Get the Perfect Fit: A Guide to 18, 20 And 22 Inch Wig Lengths

18 20 22 inch wig length

Ready to take your wig game to new lengths? Whether you're a wig enthusiast or a newbie looking to switch up your style, finding the perfect fit is crucial. From ultra-chic short bobs to mesmerizing cascades of hair, 18, 20, and 22-inch wig lengths offer a plethora of options to suit your desired look. 

But how long is each length exactly? This comprehensive guide will unravel the mysteries behind these popular wig lengths and help you choose the ideal wig that will leave you feeling like a true hair goddess. Get ready to slay because the perfect fit is just a few inches away!

Why Wig Length Matters to Get the Perfect Fit?

Wigs truly have the incredible potential to do much more than just meet aesthetics! Not only does wig length play a pivotal role in how you want to shape your overall look, but it can also make or break it.

Why Wig Length Matters to Get the Perfect Fit

Long hair can create the perfect volume while adding plenty of drama, and short hair can add texture and structure to your hairstyle. It's also never one size fits all when choosing what length matches you best, and it's important to consider other factors, such as lifestyle, comfort, and occasion. 

For instance, if you're often on the move or headed to more special occasions, mid or long-length hairpieces will make sure your style stands out in the crowd.

How To Measure Your Wig Length?

Before diving into the details of each length, let's first clarify how exactly you can measure your wig. The simplest way to measure your wig is to lay it flat on a table and measure the length with a soft ruler. This should give you an accurate reading from the wig's root along its longest part up until the end of your hairpiece.

how to measure your wig

But if your style includes curls, waves, or other textures, then don't worry! You can also opt for a wig head mold when measuring to better understand how the wig will look on your head in real life. This technique is especially helpful when figuring out how long the hairpiece would be once braided, curled, or shaped differently. 

(Warm Notice: When measuring wavy or curly hair, remember to stretch the hair, and then you can get accurate data.)

Exploring Different Wig Lengths

Now that we've clarified all the basics, let's break down all the different lengths available and what they offer.

How Long Is An 18-Inch Wig?

An 18-inch wig (45 cm) falls right around shoulder level, making it a perfect medium length for creating effortlessly beautiful hairstyles. Sitting naturally at the top of your back, it offers lots of volume when styled straight or in delicate curls. 

how long is an 18 inch wig

Unlike excessively long hair, the 18-inch version is easy to carry and maintain while giving you an endless range of high-fashion looks. Its mid-back length, much shorter than long samples, is compact yet incredibly powerful and exudes confidence without nearly as much fuss. All of this combines to make it ideal for women wanting the look of luscious longevity without eternal effort.

There is one thing you need to notice before buying an 18-inch wig, an 18-inch wavy wig may look about 2 inches shorter than an 18-inch straight wig, and an 18-inch curly wig may look about 2 inches shorter than 18 inch body wave wig.

Characteristics of an 18-Inch Wig:

18 inch straight wig

1. Falling just reach shoulder blades, 18-inch wigs offer a chic and timeless look.

2. Versatile and suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

3. Provides a natural and manageable length.

4. Ideal for those who want a moderate change without going too long.

5. Perfect for achieving a variety of stylish hairstyles.

6. Provides the perfect amount of volume and length without weighing down your hair.

7. It's a great way to switch up your look without compromising on length or texture.

How Long Is A 20-Inch Wig?

A 20-inch wig (50 cm) is one of the most popular lengths. With hair that falls just your mid back, it adds a luxurious touch to any look and grants plenty of creative freedom. This length also works well for most face shapes and lets you easily style into any fancy hairstyle. 

how long is a 20 inch wig

You can look fashionably glamorous for a special occasion or something more casual. Despite the glamour, note that if you're constantly on the go or tend to get warm quickly, the length may make it difficult to tolerate such long hair. But with great length comes great versatility, so you can demonstrate your trendy fashion sense while still maintaining the perfect practicality. 

Characteristics of a 20-Inch Wig:

20 inch body wave wig

1. A classic length that reaches your mid back.

2. It is highly functional and can be styled into any fancy hairstyle. 

3. Great for special occasions or events. 

4. Perfect for those who want to make a statement with their look while maintaining perfect practicality. 

5. Offers more styling options than shorter wigs but is still relatively easy to manage.

6. A balance between drama and practicality. 

7. It is the highlight of any party and does a lot to build your temperament. 

8. Provides plenty of creative freedom to switch up your look without compromising on length or texture. 

How Long Is A 22-Inch Wig?

A 22-inch wig (55 cm) is the perfect length for making a bold statement, as it's slightly longer than a 20-inch one and adds extra volume. It gracefully skims past your waist, looks great as cascading curls and waves, and is sleek and straight.

22 inch curly wig

You'll never have to worry about it getting too long; the extra length avoids any uncomfortable sitting. If you're looking for an attention-grabbing update to your look, a 22-inch wig is an easy way to make a statement. 

