17 Best Online Wig Stores 2024

best online wig store

Do you want to get a wig online but don’t know where to start?

Buying a wig online has its ups and downs. It can be hard to find your way through and purchase what you want since you can’t touch it. We are aware.

The trick will be to find reputable stores where you can make purchases, and check their reviews, wigs, and terms before buying from them. That sounds stressful. Not to worry, we’ve gathered 17 best online wig stores where you can get your wigs.

We’ll be mentioning everything you need to know and guide you through the stores. Let’s get started.

1. UNice Hair

unice hair

Unice Hair is a reliable store to buy your wigs online. No wonder it's a top destination to buy pre-plucked human hair wigs. The store has a wide variety you can pick from. Curly wigs, straight wigs, Bob wigs to kinky, and deep wave wigs are available.

While making all these accessible, the brand has a customer care service that attends to customers, making them top-notch.

But what about reviews? Here's what a customer had to say; "I received so many compliments every time I wore this wig. Hair is so soft and shiny, easy to restyle."


Gifts available for new users

Discount: 50% Off 

Return Policy: 30 days

2. Luvme Hair

Luvme Hair

Do you need some quality wigs? Luvme Hair got you covered. The brand is known for its top-quality wigs that are at affordable prices. They provide premium black wigs to ombre ones and highlights. These are in straight, curly, and waves.

One of the reviews on their website praised how much their curly hair was top-notch and beautiful after she stretched it.

You can get ready-to-go wigs to dramatic ones. The styles in stock are wide range, so you have enough to pick.


Discount: 25% Off

Return policy: 30 days

Shipping Cost: Free for over $50

3. Sam’s Beauty

Sam’s Beauty is an online hair store that sells both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. The brand should be the first stop if you are looking for some synthetic wigs. But it’s a great place to get some braided and human hair wigs. You should check out their Outre HD lace front wig. It is a pre-plucked and heat-friendly wig.

Let's see what a buyer had to say about one of their units. "I am absolutely floored by this unit! Beautiful layers and curls and don't get me started on the texture! Gotta get more colors for Sho! Check out my YouTube review on Miss Maebry!!"


Promo code: FLAT499

Return Policy: 30 days

Shipping Cost: Free over $30

4. RPG Show


A hair brand that stays in the mouths of buyers is RPG Show. This brand is known for its lace frontal and closures that scream luxury. With a wide collection that includes stylists like Kath Spence and Karen Huger, you know you are getting the best wigs out there.

One buyer specifically stated her love for the Shoulder-length middle part layered soft wavy Auburn brown lace front wig. Although she added layers to it, she loved the wig in general.

You can purchase bob, curly, and long straight wigs in their marketplace. Or even select from their fitness wigs which are headband wigs designed for workouts.


Promo Code: LOVE24

Return Policy:14 days 

Shipping Cost: Free over $89

5. Cynosure Hair

cynosure hair

The Cynosure Hair brand is doing the most to provide excellent wigs to black beauty. The brand sits on providing quality and beautiful human hair wigs.

That's why they've included bleached knots, pre-plucked hairline, invisible lace, and removable elastic band features in their wigs. You can get good headband wigs, lace front wigs, and glueless lace wigs that suit you perfectly.

Their curtain bang wig was praised so much for its design, quality, softness, and parting. You can catch that on their site here.

What's more, you can purchase their wigs on sale.


Promo Code: LUCKY40

All Free Shipping

Return Policy: 30 days

6. XOXO Virgin Hair

XOXO Virgin Hair

The name says it all. XOXO Virgin Hair sells raw and authentic hair extensions and wigs. They offer a wide range of wigs, including straight, curly, and wavy units. These come in a 13x6 lace frontal. This means you can style the hair the way you want. For shades, you are not restricted to only black. You can get yours in a brown shade.

But what do customers have to say? Excellent quality! Check out their reviews here.


Shipping Cost: Free standard shipping

Return Policy: Does not accept returns

7. Mayvenn


An online destination to get different shades of wigs is the Mayvenn Hair. The brand has top-notch human hair textures such as Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, and Peruvian. These all come in varying lengths. You can get wigs for as low as $160 and as high as $400. It depends on the hair texture you want and the unit's length.

Let's see what customers think. A customer said, "The hair feels so good". Another compliments how nice it felt after customizing.


Discount: 15% OFF

Return Policy: 30-day 

Shopping Cost: Free standard shipping

8. Sheenreal


Sheenreal is a hair Amazon shop where you can buy your wigs. The store has some of the finest 360 wigs you'll find. You can get bleached knots units, curly human hair wigs, and ombre highlights wigs all at this store. And they are cheap and quite affordable to purchase.

According to one of the reviews, their Lace front human hair highlights an ombre bob wig that was super soft and did not shed.

