The 16 Must-Have Beyonce Hairstyles of 2023

beyonce hairstyles

It's no wonder Beyoncé reigns as queen of hair every year. From her Destiny's Child days to her iconic solo career, she has boldly gone from look to look while inspiring us all! As expert hairstylists and wig enthusiasts, we can practically feel the electricity that Beyoncé brings every time she debuts a new style.

As an ode to all the amazing looks that Queen Bey has gifted us, we proudly present the 15 must-have Beyoncé hairstyles of 2023. Get ready to take a trip down hair lane to get the inside scoop on how to get blue ivy braids, golden twists, honeyed weaves, and other iconic styles! No need to worry if you're a first-timer or a loyal Beyhive member; become a star on any occasion by incorporating these sensational Beyoncé inspired hair looks.

1. Iconic Blunt Bob with Curls

Beyoncé has always made a statement with her hair looks, and what better way to stay in trend than by taking a precedent from the superstar herself? Inspired by her iconic 56th Grammy Awards look, a two-toned blunt bob complete with ample curls is full of 90's glam. 

Iconic Blunt Bob with Curls

Perfect for all occasions, from the office to a night out — this timeless style will pull together your entire outfit. If you're feeling extra bold, the curls of this statement look are the perfect playground for a few fun strands of color! No doubt for all who have tried, this look is incredibly wow-worthy and always sure to make a lasting impression.

2. Classic & Long Braids

Who hasn't been a fan of the classic Beyonce braids? Beyonce is no stranger to giving us the best glam hair looks and even trends. In this style, we see Beyonce with a low, long braid that reaches all the way down to her knees – carried with a grace that is impossible to miss. 

Classic & Long Braids

These long floor-touching braids give Beyonce an utterly cute and effortless look that has us ready to get the style for ourselves. In order to avoid any compromise with your look and get the perfect Beyonce braid, using the best quality braiding human hair extensions is essential.

3. Long, Straight Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

Are you an icon? It takes thinking outside of the box to prove it! And Beyoncé has certainly done that. Her latest look includes long locks of straight black hair with golden blonde highlights, making it an eye-catching hairstyle for any occasion. 

black hair with blonde highlights

This look requires straight locks since it makes the hair smooth and sleek after blow drying. Parting the hair in the center accentuates this hairstyle and makes it incredibly unique. You can quickly make this look your own, just like Beyoncé has made this combination of golden blonde and jet black hair her own. Standout and be the icon you've always wanted to be with the help of this hairstyle!

4. Half Up Top Knot

Queen Bees put a fun spin on an otherwise classic hairdo. Her signature top knot is truly fit for a Queen, of course! With larger sections and loops, it's a touch more daring than your average ponytail. 

half up top knot

  • To recreate her look, separate your hair in two. 
  • Tie it back with bobby pins or an elastic band for a safe hold. 
  • For a pro styling tip, add a wave with curlers or rollers for more bounce and majesty. 

Get that carefree vibe from Beyonce this summer, and start wearing that double Cornrow twist to a waved top knot. With the help of these easy steps, you can easily bring a Beyoncé summer feeling to your every day. Repair those mundane days for once and for all with a hairstyle you'll love!

5. High Messy Bun

The iconic high, messy bun has long been the go-to style for Black American women everywhere. Seen on Beyoncé, this hairstyle is proof that a messy bun doesn't mean boring: 

high messy bun

Teasing the hair at the crown and combining thick wavy sections near the face, she has breathed new life into the classic style. Suitable for practically any hair type and texture, giving the high messy bun a try is easy, and with only a little practice, you'll soon have the same statement look. 

Perfect for formal events and nights out alike, this easy hairstyle exudes simple elegance and gives modern confidence. 

6. Brushed-out Curls

On June 17, 2016, Beyonce elevated the red carpet with her glamorous take on her sister's hair playbook. Beat the heat without compromising on the allure of your hairdo with her signature voluminous brushed-out curls! This effortless yet exquisite hairstyle is perfect for any extravagant occasion.

brush out curls

Key elements to this fantastic look involve delicately swept tresses brushed from the center parting into a classic curl pattern and face-framing sweeps that add softness to the curls while luxuriously highlighting them. The extra volume at the crown further intensifies the effect of this timeless classic! Take inspiration from Beyonce and allocate your crowning glory to the deserving place of elegance and panache! All eyes will positively be on you!

7. Short Wavy Light Golden Brunette Bob Haircut

Yes, Beyoncé is known for her willingness to experiment with her looks! She showed off a stunning new short wavy bob at a red-carpet event. This hairstyle combines light golden tresses and edgy waves, perfect for anyone looking to switch to a short 'do without compromising on elegance and glamour. 

Short Wavy Light Golden Brunette Bob Haircut

It features carefully layered framing around the face and uplifted volume at the crown. Classy yet modern, this look is perfect for romantic dinners as well as casual nights out – the perfect blend of hair inspiration that can be easily dressed up or down. Make sure to try this look yourself and experience hair transformation like no other! 

8. Curly Half Ponytail

When it comes to artists and hairdressing, Beyoncé certainly never fails to impress! Whether your natural hairstyle is curled or you're striving for a more dramatic look with extensions, her curly half ponytail is the perfect look to copy. 

Curly Half Ponytail

  • Start by slicking back a small area of your hair close to your face and tie it securely for height. 
  • The remaining hair can then be elegantly pulled back into a high ponytail. 
  • To achieve your best results, be sure to brush through your curls with care from the center parting and achieve a traditional curl pattern. 
  • Finish off with a light mist of strong-hold hairspray to ensure your planned perfection. 

