18 Cute 4C Hairstyles You Must Give a Try

4c hairstyles

Not braids and wigs all the time! Sometimes, you've got to slay your natural hair. However, with the 4c hair texture, we all fall victim to wearing regular ponytails and struggling to find other styles.

As we all know, 4c hair is fragile and requires more care than other hair types. So avoid using heat tools to manipulate your 4c hair.

Guess what? We are changing that in this article. From wash-and-go, cute space buns to twists out and braids, we've compiled cute 4c hairstyles you can wear for all occasions. These hairstyles are the absolute cutest and will make you love your natural curls the more.

Whether you have short, medium-length, or long type 4c hair, you will find one that suits you best. So give your hair a treat with some of them. Once you're ready, check them out below!

Hairstyles For Short 4C Hair

1. Twists and Puff

Twists and Puff

Here's a favorite cute hairstyle of ours. That's because it's stylish and suitable for any event. The hair is divided into three parts at each side of the head. The first two are twisted and added to the last part to give the puff. Like in the image above, add beautiful pins to elevate your look.

2. Rubber Band Hairstyle

Rubber Band Hairstyle

There are so many varieties of the rubber band hairstyle, and all look unique and gorgeous. For this, section your front hair into different parts. You can have them in boxes. Use the rubber band to hold the sections and twist them. Add the first to the second line till the end. Tie the front section with the back to give you a ponytail.

3. Cornrows and Afro

Cornrows and Afro

Never say no to this hairstyle. The cornrows and afro celebrate our natural 4c hair texture and display all its glory. No one can resist the urge to take a second look.

To achieve it, blow dry your natural 4c hair, then section your front hair into 6-8 parts and do braids. Leave the back hair and use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair to get a voluminous look.

4. Cute Afro and Headband Hairstyle

Cute Afro and Headband Hairstyle

Leave an impression with the cute afro with headband hairstyle. The hairstyle screams volume, so work on achieving a voluminous appearance. Comb out your front tresses forward and wear your headband. The front should give you cute bangs, and the back should look like a ponytail.

Hairstyles For Medium Length 4C Hair

5. Mini Braids with Curls

Mini Braids with Curls

This hairstyle is cuteness overload. Like long braids with curls, the style includes mini braids and curls in your natural hair. Start braiding your hair and leave a few curl strands. You can use gel to get your strands curly or curly cream. It should turn out amazing.

6. Messy Twist Out on Full Hair

Messy Twist Out on Full Hair

Twist-out always proves to be gorgeous. That's the testament of this hairstyle. It's fabulous, big and beautiful. Have your hair first plaited into twists. Next, lose it and watch your twist out shine gorgeously. You can comb your hair a little, but ensure you let the curls show. Go ahead and style it anyhow you want.

7. Cute Clips

Cute Clips

Do not do a lot. Only gather your favorite hair clips and add them to your hair. You can blow dry your hair and put your hair into a low bun (as in the image above) or in your preferred hairstyle. It's that easy. But while it is, it's very fashionable and unique.

8. Space Buns

Space Buns

It's timeless, but it's never beating the cuteness allegations. The hairstyle takes us back to the 90s while it's so modern at the same time.

Achieve the space buns by parting your hair into two equal parts. Put each into a ponytail and wrap them to look like a bun. An easy way is to tuck your hair outward and hold it with a hair elastic.

9. Simple Braided or Twisted Do

Simple Braided or Twisted Do

It's cute and simple, that's all that matters. The simple braided or twisted do is a protective style that keeps your hair safe and looks lovely at the same time.

The braids are opposite, showing the volume of your hair. While simple, you can carry this hairstyle for a few weeks and do little to keep it tidy. Yet, the most interesting part is you can spice it up by adding accessories to the braids. What are your thoughts?

10. Two Buns and Butterfly Clips

Two Buns and Butterfly Clips

The two buns and butterfly clips hairstyle is the perfect cute look for a casual day out.  You're simply letting the clips tell the tale and leaving everyone to take another glance.

