13 Closure Hairstyles You Must Try In 2024

What is a stunning natural-looking low-manipulation hairstyle without closures?

When you think of closure hairstyles, you think of natural beauty and convenience. Closures are one of the leading hairstyles in the world of hair extensions. They help you achieve a natural look with hair extensions easily.

Most black women will likely opt for a closure hairstyle because it allows them to achieve flawless natural hair without manipulating or adding tension to their natural hair.

There are different closure hairstyles for a variety of occasions. If you don’t know the closure hairstyle that fits you, continue reading.

In this article, you will see a list of closure hairstyles and learn how to install and care for your closure hairs.

What Is A Closure Hairstyle?

What Is A Closure Hairstyle

Closure hairstyles refer to the hairstyles that are styled by lace closure or closure wig. You may choose to achieve closure hairstyles with the sew-in method or just put on a closure wig.

How to Install A Closure Hair Piece?

Closure hair pieces give you a natural look without stress. However, how beautiful your closure hair looks largely depends on the installation. A poorly installed closure hair won’t look good, but a well-installed closure will look stunning.

Let’s see how you can properly install a closure hair.

There are two ways to install a closure hair piece. You can use the sew-in or adhesive tape/glue method. Your preferred installation method depends on the style you wish to achieve.

The sew-in method works great for full sew-in hairstyles and wig closure installation. While the adhesive tape/ glue method works well if you are installing the closure wig directly on your head.

Since most of the hairstyles we will be listing are achieved with closure wigs, we will show you how to install a closure hair piece using glue. Follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Clean your skin

This is one of the most important steps in installing a closure hair piece using glue. Cleaning the skin around your head (where the closure will be placed) will ensure the hair extension sits firm on your head.

It also helps to prevent skin irritation around the area. You can clean your skin with alcohol or your regular facial cleanser to get rid of specks of dirt, oil, sweat, and product build-ups.

Step 2: Place a mesh wig cap on your head

While some people skip this process, it helps to prevent direct contact with the glue on your natural hair.

Position the wig cap to match your hairline. Secure the wig cap with glue and cut off the excess cap. Cut off the wig cap’s elastic band and adjust till you get your preferred hairline.

This step helps you keep stray hair and bumps from your natural hair in place to give your closure a flat natural look.

Step 3: Place the closure hair piece on your head.

Place the closure wig on your head to match the wig cap you had installed earlier. You want the closure hairpiece and the wig cap to match your hairline.

Step 4: Secure the closure hair piece on your head

Once you have placed the wig cap and the closure hair piece on your head, it is time to secure the hair to your head.

To do this, slightly lift the closure hair piece to reveal the secured wig cap. Now, take a brush to apply glue around your hairline. Place the closure hairpiece on the hairline and press down to glue.

Tie an elastic band around your hairline and wait for the glue to get dried. If you want to create baby hairs with your closure hair piece, then you need to do that before using the elastic band.

Step 5: Style as desired

You can loosen the elastic band, and put your closure wig in your preferred style.

Now you know how to install a closure hairpiece, let’s take a look at some gorgeous closure hairstyles you should try out.

13 Cute Closure Hairstyles You Should Try Out

Create a classy look with these closure hairstyle inspirations. Consider your skin tone and face shape before choosing your favorite closure hairstyle.

Take a look at this stunning closure hairstyle idea.

1. Middle Part Closure Wig Hairstyle

Middle Part Closure Wig Hairstyle

The middle part is one of the best hairstyles for closure hair pieces. With the middle part hairstyle, you can install your closure hairpiece without adhesive tapes or glues. You can throw on a middle-part closure wigand you are good to go with a little brushing and styling.

Middle part closure hairstyle is the get-up-and-go style in the world of closure hairstyles. It is versatile and easy to manage. This closure hairstyle works for almost every face shape, although, you might modify the style if you have an oblong face shape.

2. Burgundy Red Deep Wave Closure Wig Hairstyle

Burgundy Red Deep Wave Closure Wig Hairstyle

If you want a relaxed yet sophisticated clean appearance, the 8x5 deep wave closure wig is your top choice. This hairstyle was made to express the freedom of the beach weave.

You can wear this closure wig hairstyle on the side, middle, or the C-curve parts. It is also easy to style and maintain.

3. Classic Bob Closure Wig Hairstyle

Classic Bob Closure Wig Hairstyle

The Bob hairstyle has been trending since the 80s and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Nothing beats the polished look of a sleek-down bob wig closure hairstyle. This hairstyle can be worn for any occasion (party, formal setting, wedding, or informal outing).

Wearing a properly installed and well-styled bob wig closure is a comfortable way to exude sophistication.

This closure wig hairstyle is perfect for reducing facial length for an oblong face shape. If you have a round face shape, a blunt-cut bob is a better option.