9. Bobbi Boss

Bobbi Boss

The wig store Bobbi Boss is a leading synthetic wig store online. You can get short curly hairs to wavy wigs in different colors. These wigs are glueless, pre-plucked, and have frontals. You'll be glad about your purchase.

Although the lace hole was a little big, a customer loved how fabulous the Human hair blend HD lace front glueless wig was.

10. Wigsbuy


Take time to shop from an array of wig options in this store. With an African American wig collection and other collections, the Wigsbuy store caters to diversity and taste. This marketplace is extremely simple and easy to use. You can flaunt styles like the kinky Curly wig to the bob wavy human hair lace front wig after purchasing from them.

Buyers think their kinky curly wig is everything! That's because it needed no manipulation whatsoever.


Promo code: Wig 15

Return Policy: 7 days 

Shipping Cost: Free over $39

11. Kendra’s Boutique

Kendra’s Boutique

Kendra’s Boutique is the home to shop pretty wigs. While the prices are high, this brand is known to sell gorgeous, long-lasting, and quality premium wigs. A good sample would be their full lace deep wave raw Brazilian wig that is almost out of stock. Since buyers love fast delivery and quality hair, it's no surprise why.

You can also get other 1B color lace wigs in their store. Their wigs are available in straight, curly, and wavy textures.

12. Wow African

Wow African

Do you want to shop at an online wig store with good reviews? That will be the Wow African store. This store has YouTubers talking. The brand has a variety of beautiful wig units that embrace the Afro hair texture and even other textures.

You can get 13x6 HD lace wigs and 360 wigs at affordable prices. Other varieties they have are curly-edge wigs and bob wigs. These wigs look unbelievably natural, the same as the edges too.


Discount: Up to $100 OFF

Shipping Cost: Free for over $89

Return Policy: 14 days

13. True Indian Hair

True Indian Hair

Are you in need of incredible hair texture wigs? Shop at True Indian Hair. This brand is known for its true texture and top-quality wigs. From Indian to Malaysian wigs, you'll be getting the best of both worlds. In addition to that, these wigs are affordable.

After shopping from their True Signature collection thanks to Lizzo, a customer instantly fell in love with them.


Discount Code: VAL20

Return Policy: 10 days

14. Hair So Fab

Hair So Fab

Hair So Fab has some of the best online wig options. You'll find black and blonde wigs in this store. From kinky to straight and body wave texture wigs. These wigs are purely human hair and can be styled in various ways. A lot of buyers have good things to say. And the bottom line was they were not disappointed.


Return Policy: 48 hours 

Discount: 50% OFF

15. Elevate Styles

Elevate Styles

A versatile online wig store that sells synthetic, blended, and human hair wigs is Elevate Styles. The brand is a reputable store known for selling good wigs since 2010. Some of the wigs in their collection are the Outre HD lace front wig, the Mane Concept brown sugar HD whole lace front wig, and the Shake N Go natural me synthetic hair wig.

Buyers loved their wigs and fast delivery.



Gift cards

Return Policy: 14 days

16. Wig Dealer

Wig Dealer

Wig Dealer isn't joking. (Take a look at the picture above). The brand sells several wig colors including jet black, brown, blonde, and red. They have different shades as well. But the sweetest part is the blonde highlights they have. 

Some are the Blonde Highlights invisible HD lace front wigBlonde Highlights 5x5 invisible HD lace closure bob wig, and the Blonde Highlights tropical curly kelly bob invisible HD lace frontal wig. While they won’t be considered cheap, these wigs are worth the price.

Are you a ginger lover? Then the Ginger Chyna bang wig is a great choice. Here's what a customer said: I love this wig. I’m not a color girl, but this color is PERFECT for fall. I am wearing my wig in a layered curl style so I didn’t cut the bangs. In love!


Shipping Cost: Free over $100

17. CurlyMe Hair

curlyme hair

We can’t end the list without including the Curly Me Hair. Curly Me Hair is a trustworthy online store that sells 100% human hair units. Currently, there are eight wig categories on their websites.

These wig categories are available in afro-curly, body wave, curly hair, kinky curly, kinky straight and so much more. You can purchase these wigs in different colors like the 613 blonde, #4 color, and ash blonde.

What do customers think? Here's one of the reviews on their CurlyMe 6x4 HD Lace Wear Go Glueless Wig: "This was my first purchase. I got the water wave and it made my life SO much easier! Getting ready for work was faster because of this wig. I even braid my hair underneath and my hair is getting healthier. Super convenient and pretty! The most I do is put a concealer in the middle (a brighter shade) but it’s not even needed! I recommend the wig cap under so the middle part looks more natural too".


Shipping Cost: Free 

Return Policy: 30 days

Discount: 60% OFF


This list should help you find your way through when buying wigs online. Whether it’s synthetic wigs, blended wigs, or human hair wigs you want, there are reliable online brands to shop from. So, pick your favorite stores from this list and shop.

Let us know how it turned out. Any further questions? Drop them in the comment section.

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