To style this is relatively easy. First, you need to put your hair into two buns. Then, add the clips anyhow you deem fit. You can add a particular color on one side of the bun and another on the second. Or you can have them mixed.

11. Headscarf 4C Hairstyle

Headscarf 4C Hairstyle

Want to do something different? The headscarf 4c hairstyle is the one. It's different, cute and fabulous.

Get your tresses for the face frame out. Put your hair into a high ponytail and form a cute bun. Tie your scarf upwards, then braid or twist your tresses to frame your face. It's possible to get the scarf wrongly on your first try. But keep practicing, and you will have your headscarf 4c hairstyle perfectly done.

12. Scrunchies Hairstyle

Scrunchie Hairstyle

Another simple yet cute 4c hairstyle you can wear for all occasions is the scrunchie hairstyle. This hairstyle requires your gel, comb, and a beautiful scrunchie. It takes no time, as you can easily style it minutes before you leave your house.

Hairstyles For Long 4C Hair

13. Puffy Afro

Puffy Afro

A popular hairstyle you'll be glad to wear is puffy afro style. The hair is pulled into a ponytail, and an afro ponytail hair extension is added to cement the look. If you have long 4c hair, you can use your natural hair for a puffy ponytail. Or substitute with an afro extension if you have short hair.

14. Kinky with Cornrows

Kinky with Cornrows

If you're hoping to rock a hairstyle like no other, choose the kinky with cornrows next. This hairstyle is simply out of this world and gives you the best. Just divide your front hair from the side and braid some beautiful pattern cornrows and let the rest hair flowing at back.

You'll need some kinky hair extensions if your natural hair is not as longer as picture. Pin the kinky extensions at the back. Go for as many as you like, so it's voluminous.

15. Creative Low Bun with Braids

Creative Low Bun with Braids

A low bun with braids is a cute style that makes you look like a million bucks. The braids elevate the style and add creativity to a regular low bun.

To style this, divide the areas you'll use for your braids. Move to creating your middle part, then braid the sections. Add the braids to the rest of your hair and hold it with a hair elastic. Buns should be arranged around the nape of your neck.

16. Side Braids with Afro Ponytail

Side Braids with Afro Ponytail

There's no age limit for the side braids with an afro ponytail. It's super stunning and great for a day at the beach. If you'd love to wear this style, gather your styling tools, and let's begin.

Use a rattail comb to section your hair at the sides of your face. Next, pull your hair up to the crown of your head and tie it. Put it in a bun or braid it if you will use a ponytail extension. Go back to the section for the braids and braid them. Add beads at their ends and lay your hairline.

17. Half Up, Half Down with Claw Clip

Half Up, Half Down with Claw Clip

Fashionable, classy, and cute are the right words. The hairstyle does not require much effort, but the result is stunning. It's a style that will make your friends compliment you and want to recreate it in the next instant. If you decide to style it, get your desired claw clip and follow the steps here:

- Comb your hair till there are no tangles.

- Divide your hair into two using your fingers. It's to create a messy part.

- Put the front section into a ponytail, then lift and use the claw clip to hold it.

- Brush the back section and run your fingers through it.

18. Half-up, Half-down with Swoop Bangs

Half-up, Half-down with Swoop Bangs

The half-up, half-down with swoop bangs is a cute and trendy hairstyle for any occasion. It's easy to style and takes little product.

For it, you will be sectioning your hair into three different parts- the bangs, the ponytail, and the half down. Put the middle part into the ponytail and the front section into side swoop bangs. Your gel should help you achieve sleek-looking bangs. So, what are your thoughts about this hairstyle? Will you be trying this?


And that brings us to a close. What are your favorite cute 4c hairstyles on our list? Let us know in the comment section. Ours is number 4 and 9. But honestly, it's hard to pick. Are there any other ones you'd like us to know about? Kindly leave them in the comment section below. Until next time!

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