4. Kinky Straight Closure Wig Hairstyle

Kinky Straight Closure Wig Hairstyle

The kinky hair closure wig hairstyle is every black girl’s top pick. This hairstyle gives you the goodness of afro-textured hair and the sleekness of straight hair all at once.

If you are a curly-haired girl who wants to wear something that looks like your natural hair, try out the kinky straight-closure wig. This closure wig is beautiful and subtle if you don’t want the boldness of a full afro.

5. Bangs Closure Wig Hairstyles

Bangs Closure Wig Hairstyles

Closure wigs with bangs are a cute hairstyle anyone can rock. If you don’t like laying baby hairs around your hairline, then this hairstyle is a top pick. It is stylish, simple, and elegant. This closure hairstyle fits people with big foreheads because it conceals them perfectly.

Also, if you have a long face, this hairstyle is a great way to reduce facial length, especially at the top of the face.

What better way to embrace style and your unique personality than wearing a closure wig with bangs? It is stylish, bold, versatile, trendy, and gorgeous.

6. Braid Closure Wig Hairstyle

Braid Closure Wig Hairstyle

The braid closure wig hairstyle is one of the common braid closure hairstyles. This closure hairstyle is simple, stylish, and expressive.

This hairstyle is a great option for people who are active almost throughout the day. This is another wear-and-go closure hairstyle. You are good to go with a little or no styling.

7. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs

For people who want to show part hairline naturally, curtain bangs closure wigs are a wise choice. They are more affordable than a frontal wig with a large lace size.

The curtain bangs closure wig featured a middle-parted bang that flatters all face shapes.

8. Bridal Low Bun With Long Fringe Closure Hairstyle

ridal Low Bun With Long Fringe Closure Hairstyle

If you want to rock a protective hairstyle on your big day, then a this hairstyle is for you. All you need to do is - work with a professional hairstylist who would style it to appear bridal.

Closure wigs are a great option for your wedding because they are more convenient to install and take down compared to other hairstyles like sew-in and braids.

Closure hairstyles for brides are expressive, stylish, and all shades of cute. This hairstyle can be worn at both weddings, dinners, and formal events.

9. Blonde Highlight Color Beach Wave Lace Closure Hairstyle

Blonde Highlight Color Beach Wave Lace Closure Hairstyle

A neck-length blonde highlight closure wig hairstyle shows the beauty of closure wigs. If you want to add some color to your regular closure hairstyles, then this is a great option.

This closure hairstyle is an all-time beauty. It is great for outdoor events, parties, concerts, etc. Your dress and makeup are what adapt this closure hairstyle to a specific event. If you want to stand out beautifully, then try out this closure hairstyle.

This closure hairstyle suits people with a light skin tone. It also flatters the oval and oblong face shape perfectly.

10. Long Curly Closure Wig Hairstyle

long curly closure wig hairstyle

Curly hair is a great addition to every girl’s wig collection. If you have naturally curly hair, then this closure hairstyle is a great way for you to embrace the style.

If you love hairstyles with volume, try wearing a curly closure wig. You can sleek down the edges of a curly closure wig to make it appear more natural, and style it to fit your occasion.

This closure hairstyle fits almost every face shape.

11. Pixie Cut Closure Wig Hairstyle

Pixie Cut Closure Wig Hairstyle

Pixie cut is an all-time lovely hairstyle, especially for black women. Wearing a pixie cut closure wig takes it to another level. That is because the closure makes it look more natural than the regular pixie cut.

With a pixie cut closure wig, you easily rock your pixie cut with the natural feel of a low cut. This hairstyle is simple, yet stylish.

If you don’t feel comfortable with hair on your body, try out the pixie cut closure wig.

12. 613 Blonde Layered Cut Closure Wig

613 Blonde Layered Cut Closure Wig

The layered middle parted straight closure wig provides your natural & stunning vibe whether you hang out with friends or in the workplace.

13. Half up Half down ponytail with Hair Bow

Half up Half down ponytail with Hair Bow

Half up half down hairstyle is perfect for closure wigs, whether you choose long buss down straight hair or short curly hair, all bring a charming vibe. You can wear this hairstyle at your birthday party or graduation ceremony to showcase your beauty and confidence.

Don't forget to add an important hair accessory - a hair bowit's just so cute and evaluates your style to a new level!

Final Thoughts!

Wearing a closure hairpiece piece is a quick way to achieve a natural look with hair extensions. A closure wig elevates your look like your natural hair would. The difference is that it allows you to look good while keeping your natural hair free from manipulation.

No doubt, closure hair extensions are beautiful. However, proper care and installation will determine how great it will appear.

Are you ready to try out a closure hairstyle today? You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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