Plus, their length is perfect for deep and body wave styling. Let your imagination run wild with all the looks you can achieve using 22-inch wigs. Whether you desire a classic updo or luxurious, long locks to flaunt, 22-inch wigs have you covered!

Characteristics of a 22-Inch Wig: 

1. Falling just above or at the bustline, 22-inch wigs make a bold and glamorous statement.

2. Perfect for special occasions, photoshoots, or when you want to turn heads.

3. Offers the most length and styling options but requires more maintenance.

4. Creates a dramatic and unforgettable look. 

5. It is not too long that you'll feel weighed down by it, but it still offers plenty of styling options.

6. It can be styled into updos and ponytails or worn down for a romantic look.

7. Ideal length for those seeking to make an impression without going over the top. 

8. A great choice for ladies who want to switch between styles without compromising length or texture. 

18 VS 20 VS 22 Inch Wig, How To Choose?

how to choose between 18, 20, 22 inch wig

After considering the various lengths and the qualities of each, it's time to narrow it down by examining the size that is best suited for your individual needs. Everyone's circumstances are unique, so it's important to find the wig style that looks and feels comfortable for extended periods. To figure out which one that may be, here are some important factors to consider:

1. Personal Preference

Choosing the style of your wig is a great opportunity to express your distinct sense of style. Why not rock a shorter length for a pixie punch? Or maybe you fancy something longer that you can play with and style to unleash your wild side. 

If you're in the mood for drama, then go for a 22-inch wig for a luxurious and natural fullness. On the other hand, if comfort and practicality are your desire, go for an 18 or 20-inch policy wig for ultimate convenience. The choice is yours!

2. Face Shape

We all have different facial structures that require different lengths of wig for optimal effect. A 20-inch wig is perfect for ladies with heart-shaped faces, as this length will elegantly frame their faces and bring out their features. On the other hand, a 22-inch wig is ideal for oval-shaped faces as it will create more balance and proportion to your look. 

3. Hair Type

When selecting a wig, make sure you take into account your own natural hair type. If you have relatively thick hair, try to balance it with a longer wig. On the other hand, those with thin or fine hair should go for a shorter length as this will create an illusion of more volume and texture. Furthermore, these days, wigs are available in various textures and colors, so you can find one that best suits your personal preferences.

4. Styling

If you want to ensure your wig looks its best at all times, then remember that certain lengths are easier to style than others. Shorter wigs will require less maintenance as there is less hair to manage. Longer wigs, on the other hand, allow you to style them in multiple ways, including braiding, curling, and straightening with a flat iron.

5. Daily Activities

Your daily lifestyle has a significant impact on the type of wig you choose. If you’re often on the go, time conscious, and practicality is top of mind, then shorter length wigs, such as 18- and 20-inch wigs, are ideal. Low maintenance and easy to style options for those busy days. However, if you're involved in a number of physical activities like sports or dancing, choosing shorter lengths can be beneficial in order to avoid unnecessary damage being done to your wig.

Styling Tips for Different Lengths

Now that you've chosen the perfect length let's explore some styling tips to ensure your wig looks its best.

18-Inch Wigs:

  • Soft Waves: Create gentle waves for a casual, everyday look.
  • Ponytail: Secure your wig in a low ponytail for a neat and polished appearance.
  • Half-Up, Half-Down: Part your wig in the middle and secure the top half for a stylish yet effortless look.

20-Inch Wigs:

  • Curls: Experiment with loose curls for an elegant and romantic vibe.
  • Updo: Create an updo for formal events, allowing a few tendrils to frame your face.
  • Side Swept: Sweep your hair to one side for a sophisticated, asymmetrical look.

22-Inch Wigs:

  • Hollywood Waves: Achieve glamorous Hollywood waves for a red-carpet-worthy appearance.
  • Braids: Experiment with intricate braided styles for a unique and striking look.
  • High Ponytail: Pull your wi       g into a high ponytail for a dramatic and sleek finish.

18 Inch, 20 inch, 22 inch Wig Recommend

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In A Nutshell

Getting the perfect fit is crucial regardless of what kind of wig you're looking for. In this guide to 18, 20 and 22 inch wigs, we looked at wig length matters and how you can measure yours. We also explored different lengths and the characteristics of each so you can make an informed decision.

Want a dramatic new look? Reach for a 22-inch wig! For something more classic or everyday wear, opt for the mid-length 20-inch wig. And if something subtle and minimalist is desired, reach for an 18-inch wig! 

Moreover, proper care and styling techniques like wrapping your wig in hair nets or using a satin bonnet when sleeping can help prolong its lifespan and maintain that stunning look! So don't wait any longer— time to take note of this blog post and turn it into action to get the perfect fit of your dream wig today!

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