9 Best Wigs For Round Faces

best wigs for round faces

Accentuating your looks becomes easy when you go for the best wigs and styles that suit your face shape. 

Do you have a round face? Are you searching for the best wigs that will suit your round face shape? If you are, then, this is for you!

In this article, let's take a look at everything you need to know and see some of the best wigs for round faces. 

Note: This will serve as a guide when next you want to buy a wig.

Features of round faces

Round faces are characterized by their noticeable yet gorgeous cheekbones, wider foreheads, and generally soft features. They lack the angled chin, strong jawline, or sharp features. 

While the beautiful features of the round face are peculiar and outstanding, we might want to complement those beautiful features with some wig types that elongate the face. This is to add the illusion of some sharp features and make the face appear a little bit slimmer. 

So, if you are like me and you would love to complement your face with your wigs to achieve some pronounced jawline or you're simply searching for the best wigs, you're in the right place. 

Below are some of the best wigs for your face. 

Best Wigs for Round Face

On this list are all of our favorites. You might be wondering if there are limited wigs you can wear due to the shape of your face. Don't worry, that’s not the case. There are numerous wig types and styles you can consider or choose if you have a round face. It doesn’t matter what look it is you want to achieve, you’ll see the right style that meets your needs. 

Not to miss out on any, make sure to keep reading. 

1. Long Wigs

Oh yes, that’s right, long wigs. Most people believe straight long wigs aren’t for women with a round face. That may be because straight wigs are close to the face. However, that’s false. 

long wig

Long wigs can be considered as one of the best wig choices for women with round faces. Why? The long length can balance out the width of a round face, giving you a more elongated face which is in contrast to the roundness of your face. This in return, creates a stunning style. 

2. Up-do Wigs

The updo wig is another wig that accentuates the beauty of a round face. It’s a trendy style that adds volume to the top of the hair and beautifully complements the face.

updo wigs

Apart from it being gorgeous and very stylish, the updo makes the face longer. This makes it perfect as it enhances and outlines your round face, achieving a splendid look. You can style an updo wig in different ways. While there are the short bun ones, there are others with longer lengths and frontals. 

3. Long Framing Layers

Wigs with long framing layers can never go wrong on any occasion. They never disappoint. That’s because they can be worn for an everyday casual look. They can also be worn for dinners, outings, and corporate looks. No matter what you wear or the occasion, this fashionable, chic style does the magic.
Long Framing Layers

It alleviates your look, gives you that softness, and presents you as classy. But what’s best? This wig type can be styled in whatever way you want. You can go for the loose curls or looser waves. However, do not go for tight curls as it doesn’t create the contrast you should be going for. 

4. Loose Curls or Waves Wigs

Any wig that has volume can be considered one of the best options women with a round face should opt for. But not just volume, some loose waves or curls are necessary as they help elongate the face as well.

loose wave wig

These wig types don't stick straight to your face. Instead, they have volume and body which help in accentuating the sides of your face. The length of your loose curls or wave wig doesn’t matter. Whatever the length is, it's fine. Just make sure to note how defined they are. 

5. Short Length Wigs (Bobs and Lobs)

Short bob wig will never be a wrong choice for women with round faces. Bob wigs sometimes give the feeling of a long-length wig. Apart from the fact that it adds length to your face, a shoulder-length wig opens your face a little bit more and drastically complements it.

shoulder length bob wig

For more styles, you can choose to go for a looser curly short bob wig or a side part short length wig. Both styles will create two different looks that are sure to suit your round face. 

6. Wigs with Side Part

side part honey blonde highlight wig

Who doesn’t love a side-part wig? Everyone does. But are you aware that wigs with side parts can help you achieve the ‘longer face’ look? Yes, it can. It can help slim down the side of the face and add balance in case you are conscious of your round face. You can go for straight wigs and those with curls as well. Remember, it doesn't have to be so short. For your gorgeous face, shoulder length is good enough. 

7. Wigs with Bangs

Have you ever considered wigs with bangs? If you have not, you might want to.

Bangs are a fashionable layer that adds not too much spice to your look. For me, sweeping my bangs to the sides is my favorite. They softly add that beautiful feeling.

wig with bangs

While you can go ahead and play around with the bangs, you can, for instance, divide your bangs in half and sweep both to each side. Another style is to take all and sweep them to one side.

Any of these will create a sophisticated yet beautiful look. Going for a long wavy wig with bangs or shorts is fine. No matter the length you want to purchase, the bangs will add an extra layer to your overall look. 

8. Wigs with Partings in the Middle

Wigs with Partings in the Middle

You can carry a middle parting wig that most people can't. Are you aware? The wig's length doesn’t necessarily have to be short or long. You’ll look beautiful in both. So, don’t be scared to try it out. That’s because wigs with middle parting help with accentuating the face. They make the face appear longer and can add the balance you might want to achieve with your look. 

9. Pixie Wigs 

There are different pixie cut wigs you can choose from that will praise your round face. Though some people might be against wearing a pixie wig, we believe otherwise.

Going for voluminous or bob-cut pixie wigs will create a stunning and unmatched look that harmonizes well with your round face. You can allow those bangs to flow on one side and let your face stay clear of hair on the other. Another is to add volume on top of your hair to achieve a fuller style right there.  

On that note, check some hairstyles you can go for if you have a round face. 

Amazing Hairstyles for Round Face

Here are a few we handpicked: 

1. Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy Hairstyles

Creating waves with your wigs will look stunning no matter the length. Shoulder-length or longer-length wigs are good picks you can go for. They'll help add the body touch you'll need and leave you feeling amazing about your looks. 

2. Asymmetric hairstyles

Asymmetric hairstyles

A hairstyle that gorgeously flatters a round face is an asymmetrical one. That's because it outlines a side of the face making it appear more slimmer while accentuating those rosy cheeks. You can go for those pixie wigs with asymmetrical hairstyles or bob wigs. They'll look fantastic no doubt. 

3. Messy Layers

messy layers

A messy layers wig goes well with a round face. That's because it adds those little details that help elongate your face. Also, the right amount of body is there to give the support necessary. You can switch things up by purchasing a wig with two colors. However, it should be colors you're comfortable wearing. 

4. Bangs Hairstyles

Bangs Hairstyles

There are a lot of hairstyles with bangs out there. You can go for the ever-iconic side-swept bangs for your bob or fewer short bangs. They all help elongate your face while showcasing your chin. Also choosing a length just right below the chin suits a round face perfectly. 

5. Side parted brown hairstyle

Side parted brown hairstyle

We can't praise the magic a side-parted wig does enough. It keeps a side open If you're considering a color for your wig, brown is a good idea. It highlights your collarbone, giving you a nice silhouette. 

Final Thoughts

We've seen round-faced female celebrities like Selena Gomez, Chrissy Teigen, Priyanka Chopra and Queen Latifah styling their hair and wigs gorgeously while being confident in what they wear. 

What it comes down to is what you’re most comfortable with and how you see yourself. While we encourage you to try out different styles that compliment your face shape the most, at the same time, make sure to go with wigs and styles you love without throwing away your confidence. 

The wigs list is a suggestion you might love to consider when purchasing a wig. So, let's know which wig you will love to try the most. 

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