Top 14 Braided Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Hair

braided ponytail hairstyles

In the ever-changing world of fashion and beauty, hairstyles are like a way of telling the world who you are. As we all know, braids and ponytails are the most popular hairstyles that black women chase. And the combination of braid and ponytail definitely can never go wrong!

So in today's blog, we will take you through the most trending braided ponytail hairstyles and guide you for your next hairstyle!

What Are Braided Ponytail?

As the name says, braid hairstyles are hairstyles that combine braids and ponytails. This hairstyle not only involves simple and chic touches but also many artistic and aesthetic braided ponytails created by black women.

It's a classic and easy-to-do style that works for all sorts of occasions – whether you're going to work, out for a night, or just hanging out on the weekend. 

In this blog, we'll check out the newest braided ponytail styles that make looking good easy and fun for everyone who wants a cool and simple look.

Unveiling the Top Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

Let's check out the best-braided ponytail hairstyles of 2023 that mix coolness with ease, making it easy for you to slay every day!

1. Bubble Braided Ponytail

For a stylish and adorable ponytail hairstyle, try the Bubble Braided Ponytail. It offers a unique and eye-catching aesthetic, giving a fresh and trendy look to your overall outfit. 

Bubble Braided Ponytail

This chic look elevates your classic ponytail by creating several small sections along the length of your hair, securing each one with clear elastic bands. The result is a series of "bubbles" that not only add volume but also bring a playful texture to your ponytail. 

2. Braided Crown Ponytail

Are you looking for fancy ponytail hairstyles with a braid? Try the Braided Crown Ponytail. It's like a beautiful crown that smoothly becomes a stylish ponytail. 

This look is great for special events, making you look polished and fancy. Brides often choose it for their weddings, but you can wear it whenever you want to feel extra special.

3. Twisted Braided Ponytail

For a cool and unique hairstyle, try the Twisted Braided Ponytail! It’s easy to do—just part your hair, twist each section of your hair, and gather them in a ponytail. This gives your ponytail a nice and interesting touch, adding extra texture. 

Twisted Braided Ponytail

It's a modern twist on regular braids and gives off a stylish vibe. Give it a try if you want a fashionable and fun hairstyle that gets noticed!

4. Cornrow Braids Ponytail

If you want a bold and cool hairstyle, try a cornrow braided ponytail. It's all about making tiny, detailed braids in your hair, giving your ponytail a textured and interesting look. 

For those who are feeling creative, you can make this hairstyle even more unique by adding Pop Smoke braids into the mix. These are just a special kind of braid that adds a cool pattern to your hair.

5. High Sleek Braided Ponytail

No one can refuse a high sleek ponytail, not to mention add long braids.The high ponytail gives it a lively twist, and the tight braid adds a touch of class.

Twisted Braided Ponytail

To make it look extra smooth, remember to apply some gel or hair spray when brushing your hair into a ponytail. Whether you're just hanging out or heading somewhere special, this style is like your easy ticket to looking effortlessly awesome.

6. Fishtail Braided Ponytail

Fishtail Braided Ponytail

If you want a romantic and stylish braided ponytail hairstyle, try the Fishtail Braided Ponytail. It has a unique look with a neat weaving pattern that adds charm to how you look. It's a ponytail, but with a cool twist – a special braid that resembles a fishtail. You can personalize it by throwing in some cute accessories like hair clips or a silk scarf.

7. Long Braided Ponytail

If you have long hair, you can make it look awesome with long, braided ponytail hairstyles. This style is all about letting your hair be long and beautiful in one single braid down your back. It's an easygoing and gorgeous look for anyone who loves the beauty of simplicity.

Fishtail Braided Ponytail

This style is great for showing off your long hair with a bit of flair. Girls, if you have short hair but want to create this gorgeous hairstyle, why not try to add human hair extensions?

8. Low, Side Braided Ponytail

For an effortlessly chic look, go for the low, side braided ponytail. The low sleek braided ponytail is a laid-back yet stylish hairstyle where your hair is tied down low and looks super smooth. Adding a braid gives it a cool touch. 

Low, Side Braided Ponytail

It's a versatile choice for any occasion, and you can play around with different braids and how tight you want them. This style works best if your hair is medium to long. You can personalize it with accessories, but sometimes you might need a quick fix during the day to keep it looking neat.

9. Braided Ponytail Weave

Imagine having the long, full hair you've always wanted – well, the braided ponytail weave can make that happen! This ponytail weave is a cool hairstyle for summer. It involves adding extra hair weave to create braids close to your head. 

