Wig Caps 101

wig caps 101

Wig cap - a critical tool in wig installation, wear it or not always making people confused. Well, it is a personal decision, as every coin has two sides. But if you are bald or suffer from alopecia, we suggest you put on the wig cap to help secure the wig.

If you decide to get a wig cap for your wig, which one should you get? Since there are so many different types of wig caps, purchasing a wig cap for the first time can be daunting.

So, if you are in the same boat and wondering what the best wig caps to buy are among the many options in the market, this article has you covered.

Let's get started!

What Is A Wig Cap?

What Is A Wig Cap

When we are talking about a wig cap, there are two means in general. It can be the wig cap under the wig to tuck your natural hair, or the "wig's cap- the wig construction.

In this blog, a wig cap refers to a cap that protects natural hair under the wig. It is usually made of nylon, similar to those found in pantyhose. However, there are many other materials from which a wig can be made, like silk, net, sheer, cotton, etc.

Apart from the material aspect, the wig cap is also available in different colors, you have various options when buying a wig cap. However, why do you need a wig cap when people can simply wear a wig directly on their scalp?

Keep reading to find the answer!

Reasons Why You Should Wearing A Wig Cap

Reasons Why You Should Wearing A Wig Cap

There are multiple reasons why one would need a wig cap. Here are a few of them:

  • Wigs can be a reason for your natural scalp getting dirty or your hair getting rubbed or broken. Through the wig caps, you can eliminate this aspect and keep your natural head under the wig clean and your hair strong and healthy.
  • Wig caps help to hide the natural hair easily and make your wig look flat and smooth, providing a more natural look.
  • With wig caps, the stray hairs underneath the wigs remain tamed.
  • The caps also provide an additional comfort layer between the wig and your scalp. This is highly beneficial for those who suffer from hair loss or have a sensitive scalp.

Different Types Of Wig Cap

Now let's get down to the different materials of wig caps before making a wise decision!

1. Nylon Wig Cap

Nylon Wig Cap

Nylon wig caps are the most popular wig caps when they wear a lace front wig as they are lightweight, breathable, snug-fitting, and suitable for most people. Good quality nylon material wig cap with great elasticity, one size fits most hair lengths and head sizes.

It helps secure your hair and prevents your natural hair from sticking out of the wig. In addition, it is thin and soft, making you comfortable, and you won’t get an itchy scalp. The nylon wig caps are also a great pick because of the natural hairline they provide.

2. Mesh Wig Cap

Mesh Wig Cap

Mesh wig caps are used to wrap your natural hair under the wig. The light and breathable design of this wig net is suitable for various hairstyles and various styles of wigs. Whether it is lace front, ordinary synthetic wigs, or human hair wigsthis wig cap hair net can be used.

The best part about the mesh wig caps is their open mesh that allows the air to slow down on your scalp and help it breathe. This keeps your head cool and comfortable, ultimately stopping people from having an itchy scalp, especially during hot summer days.

3. Bamboo Wig Cap

Bamboo Wig Cap

Bamboo wig caps are most cancer patientsand Chemotherapy patients' choice as they provide a slightly thicker layer of material between your scalp and your wig, the bamboo caps can naturally whick the moisture in your scalp and keep your head dry, calm, and comfortable. If you have a sensitive or irritated scalp, this is also your best choice!

4. Spandex Wig Cap

Spandex Wig Cap

If thin wig caps are not your type and you want to purchase one that is far thicker than a spandex wig cap, it is the best option for you to pick. This wig cap, like the bamboo wig caps, has moisture-wicking features, providing comfort and coolness on the scalp.

Moreover, these caps are extremely sturdy in construction, which adds to their durability. So, no matter how often you wear or wash a spandex wig cap, it will withstand everything. The elastic band around it is another component that makes the spandex wig caps a great buy. Through this band, wearers can achieve a snug fit and wear their caps without fearing it losing on the head or falling off.

5. Cotton Wig Cap

Cotton Wig Cap

Another great option in the wig cap category is the cotton wig caps. These caps can easily block the contact between the wig and the scalp, minimizing damage. Moreover, it is also efficient enough to increase your head circumference, making your hair wig a perfect match to your head.

6. Hd Wig Cap

hd wig cap

Hd wig caps are made from high-quality, fine material that is ultra-thin and breathable, providing maximum comfort and a natural feel. They feature an elastic band that ensures a secure fit while remaining comfortable throughout the day. The breathable fabric prevents heat buildup and keeps your scalp cool, even during extended wear.

Which Wig Cap Should I Choose?

Here is all that you should consider when purchasing the best wig caps for yourself:

1. Choose a wig cap color that matches your skin tone

The first thing you should consider is to choose the correct color when choosing a wig cap, especially if you are ready to install a lace front wig or a closure wig.

A color that matches your skin tone can make the whole look natural when parting the wig. The cap close to your skin tone can make people think that's your real scalp.

2. Get a lighter and more breathable wig cap

When choosing a wig cap, your priority should always be your comfort. A bunch of wig caps can feel quite heavy on the head and cause it to hurt after you have worn the wig for a long time. Be sure to buy a light one.

The same, ensuring that air flows through your wig and onto your scalp is essential to prevent sweat accumulation and itchiness. Choosing a breathable wig cap will help you achieve this, especially during summer.

3. Get a softer material

When choosing a wig cap, it is always essential to touch it first to take in how it feels. Any wig cap with a rough or harsh material should immediately be canceled from your list of options.

Always consider a fabric of wig that is soft, comfortable, and sensitive skin so that you do not have a hard time carrying it all day long on your head. Moreover, it is also essential to choose a wig cap with a wideband so that you don’t slip off your head.

4. Choose a proper size

Always ensure that you know the proper size for a wig cap. This is because if you buy a wig cap that is too tight, you are locking yourself in for headaches, and if you purchase a wig cap that is too loose, it will probably either make you uncomfortable or end up falling from your head. So, learn to measure your head for a wig cap online before purchasing.


That's all about the best wig caps that you can consider getting your hands on. From the nylon and mesh ones to spandex, cotton, and more; we have an array of wig cap materials. Hope you found this info worth reading. Leave your comment below to communicate!

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