • You can tie them with a hair elastic or use scrunchies to further beautify your hair.

Honestly, it is the perfect hairstyle to wear if you have thin and short hair. So, do not waste time on this.

That's it, girls! A few Coachella hairstyles that leave you feeling spectacular. Let us know which of these hairstyles is your favorite and which one of them you'll try first.

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