Braided Ponytail Weave

This ponytail hairstyle makes your hair longer and thicker, and you can style it in different ways. Not only does it enhance the volume, but it also provides protection for your natural hair and requires minimal upkeep.

10. Stitch/Feed-in Braids Ponytail

Feed-in Braids Ponytail

Feed in Ponytail braids involves adding hair extension when braiding your hair, thus, the braids tend to be thicker and fuller than traditional braids. Then gather all braids into a ponytail, you can pull it up or down as you like, the result? Amazing!

11. Jumbo Braids Ponytail

Jumbo Braids Ponytail

Looking for a voluminous braided ponytail? Why not try this jumbo braids ponytail? The cheap synthetic jumbo braids hair extensions are the perfect choice. There are different lengths and colors to choose from, enriching your full look.

12. Box Braids In A Ponytail

Box Braids In A Ponytail

Bored with your regular box braids, just grab all braids into a high ponytail, and that's it! A simple hairstyle appears, it's a protective and low-maintenance hairstyle that every African-American woman loves.

13. Braided Ponytail With Heart

Braided Ponytail With Heart

For women who do not do braids usually, this hairstyle can be challenging! It's best to ask your hairstylist for help. The highlight of this hairstyle is the heart-shaped braids, you can choose to place it where you want, front, left/right, or back. If you want to add sweetness and femininity to your hairstyle, try this!

14. 2 Braided Ponytail

2 Braided Ponytail

Who says only little girls can wear two pigtails, once you have a young heart, any age can hold this. It can not only be cute, but also be polished, vibrant, or sassy. All done to how you style it and match your accessories.

How To Do A Braided Ponytail?

Now that you've explored the top trending braided ponytail hairstyles, let's dive into a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the perfect braided ponytail at home. Whether you have long natural hair or want to get a braided ponytail with braiding hair or hair extensions, follow our steps to learn how!

Step 1: Smooth Out Your Hair

brush your hair

Before you start making your awesome braided ponytail hairstyles, make sure your hair is smooth and knot-free. Use a comb or brush to gently get rid of any tangles.

If you are working with tight and untamed type 4 natural hair, remember to apply sufficient gel to smooth your natural hair when brushing, this makes the whole braiding process much easier.

Step 2: Decide Where Your Ponytail Goes

Decide Where Your Ponytail Goes

Choose if you want your ponytail up high on your head or lower down. Use your fingers or a comb to gather your hair and pull it back. Just make sure it's nice and smooth without any bumps. 

Step 3: Braiding

There are two main braided ponytail styles you can choose from.

1. No front braids

If you are ready to do a Bubble Braided Ponytail, High Sleek Braided Ponytail, Fishtail Braided Ponytail, or 2 Braided Ponytail, after deciding the position of the ponytail, just use hair ties to secure it.

If you have long natural hair, just start braiding your hair till the end will be fine. 

braid your ponytail with braiding hair extensions

If you have short natural hair, it's time to add hair extensions. You can choose braiding extensions or human hair extensions, they can support you to get the desired look.

2. Front braids

If you choose front braided ponytails like feed-in braided ponytails, twisted braided ponytails, cornrow braids ponytails, or box braid ponytails, you may need to braid your natural hair from your scalp. Keep braiding and add hair extensions till the end of the hair and secure it with hair ties. Just make sure to keep it tight as you braid. 

braid hair and add hair extensions

If your hair is long enough to finish the whole look, you can definitely create these hairstyles without hair extensions.

Step 4: Wrap Some Hair Around the Band

Wrap Some Hair Around the Band

To make your braided ponytail look even better, take a small piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the hairband. Use a bobby pin to keep it in place and make it look seamless. 

Step 5: Use Hairspray to Keep It in Place

Use Hairspray to Keep It in Place

Finish off your braided ponytail by spraying a bit of hairspray. This helps to keep everything in place and stops any frizz. And don't forget to style your cute baby hair. Go ahead and show off your fantastic braided ponytail!


The Braided ponytail hairstyle trend for 2024 is not going away anytime soon. Whether you like the playful bubble braid ponytail or the fancy ponytail hairstyle with a braid, there's a braided ponytail for everyone and every event. 

Try out these styles, add your personal touch, and get ready for a stylish tomorrow with confidence. Spice up your daily appearance, enjoy the creativity of braids, and let your hair be your own beautiful canvas.

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