How Cinnamon Hair Color Looks Like On Dark Skin?

How Cinnamon Hair Color Looks Like On Dark Skin

Do you love the cinnamon hair color and wonder how it will look on your dark skin? 

Guess what? The cinnamon hair color works well for all skin tones because of the different shades. Regardless of your dark skin shade, cinnamon hair will suit your skin.

Still curious about the cinnamon hair color? You will learn all you need to know about the cinnamon hair color and your dark skin tone.

So, What the cinnamon hair color look like?

The cinnamon hair color is a unique, distinct, and beautiful hair color everyone can't get enough of. Its reddish-brown undertones seem intoxicating, having ladies turn to it for their winter and fall looks.

While it's general knowledge that cinnamon-colored hair looks great on everyone, if you have ever wondered how it'll look specifically on dark skin (your skin), this article is for you.

Let's start with the basics and run you through some cinnamon hair color ideas you'll love with your dark skin.

What is Cinnamon Hair Color?

What is Cinnamon Hair Color

I guess you could say it's similar to the color of the food spice. Yet, while it is, it can range from lighter cinnamon (reddish brown) to deep burgundy.

Why? That's because it depicts the undertones you could see in your hair. You may sometimes see red tones, chestnut browns, or copper hues. This is determined by your natural hair, what shade you want, and the products used.

It is not to say you can't decide beforehand. You can choose to achieve red cinnamon hair or brown. In the cold weather, you could go for the caramel cinnamon hair so it's not so bright. There are a lot you could go with or choose to wear.

How Does the Cinnamon Hair Color Look Like on Dark Skin?

How Does the Cinnamon Hair Color Look Like on Dark Skin

The cinnamon hair is rich with earthy undertones that contrast beautifully with the dark skin. It warms up the dark skin with its deeper tones and gives you a glowing effect with its lighter shades.

There's no telling the eye-catching and vibrant results you can get since it's multidimensional. That's to say, without a doubt, the cinnamon hair color is a hair color that complements the dark skin perfectly, praising its undertones.

So, to answer the question once again, the cinnamon hair color on dark skin creates the perfect contrast.

But no one size fits it all. That's because there are different ways it'll look on everyone because of our skin undertones. While elegant and suitable for dark skin, you need to experiment with it. Go with the shades you love, and work with your skin undertones to see how it looks on you.

6 Stunning Cinnamon Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin

Now that you know the cinnamon hair color complements the dark skin well, check out six cinnamon hair color ideas for dark skin you can give a try this year.

1. Classic Cinnamon Brown

Cinnamon Brown

The classic cinnamon brown is a deep shade of the brunette that makes your hair pop. It's simple but gorgeous for winter seasons and times when you don't want a shade too dark or light.

2. Cinnamon Highlights Hair Color

Cinnamon Highlights Hair Color

If you'd like to add depth and dimension to your hair, choose the cinnamon highlights hair color. This shade allows you not to commit fully to the hair color. Instead, it only adds cinnamon highlights to your hair. The result it gives is stunning, brightening up your complexion.

To achieve it, you can choose to apply ginger highlights to your hair or go for the caramel cinnamon hair color to create the highlight.

3. Gold Cinnamon Hair

Gold Cinnamon Hair

Choose a cinnamon hair color with gold and brown undertones for a dramatic and stylish everyday look. It's a shade that can't help but keep your dark skin popping and glowing.

For this same effect, you can try the copper cinnamon hair color. You won't be disappointed.

4. Cinnamon Brown Balayage

Cinnamon Brown Balayage

The warm and rich tones in the cinnamon-brown balayage shade say it all. It's a stunning and chic hair color option that keeps you looking good. From the depth to the sun-kissed effect and dimension, the balayage adds to your hair, you are in for a treat with it. So, everything will work together to give you a timeless look.

5. Cinnamon Red Hair

Cinnamon Red Hair


Do you want something lighter? Go for the cinnamon-red hair. This shade will make you stand out in the crowd and keep your skin glowing due to the contrast. It's the perfect shade to brighten your appearance and spice up your whole look.

To make it even better, you can leave your roots dark. That'll surely give you a classy and gorgeous style no one can resist. 

6. Dark Cinnamon Hair Color

Dark Cinnamon Hair Color

If you're in for a deep tone, go for the dark cinnamon hair color. With its dark cinnamon shade, it gives you a beautiful and confident look, allowing more dimension and texture to your hair.

While it's more of a darker tone, it will give your hair a fabulous shine and complement your dark skin beautifully.

Is Cinnamon a Natural Hair Color?

Cinnamon hair dye

No, it is not. While some have similar hair colors, this shade is achieved through coloring treatments or hair dyes.

There are several hair dyes you can use to achieve the cinnamon hair color. However, to get your desired shade, you must choose carefully. If you're unsure about the dye you are to use, consult a professional for guidance and assistance.

What is the Difference Between Red and Cinnamon Hair Color?

The difference between red and cinnamon hair color lies in their bases. While red has more of an orange or yellow base, cinnamon has more of a brown base. This means cinnamon hair color looks more natural and subtle than red. This is also clear when you take a close look at each color. One is louder than the other.

How Much Does Cinnamon Hair Color Cost?

The cost of dyeing your hair cinnamon depends on your location, hair type, and other factors. However, you may spend between $80 to $450 for your balayage and highlights, and a price range of $60 to $200 for full-color treatments.

How to Dye Your Wig Cinnamon Color?

Tips on How to Dye Your Hair or Wig Cinnamon at Home

Discovering the cost of dyeing your hair at a salon might push you to be creative. If you've decided to take the bold step and dye your hair cinnamon at home, great job! Here are a few tips that should help you.

1. Choose your dyes carefully

Remember, the products you choose will determine how your hair will turn out. This means you want to be sure about the tone you want to achieve, before purchasing any dye product.

2. Keep your bleach consistency thick

While it shouldn't be too thick so that you can apply it, making it watery isn't an option either.

3. Use a heat protectant first

Protecting your strands is very necessary to avoid any damage. So, pick up a protectant and saturate your hair very well to keep your hair safe.

4. Part in small sections

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, working in small sections makes the process easier and efficient. You can have dye in every strand of your hair or wig without missing any part.

5. Read the packet instructions

After you've gotten your dye, you must read through the instructions. They'll be your number one guide on the process.

6. Always work from the roots to the ends

When you begin dyeing, start applying from the roots of your hair to the ends. This is to ensure that the work is neat and organized and you don't skip any areas.

7. Let your hair stay under a cap

After you've applied the product, let your hair stay under a cap for it to process. Keep it there for about 45 minutes before moving to the washing part.

8. Shampoo and conditioner appropriately

For your wigs, you can apply shampoo into a Ziploc bag and leave the wig inside overnight. For your hair, you can wash it once it is set.

How Long Does the Cinnamon Hair Color Last?

The cinnamon hair color can last from four to six weeks if you use a semi-permanent dye. A permanent dye, on the other hand, can last up to several months before it needs another coloring treatment.

Still, the longevity of your hair color depends on various factors. Factors like the number of times you wash your hair, hair type, and hair care affect how long your dye will last.


That's it guys, we've come to a close. I hope this article helps you understand how cinnamon hair color looks on dark skin and guides you in achieving a cinnamon hair color on your hair.

If there are any further questions, let me know in the comment section below. I'll be happy to help.

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