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Cynosure Hair Rules Of Video Reward

Views ≥100 ≥500 $20 Refund
≥1000 ≥2000 $50 refund & A $50 coupon
≥2000 ≥5000 $100 refund & two $50 coupons
≥10000 ≥20000 $400 refund & A $100 coupon

This program is set for customers who have ordered from Cynosure Hair. We all believe reviews only from used customers are really trustworthy. Share your nice look and honest video review to get $500!

1. Video title needs to add Cynosure Hair

2. Video below needs to add hair link

3. Upload your video to YouTube or Instagram or both

4. Video should be shot and viewed in landscape mode (for YouTube video)

5. Multiple video views can be accumulated within 15 Days

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There are occasional giveaways on cynosure hair Instagram and Youtube channels every month. There will be some lucky girls picked to get free hair. Plus, if your photo is chosen to use as a product picture, a free hair will definitely rewarded back.Please keep tuned to get luxurious Cynosure hair for free. follow cynosure hair on instagram to get more promotion

Ⅲ.Refer a Friend Earn Money

1、For each friend you invite, we will send you a 5$ coupon code that you can use to purchase or get a discount on any product on our site or exchange our prize

2、All your refer coupon can be used in conjunction with other referral coupons. It means you can use all your referral coupon in one order, if you have enough coupon, you might get free order

3、For each friend you invite, your friend will get 8% off when check out

1. If you want to refer a friend, please contact us first, we will give you a exclusive coupon

3. Exchange rules: 

    Your coupon used 5 times, You can get 20$ cash or exchange prize

    Your coupon used 10 times, You can get 40$ cash or exchange prize

    Your coupon used 15 times, You can get 60$ cash or exchange prize

    Your coupon used 20 times, You can get 100$ cash or exchange prize

Ⅳ.Instructions to Photo and Video review

1. Video:

Youtube HD 1920*93 /rectangle ≥3 minutes 1.Video subject includes "Cynosure Hair"
2.Site address should be listed on the top of video description box
Instagram HD 800*800 /square 15-30 seconds 1.Tag cynosure-hair-mall on Instagram
2. Site address should be listed on the top of video description

2. Picture:

Beautiful, Beautiful,Beautiful and Clear

Instagram tag cynosure-hair-mall or Facebook tag cynosure-hair-mall