You'll feel like a queen in this ravishing, luxurious look made popular by the incredible Beyoncé.

9. Braided Bun

Hairstyle trends are ever-changing, and Beyoncé seems to always keep up with fashion. Her unmistakable braided bun makes a beautiful statement no matter the occasion.

Braided Bun

Any length of hair can recreate this timeless beauty look, and the key secrets are match some accessories like sunglasses and earings. With the correct products like leave-in conditioners and curl-defining cream or foam, you, too, can recreate the iconic Beyoncé braided bun.

10. Long Curly Dark Brunette Hairstyle

Believe it or not, Beyoncé oftentimes rocks her natural hair in all its glory! Her characteristic long dark brunette curls are especially stunning in the warmth of summer. This style is quite low maintenance and hardly requires any styling time, but it always looks Kingsley—what more could you ask for?

Long Curly Dark Brunette Hairstyle

We, of course, have you covered if you're feeling inspired and intend on giving Beyoncé's classic style a go. Start with a curl-defining product or gel, then use a diffuser to create the curl formation. A light hair oil or sheen spray is all you need for that extra pop. Anyone and everyone can fulfill their royal desires through Beyoncé's signature glam look!

11. Super Bouncy Blonde Curls

If you're an African-American woman, you know the struggles and joys that come with switching from relaxed to natural hair. From intensive maintenance to perfecting your curls' look, transitioning into natural hair necessities can be overwhelming. 

Super Bouncy Blonde Curls

Fortunately, celebrities like Beyoncé show us that time and effort pay off. With her bouncy or fabulously towering blonde details, Queen B has inspiration, and it's perfect every season! 

Wear this fabulous style in the summer not just to keep cool but to spice up an ensemble. If you want even bolder statement pieces for the winter, you can channel your inner Beyoncé when going natural.

12. Wavy Side Ponytail

It's no surprise, but Beyoncé sure knows how to mix it up! She booked her hair for a timeless and classic looky. Beyoncé started by parting her luscious hair off-center and slicing it down just below the ear. For extra detail, she carefully tucked a section from the front of her head in order to add a fashionable flair. 

Wavy Side Ponytail

The combination of ponytail and stylish wave pattern makes it the quintessential choice for a glam look that goes from brunch to bar in just a few minutes. Have a special occasion coming up? Turn this already special look up a few notches by simply accessorizing with statement pieces--a dangerous addition that's sure to impress!

13. Layered with Side Bangs

Taking a page out of her own live looks, Beyonce has pulled off multiple styles with considerable layers and medium length. This look can be adapted to fit both day and night events intended. 

Layered with Side Bangs

Unique and voguish touch framers her face with soft side bangs, allowing for a dash of drama without much fuss. Giving a boost of confidence and keyboards alike, this effortless hairstyle makes a smart solution for regulars you need to attend. 

To take it up a notch and make a statement for those dressier occasions, she brings in the golden hue of caramel, adding a sublime shine to look polished and pulled together. To obtain the look recreated with great finesse, it checks all the boxes of being modern and classic simultaneously.

14. Blonde Cornrows

Beyoncé completely rocked her blonde highlighted braids that cascaded down her back--it was aptly dubbed 'Braidyoncé'! To recreate this look, ask your stylist for long-side cornrows and accessorize with some gold cuffs. 

Blonde Cornrows

If you strike the perfect balance of discrete styling and loud fashion statements, then this look is meant for you! From dinner dates to outdoor events--the runway girls have sported this fashionable look for a reason.

Beyond the styling aspect, this hairstyle is actually also beneficial as it reduces damage to your tresses caused by heat treatments, split ends, and breakage. Step up your look effortlessly and in a chic way with the mesmerizing "Braidyoncé."

15. Waist-Length Goddess Waves

All eyes were on Beyoncé as she hit the red carpet for the Grammys wearing waist-length goddess waves that cascaded down her back. This timeless 'do add a classic Hollywood glamour to her look, making it one of our favorite hairstyles to recreate. 

Waist-Length Goddess Waves

Just grab your curling iron or wand to create beachy waves, and add some hair serum for extra shine. Loads of hairspray will help you keep your style in place all night, and the gorgeous waves will instantly make any outfit stand out from the crowd. 

Plus, you'll love how easy and effortless this look is: anyone with minimal styling time behind them will be able to achieve these luxurious curls. So take simple elegance to the next level with a try at waist-length goddess waves – one style will have you whipping out your curling iron for years to come.

16. Beyonce Blonde Layered Cut

beyonce blonde layered cut

At the end of 2023, Queen Beyonce brings us this dazzling blonde hair look with a layered haircut, matching sunglasses, and jewelry accessories, the result? Most stunning look this year!

In A Nutshell

So, what hairstyle looks will you try this year to ensure you steal the show? With the iconic craze for Beyoncé's 15 Must-Have Hairstyles of 2023 in full swing, there has never been a better time to recreate her signature styles. 

From edgy cornrows and sleek top knot buns to delicate updo crowns and luscious beach waves, these looks will give you an easy freshen-up no matter the occasion. It's time to take your beauty regime up another level and set yourself apart from the rest with Beyoncé-inspired Hair. Get creative and try out one – or several – of her amazing hairstyles now. Steal the show today!

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